Dataplex VMWare Event


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Presentations from the dataplex & VMware event held on 23rd March at Frimley.

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Dataplex VMWare Event

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  2. 2. Understand more about dataplex VMware View capability vSphere developments VMware vision How to get business backing Free Lunch F L h
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Introduction and Overview I t d ti dO i VMware Vision & Strategy Can your desktops be virtualised? Refreshment Break (10:45) VDI with VMware View vSphere for your desktop architecture vSphere for your desktop architecture Case Study Demonstration Time Lunch and Networking (12:50) g( )
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  6. 6.
  7. 7. Design Established in 1996 Impartial ICT Advisory I ti l Ad i dataplex: Advice, Professional Services & Support Nationwide Coverage Year on Year growth Delivered virtualised solutions for 14 years with 150+ years experience across our technical pool Implemented PB’s of consolidated storage from physical SAN and virtual storage 300,000 Secured over 300 000 endpoints with encryption software across public and private sectors Manchester 0845 260 5757 Trusted Brand with partners and clients. Oxford 0845 260 4747
  8. 8. In a complicated world we simply do what we say: Reduce  Operational  Expense We enable you to deliver  business agility and resilience by  the effective use of technology. the effective use of technology. Delivering  Business  W d We ensure you are secure and  l Value compliant. Increase  Risk  Mitigation &  Agility g y Compliance We assist you in delivering a  competitive edge and value to  your stakeholders.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. IT Advisory P f i l Professional Service Desk Services
  11. 11. • Define why an organisation should undertake a new  Strategic initiative and what impact it has to them commercially • Determine current state and assess against  Assessment recommended objectives Technical • Plan and design against requirements Implementation • Implement the solution Implement the solution Service Desk S i D k • Single point of contact for operational efficiency
  12. 12. Business Continuity & DR Collaboration & Messaging Storage Architecture Storage Architecture Tiered Virtualisation Tiered Virtualisation Infrastructure & Server  Architecture Cloud Computing Security & Compliance Networking
  13. 13. 24x7 Service Desk 2nd & 3rd Line Support Asset & System Management Hosting & Managed Services g g Vendor Management Vendor Management
  14. 14. Management Availability Virtualisation Server Proliant P li t Integrity Storage Networking Desktop Security Datacentre y Security Cloud Security
  15. 15. The solution Dataplex has created gives us a base for all our data storage requirements and is now highly available to our secondary location. Assistant MD, Futaba Dataplex took time with us to understand our Dataplex took time with us to understand our the right requirements, our requirements for simplified management, expertise , security and infrastructure increased uptime and seamless ethos and enthusiasm to excel environments and the needs of the business going forward. migration. The team had the right expertise, in this project and deliver above and beyond ethos and enthusiasm to excel in this project. p j our expectations ICT Manager, C tt M Cotton Traders T d IT Manager, Jewson IT Manager, BetFred From the initial engagement through to project delivery and reliable and li bl Proven to be d after sales support, they have never let us down and consistent with a technical team who's very high level of demonstrated a input we can depend on technical t h i l competence. t Senior Management, AQA Operations Manager, SSP
  16. 16. Presentations available from: http://www.dataplex‐ Your feedback is important to us. Included in your packs are feedback forms,  please take a couple of minutes to complete them and be entered into a draw for  the chance to win a case of wine.
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  18. 18. Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (Technologies * x) + (Vendors * y) = Confusion  Application Virtualization Terminal Servers Internal Hosted Virtual Desktops How do you assess your needs?
  19. 19. Leading triggers are: L di t i Desktop replacement cycles OS upgrade cycles (such as Windows 7) Worker location changes  Workforce Mobility
  20. 20. Support Efficiency Licensing Scalability Capacity Planning p y g Security Reliability R li bilit Accountability Provisioning &  P ii i & Responsibility Storage
  21. 21. Summary 70 Source Servers New Servers 3 60 Target Servers Consolidation Ratio 5:3:1 50 40 Consolidation 16 30 20 10 100 Source Servers 0 90 Target Servers Processor Memory Disk Space Disk IO Network 80 IO 70 60 50 40 30 Industry average for average CPU 20 10 utilisation 6-8% 0 Server Count Rack Units Annual Energy Cost Server Rack Units Annual Energy Use Heat Dissipation Processor (%) Memory (%) Disk Space Count Energy Cost (kWh/yr) (BTU/yr) (%) Source Server 18 19 3097.76 20651.7 70395360 19.6 63.0. 40.3 Target Servers 3 6 1576.80 1576 80 10512 35845923 26.9 26 9 41.6 41 6 Change -10 -13 -1520.96 -10139.7 -3459440 7.3 -21.3 Change (%) -76.9 -68.4 -49.1 -49.1 -49.1
  22. 22. Do not compare desktop virtualisation to server virtualisation, they interact with hardware differently Not ll desktop brokers are th same N t all d kt b k the Not all hypervisors are the same Users do not care how many servers you are not running because of this project Users want a better experience than they get now Get desktop virtualisation wrong and everyone will know about it p g y Get server virtualisation wrong and only a pocket of people know about it Desktop Interaction is different to Server Interaction with hardware Desktop Interaction is different to Server Interaction with hardware
  23. 23. USERS: What they do, How they do it, When they do it
  24. 24. Firstly not all desktops are candidates Don’t just ask the question how many users can I get on a box…. Guess work is not an option Objective tests are critical Work with the user, they need to feel part of the process Combination of technical and business consulting is needed to ensure success g Partially automated and partially manual There is a big human element to VDI, don’t forget it. Stakeholder Engagement Project  P j Project  P j Assess Analyse Design Review Implement Initiation Close Project Management
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Dissolvable agent reports configs: OS Applications CPU, Memory, Disk Age of machine NICs Monitors Printers Pi t Peripherals.
  27. 27. Dissolvable agent measures usage: Per user per app user, Time in use CPU Memory Disk Network Latency Graphics intensity Login duration App load times
  28. 28. Setup profiles to rate VDI Fitness for specific platforms: Assign importance weighting Specify compatibility for known applications
  29. 29. Examine details of existing configurations: Filter by y Location User or Group Application See distribution of: OS versions # Processors CPU speeds Memory sizes # Monitors Resolutions # NICs NIC speeds Printers Age of machines
  30. 30. Examine distribution of resource utilisation: CPU, Memory, Network Filter by Application User or Group Location Days and times Identify top consumers
  31. 31. Find key clusters and commonality: Filter by Location User or Group Application Find clusters across: OS type CPU type Memory size Total disk NICs # speed #, # Monitors # Printers
  32. 32. See how well specific machines, p , users and applications fit in VDI: Analyze by group Best Fit Workload statistics System CPU User CPU Memory Use Paging Disk I/O Network I/O Advanced metrics User logons App loading Network latency Graphics intensity Worst Fit Categorize workloads Customizable ratings.
  33. 33. Monitor Used Applications Graphical Intensity of Applications Application Load Time Memory Usage Login Time Time running disconnected from LAN Current Endpoint Hardware Printer Types Latency to Endpoint AD Information (User Names, IP, Groups) User Needs User Needs Predictable Capex Predictable Capex
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Establish Business Requirements and KPIS Establish executive sponsorship Establish executive sponsorship Understand your operational IT architecture Understand Business Goals and Vision Gap Analysis of Current State to Desired State The ‘H’ Factor Understand your users and their pains, make them feel involved User Involvement is key y Analyze the assessment Sponsorship is critical Communication is paramount Establish your Reference Architecture Understand your Financial Model Develop Business Case for Virtual Desktop POC/Pilot
  36. 36. 30 Day POC Fully Supported/Managed y pp g Windows 7 or Windows XP AppSense UEM Application Packages A li ti P k Our Equipment, Your Environment Mitigated Risk Thin Clients Available from Wyse or HP
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Based upon information about YOUR IT Organisation Based upon information about YOUR business model and vision Based upon business information from within the industry Based upon a pedigree of TCO/ROI analysis within the Dataplex Technical Consulting division Tangible and Quantifiable results to ensure your successful POC and Assessment get board level sponsorship. sponsorship
  39. 39. Number of Desktops within the business, number to be virtualised Desired Split of desktops: Fat/Thin Clients How will the desktops be delivered Preferred finance model of the business, aligned more to Capex or Opex Your Desktop Refresh Cycle Energy Costs Licensing Frameworks from MS a d VMware ce s g a e o s o S and ae 3rd Party Requirements such as AppSense Desktop Support Costs Application Testing & Deployment Productivity Improvements ROI Timeframe NPV Savings and Discount Rates
  40. 40. Determine your payback period Determine your NPV Determine your ROI Benchmark you against your peers in the same industry Develop Report and Presentation Concise and accurate report to gain backing and support from the executives. executives
  41. 41. The final stage is the delivery of the business case and architecture to gain board backing and executive sponsorship: Deliver Business Justification Deliver Costed Proposal Deliver Architectural Blueprint Present solution to project executives Establish project next steps.
  42. 42. Organization’s industry: High Technology Software and Hardware Organization’s location: United Kingdom 500 desktops are in the organisation: Virtual Machines: 400 PC (existing or new) and 100 thin clients VMware View solution versus the As Is opportunities, projects that implementing the proposed solutions resulted in a TCO savings of £701,561M over a 5 year period. To implement the proposed project will require a 5 year cumulative investment of £441,359 including: £109,194 View Server and Storage Configuration £103,187 in desktop virtualisation £139,3331in Thi Client T h l i £139 3331i Thin Cli Technologies £73,149 software Support and Maintenance £15,000 Professional Services
  43. 43. Comparing the costs and benefits of the proposed project using discounted cash flow analysis the proposed business case y p p predicts: Return on Investment (ROI) of 89% NPV with an 11% discount rate £782,835 Internal Rate of Return of 78% Payback period of 15 months.
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  45. 45.
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Problem: Roaming desktop users with locked down desktops Desktop user experience slowing down, impacting user productivity Increased volume of calls to service desk. Reduce  Operational  Solution: Expense Desktop design and scoping consultancy Desktop virtualisation project using VMware, EMC and Dell Desktop virtualisation project using VMware EMC and Dell 2nd and 3rd line support through Dataplex Service Desk. Delivering  Benefits: Business  Value Simplified desktop management Risk  Ensured security and integrity of intellectual property Increase  Mitigation  Agility &  Improved user productivity and efficiency. Compliance ROI within 11 months of go live. ROI within 11 months of go live “Dataplex worked closely with us to architect a solution that matched our  budget and business requirements for reducing capital and operational costs,  budget and business requirements for reducing capital and operational costs whilst providing simplified desktop provisioning and enhanced system  responsiveness.” 
  48. 48. Presentations available from: http://www.dataplex‐ Your feedback is important to us. Included in your packs are feedback forms,  please take a couple of minutes to complete them and be entered into a draw for  the chance to win a case of wine.
  49. 49. d t l t /fli k ht p y
  50. 50.