Desktop virtualization product overview


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  • Problems with what they are doing today:Requiring users to work from the office or offering limited remote access, resulted in reduced productivity and higher barriers to finding talent Standardizing endpoint devices to address security and manageability concerns, causing increased end-user frustration about lack of mobilityPhysically shipping PCs and infrastructure to offshore workers, branch offices and new M&As, forcing lengthy delays to key initiatives, resulting potential lost profits, loss of first-mover advantage, etc. Investing resources in continuously updating, patching and refreshing PCs, regularly disrupting users without any perceived benefit
  • This enables IT or even a 3rd party service provider to offer desktops as a service on demand to any user in any location on any device. Since the OS and applications no longer have to run on the endpoint, there is no limitation on user’s endpoint preference (from iPhone to Linux workstation to thin client).
  • XenDesktop Addresses CIO PrioritiesENABLE VIRTUAL WORKSTYLES to increase workforce productivity from anywhereLEVERAGE THE LATEST MOBILE DEVICES to drive innovation throughout the businessADAPT TO BUSINESS CHANGE with fast, flexible desktop delivery for offshoring, M&A, branch expansion and other initiatives TRANSFORM DESKTOP COMPUTING with centralized delivery, management and control
  • What we need is a solution that enables an entire organization to “go virtual” – that means increased flexibility of device, location, network, and more, all optimized for different roles within the organization. All these different roles, from a task based retail worker to an on-the-go executive, have different requirements. In order to “go virtual,” the solution must be flexible enough to meet these different needs.
  • The desktop revolution is starting today, and we will see the transition through 2010 and 2011. Buying a desktop with a complete stack of software is already becoming an outmoded concept as disintermediating the OS and apps from the physical endpoint is not only possible now but commonplace. Corporations are already offering BYOPC programs which take the user endpoint off the books. Offering a simple method of delivering desktops to any PC, MAC, Linux machine, or thin client takes the maintenance cost out of any company’s BYOPC initiative while ensuring full data security at the endpoint. The old way of imaging a PC, shipping to the user and hoping for the best is replaced with a user-pull application storefront along with provisioning a single OS image to any user. PC users are currently tied to the physical endpoint and user experience suffers when they attempt to access corporate computer resources from any other location. Desktop virtualization centralizes all compute resources so that the end user can connect in from anywhere from any device. Finally, the current PC environment requires an up-front investment to cover the user base currently in place and thousands of under utilized PCs drain budget on an ongoing basis for license fees and maintenance costs. Desktop virtualization will allow IT to dial up or dial down the number of desktops instantly while only incurring licensing and infrastructure costs as actual users are added to the network.
  • With XenDesktop you can transform Windows desktop computing for all user types on all types of devices. Since introducing XenDesktop in the fall of 2009, the solution has won numerous awards internationally from independent 3rd party reviewers.
  • Worldwide, we now have 50 customers with more than 10,000 licenses of XenDesktop… with several in excess of 100,000. The business drivers to “go virtual” at the desktop are broad… impacting customers of all sizes, industries and We’re winning the market with XenDesktop by offering the only product that: Enables user access to apps or desktops from any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone;Delivers a hi-fidelity user experienceAllows self-service for both apps & desktops Centralizes configuration, policy and remote supportGoes beyondVDI to integrate the delivery models needed for every user #1 Market Share according to IDC, with over 52% of the market
  • XenDesktop 5 delivers on all these requirements. A good way to talk about these 5 strategic points is to group them them:The first 2 bullets are about benefits for users: Device flexibility, workplace flexibility Great user experience from any of those devices or locationsThe next 2 bullets are about what services IT can deliver to workers: Virtual desktops with FlexCast Any type of appThe final bullet is about the enterprise-proven infrastructure that serves as the foundation for everything.
  • Any device, anywhere with Receiver™. Today’s digital workforce demands the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time using any device they’d like. Leveraging Citrix Receiver as a lightweight universal client, XenDesktop users can access their desktop and corporate applications from the latest tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs, or thin client. This enables virtual workstyles, business continuity and user mobility. XenDesktop 5 includes new Citrix Receivers for all the latest tablets, smartphones, Macs and thin clients.
  • SmartRendering (patent pending) is the intelligent automated selection of client-side or server-side graphics rendering based on a number of factors. The general concept is that if the client has the horsepower to handle graphics rendering, let’s use that horsepower and conserve the shared resources on the server (otherwise the client horsepower would needlessly be underutilized), whereas let’s use server-based computing to enable lesser-equipped devices to experience rich graphics capabilities, and in cases where we don’t have a technology to support client-side rendering (e.g. QuickTime movies or OpenGL apps). SmartRendering begins with end point inspection, which now goes beyond checking for anti-virus software and patches to determining the capabilities of the device. For example, does the client have a GPU? What is the Vista Windows Experience Index (WEI)? What codecs are available? DirectShow/MF? This information might be stored for future use. SmartRendering also considers the bandwidth.
  • HDX WAN Optimization – Optimizes performance and network utilization across a WAN by compressing, caching and prioritizing traffic. HDX WAN Optimization provides an LAN-like experience for branch office and mobile users while reducing the bandwidth consumption of virtual desktops and applications by up to 90%.
  •  Different types of workers across the enterprise have varying performance and personalization requirements. Some require simplicity and standardization while others need high performance or a fully personalized desktop. XenDesktop can meet all these requirements in a single solution with our unique Citrix FlexCast™ delivery technology. With FlexCast, IT can deliver every type of virtual desktop, hosted or local, physical or virtual – each specifically tailored to meet the performance, security and flexibility requirements of each individual user.
  • With Citrix Receiver™, Windows, web and SaaS apps can be seamlessly integrated into the app delivery to provide a single point of access control, authentication and self-service provisioning.
  • The right desktops for all users delivers greater productivity at less cost
  • Today’s desktop has an Operating system with drivers that locks it to the hardware, then applications reliant on the OS with libraries, then user data and preferences that tie the user to the stack. So once deployed, even with the best managed desktop practices, you have to manage each desktop as a unique object.So desktop virtualization is based on the idea of separating and abstracting these elementsAnd by isolating them it allows you to store them centrally manage, deliver them through lots of different models and bring them together at run time. So the payoff here is huge. You get the central management and control, security and agility you always wanted, while uses get the flexiblity and choice in devices and workstyle that they want. its great for IT and its great for users. Plus, since it looks like a dedicated VDI image, it works with partner products seamlessly – Hyper-V, App-V ,System Center, EDS, profile management, AppSense RES, etc..
  • XenClient extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to laptop users – you might say that XenClient is virtual desktops, to go!XenClient resolves the conflict between IT’s requirements to have control of the corporate desktop to secure company data and keep users productive. Users on the other are used to being able to have flexibility in their computing environment to install apps, tools and information that they need to accomplish tasks without having to carry a second laptop. The ability to securely deliver a business and a personal desktop on a single device provides a critical step forward.In the event of loss, theft or failure of a laptop, XenClient dramatically simplifies the process of returning users to a state of productivity with minimal impact on IT by restoring the users entire desktop including OS, apps, settings and data as a single virtual machine, to any XenClient laptopIT have full control to lock down virtual machines by restricting access to USB memory devices, optical drives and network segments and encrypting with AES-XTS 256bit encryption to ensure data is secure even if the device falls into the wrong hands. Remote disable capabilities enable corporate VM’s to simply time out or to be actively disabled from the datacenterAnd all of this is accomplished with a near native experience giving users full access to the laptop experience they are used to including full Windows aero capabilities, 3D graphics and high definition video
  • XenClient extends the benefits of centralized, single-instance management to mobile workers that need to use their laptops offline. When they are able to connect to a suitable network, changes to the OS, apps and user data are automatically synchronized with the datacenter.Multiple local VMs can exist on a single device. Switching between them is simple and intuitive for users.XenClient is designed to offer the ability for personal and business desktops to coexist on the same laptop, in completely isolated and secure virtual machines
  • XenApp offers flexible options for delivering applications Server hosted apps are centrally stored on the server and continue to provide the lowest TCO, the highest level of security and access on any device even across low bandwidth connections Local apps use application streaming to deliver the application into an isolated environment on the users PC to eliminate application conflicts and provide users with a seamless experience even when offline\\ VM hosted are isolated and stored on a virtual desktop, virtual machine or blade PC to ensure virtually 100% app compatibility, reduced validation cycles and a faster time to market – even with “problem” apps
  • Desktop virtualization product overview

    1. 1. Citrix Desktop VirtualizationProduct Overview
    2. 2. • Limited workplace flexibility• Security restricts mobility and devices• Moves, adds, changes take days• Constant refresh with limited gains
    3. 3. Desktops &Apps as a Service
    4. 4. • Enable virtual workstyles• Leverage the latest mobile devices• Rapidly adapt to business change• Transform desktop computing
    5. 5. Desktop Transformation Device Centric People Centric Desktop = device Desktop = service Corporate PC Any type of device Image & deploy Self-service experience Limited access Dynamic access Fixed costs Usage-based costs
    6. 6. Incredible Market Momentum Clear #1 market share leader Only “Leader” in IDC Virtual Desktop MarketScape Over 7M+ licenses sold 50+ customers with over 10,000 seats 50 of the Fortune 100 in production
    7. 7. • Any device, anywhere with Receiver™ • HDX™ user experienceXenDesktop • Beyond VDI with FlexCast™ • Access Windows, web or SaaS apps • Open, scalable, proven
    8. 8. Any device, Anywhere with Receiver™ • Leverage the latest devices • Secure access to enterprise data, apps, desktops • Enable end-user flexibility, choice and productivity • Simple, fast, self-service install and auto-updates • Touch enable desktops and apps
    9. 9. HDX user experience Multimedia Collaboration Peripheral Connectivity Network Performance 3D Applications WAN Optimization Simple, secure access
    10. 10. HDX MediaStream with Adaptive Orchestration Fallback: If possible, Server-side rendering in the Render on the endpoint device datacenter 2 Optimize using Inspect HDX Broadcast Network 3 Inspect 1 Endpoint Inspect Server
    11. 11. HDX WAN optimizationHDX user experience for the branch user • Accelerate print traffic • Accelerate file transfers • Accelerate application access • High-definition video experienceGuarantee Quality of Service • Fine-grained prioritization for networks admins • Real-time channels for voice trafficReduce desktop delivery network costs • Free up network by reducing bandwidth consumption • Support more XenDesktop branch users with existing WAN
    12. 12. Beyond VDI with FlexCast™ Mobile Workers Remote Workers Office WorkersGuest Workers Task Workers
    13. 13. Seamless access toWindows, Web & SaaS apps
    14. 14. • Simple, powerful management• Any hypervisor, any storage• Comprehensive SDK• Proven scalability• 10,000 Citrix Ready products
    15. 15. XenDesktop with FlexCastTM Secure & Local Flexible & Best TCO & offline & locked down cost effective locked down Mobile Streamed Personal Shared Synchronization Provisioning VDI Remote Desktop services services services services
    16. 16. Hosted VDI • Users connect to pooled VMs in the data center • VMs hosted on XenServer, Hyper-V or vSphere • Good for power users, knowledge workers requiring personalization • Useful for Apps not supported on server OS or RDS/TS Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    17. 17. Hosted VDI – with Personal vDisk technology Enables personalized virtual desktops & reduces cost of storage Dedicated VDI Pooled VDI• IT gets cost and management advantages of pooled VDI Preferences Personal vDisk for each user• Users get personalization of Preferences dedicated VDIData Data• Seamless integration with partner Apps Preferences Preferences Data products such as App-V, SCCM, Preferences Data etc. Apps Apps Preferences Data AppsData• Available as tech preview feature Apps Apps for all XenDesktop OS Desktop editions Desktop OS
    18. 18. Local VM - with XenClientVirtual Desktops…To Go • Control for IT – Flexibility for Users • Self service disaster recovery for laptop users • Secure corporate data • HDX User Experience Included in XenDesktop Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    19. 19. XenAppThe de-facto standard in on-demand app delivery • Centralized App management • Self service apps 24 x 7 • Secure by design • HDX User Experience Included in XenDesktop Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    20. 20. Streamed VHD •OS Streaming feature of XD •Leverages local processing power of client •“Zero touch” clients / diskless PCs (government) •Lab environments (education) •Feature rich apps can be embedded in the image; Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    21. 21. Hosted Shared •Published desktop via XenApp •Server desktop shared by many users (1:N) •Task workers, office workers requiring limited personalization •Cost savings are of primary importance •Thin-client deployments requiring high density Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute