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Lessons I learn from developing iphone SDK app

Lessons I learn from developing iphone SDK app

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  • 1. iPhone SDK UI Design & Development Bess Ho UI Developer Silicon Valley iPhone Meetup May 18, 2009 Palo Alto CA
  • 2. Spock Bess Half Vulcan Half Developer Half Human Half Designer Pointed Ears Pointed Eyes “I am a Developer, Not a Designer”
  • 3. Spock Bess Complex Mind Complex Background “It would be illogical to assume that all conditions remain stable.” - Spock “It would be illogical to assume that a good developer can’t design” - Bess
  • 4. Tonight iPhone UI Design & Development iphone newbie no experience in Objective-C, C, C++, Java Cocoa Framework, Mac OS Idea Concept / Product Design How to prepare app icons and images Tips in saving time Best Practices
  • 5. Idea Concept: Dancing Series Interests Target Strengths Want anyone without music I love music training can play I play music for years It is more entertaining and engaging to design app I love dancing involved movement I love design Music is universal with no language barrier All age groups All genders
  • 6. Marketing Research Competition in Music Category Not competing existing game or music apps Create my niche & develop unique experience Silicon Valley Co-Founders Guy Team Early Entry One Girl Shop Game Players Bootstrap Newbie Co-Founders Guy Team 1st music app use Early Entry Musicians accelerometer
  • 7. Product Strategy Dancing Series Music Band Dancing Piano Dancing Drum Dancing Steel Drum Dancing Tambourine
  • 8. Founder Pain When plan fails adjust positioning & strategy on the fly Not My Ideal or Original Plan In Review Instead of crying 3 months Or beating up Apple iPhone Review Team Convert my anger & frustration to creating new app Shorten Development 2 months wait Cycle & Release Early Not related to technical issues Dancing Piano is not ideal and not perfect
  • 9. Lesson: Effort Breakdown Average: Change design, features, architecture 3-6 times before submission 40% 30% 30% Product Idea Architecture Debugging Artwork Frameworks Auditing Audio Coding Submission Copywriting Optimization
  • 10. Lesson: Prepare Default Icons Start with high resolution quality image Create 512x512 160+ dpi artwork Convert them into 3 sizes and formats Save them to Apple preferred names 512x512 72 dpi app_icon.jpg 57x57 160+ dpi Icon.png 29x29 160+ dpi Icon-Setting.png
  • 11. Lesson: Prepare Default Icons 512x512 72 dpi app_icon.jpg 57x57 160+ dpi Icon.png 29x29 160+ dpi Icon-Setting.png
  • 12. Lesson: Orientation & UI Layout Consider your UI & Architecture Default in Landscape mode Maximize Screen 320x480 Hide Top Bar & Bottom Bar Save settings on Interface Builder Hide UIStatusBar by default info.plist Reduce code overhead & maintenance
  • 13. Lesson: Prepare Default Background Default.png is the default image during app loading Default.png 480x320 Portrait 320x480 Landscape 160+ dpi
  • 14. Lesson: Prepare Assets Organize your assets well It saves you hours of work Instead of adding a file at a time described in your developer book example Drag and Drop Under Resources Create folder for images Create folder for sounds
  • 15. Lesson: Prepare Sound Consider performance .caf (Apple’s Core Audio Format) Uncompressed Play multiple sounds simultaneously Remove noises Trim silence Reduce file size
  • 16. Lesson: Prepare Sound Consider Architecture AVFoundation Framework OS 2.2+ Flexibility ViewController.m AVAudio *player; ... [player prepareToPlay]; [player play];
  • 17. Lesson: Consider Audio Framework AVFoundation Framework No limit on time length Control volume Repeat Play Multiple Sound simultaneously Show CurrentTime Show volume
  • 18. Dancing Series Keyword Dancing
  • 19. Community Help Spread the words Dancing Series Keyword Dancing Open For Consulting Contracts Bess Ho bess.ho at gmail.com