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InvoTech Happy Hour 2019


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IoT Trends

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InvoTech Happy Hour 2019

  1. 1. InvoTech Happy Hour Bess Ho Jul 2019 Hong Kong
  2. 2. Head of Product Phorena Advanced IoT Products for Smart Homes & Smart Buildings Smart Speaker + Smart IoT
  3. 3. Why HK Moving manufacturing to Hong Kong I Love Hong Kong Old Hong Kong Spirit
  4. 4. –Estimated “Over 30 Billion IoT devices by 2020.”
  5. 5. –The Consumer Electronics Industry “Exceed 2 Trillion dollars by 2020.”
  6. 6. Source: Statista “Consumer electronics will account for 63% of all installed IoT units in 2020.”
  7. 7. Source: PwC “Hardware will account for 35% of $1.7 Trillion global IoT market.”
  8. 8. Source: PwC Business Investment on IoT
 from $215 Billion to $832 Billion Consumer Spending on IoT
 from $72 Billion to $236 Billion Government Spending on IoT
 add extra $500 Billion Business Investment will account for more than 50% of the overall IoT spend in 2020.
  9. 9. Source: PwC “IoT has potential to generate $4 Trillion to $11 Trillion in economic value by 2025.” Factories ($1.2-$3.7 Trillion) followed by smart cities, healthcare, retail, non-urban outdoor environments, custom production environments, automotive, home, and office
  10. 10. Source: Accenture “IIoT add $14.2 Trillion to the global economy by 2030.” Top drivers of IIoT growth include improved operational efficiency, improved productivity, creation of new business opportunities, reduction in downtime, and optimization of asset utilization.
  11. 11. Source: Statista “Global smart homes market will be
 $58.7 Billion in 2020.” Growth drivers include increasing implementation of smart speakers, home appliances, lighting control systems, home healthcare products, smart furniture, smart kitchen, and HVAC control solutions.
  12. 12. IoT Market
  13. 13. Funding Heat map
  14. 14. 663 IPOs and Acquisitions since 2010