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Lessons I learn from developing iphone SDK app

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iPhone UI Design & Development

  1. 1. iPhone SDK UI Design & Development Bess Ho UI Developer Silicon Valley iPhone Meetup May 18, 2009 Palo Alto CA
  2. 2. Spock Bess Half Vulcan Half Developer Half Human Half Designer Pointed Ears Pointed Eyes “I am a Developer, Not a Designer”
  3. 3. Spock Bess Complex Mind Complex Background “It would be illogical to assume that all conditions remain stable.” - Spock “It would be illogical to assume that a good developer can’t design” - Bess
  4. 4. Tonight iPhone UI Design & Development iphone newbie no experience in Objective-C, C, C++, Java Cocoa Framework, Mac OS Idea Concept / Product Design How to prepare app icons and images Tips in saving time Best Practices
  5. 5. Idea Concept: Dancing Series Interests Target Strengths Want anyone without music I love music training can play I play music for years It is more entertaining and engaging to design app I love dancing involved movement I love design Music is universal with no language barrier All age groups All genders
  6. 6. Marketing Research Competition in Music Category Not competing existing game or music apps Create my niche & develop unique experience Silicon Valley Co-Founders Guy Team Early Entry One Girl Shop Game Players Bootstrap Newbie Co-Founders Guy Team 1st music app use Early Entry Musicians accelerometer
  7. 7. Product Strategy Dancing Series Music Band Dancing Piano Dancing Drum Dancing Steel Drum Dancing Tambourine
  8. 8. Founder Pain When plan fails adjust positioning & strategy on the fly Not My Ideal or Original Plan In Review Instead of crying 3 months Or beating up Apple iPhone Review Team Convert my anger & frustration to creating new app Shorten Development 2 months wait Cycle & Release Early Not related to technical issues Dancing Piano is not ideal and not perfect
  9. 9. Lesson: Effort Breakdown Average: Change design, features, architecture 3-6 times before submission 40% 30% 30% Product Idea Architecture Debugging Artwork Frameworks Auditing Audio Coding Submission Copywriting Optimization
  10. 10. Lesson: Prepare Default Icons Start with high resolution quality image Create 512x512 160+ dpi artwork Convert them into 3 sizes and formats Save them to Apple preferred names 512x512 72 dpi app_icon.jpg 57x57 160+ dpi Icon.png 29x29 160+ dpi Icon-Setting.png
  11. 11. Lesson: Prepare Default Icons 512x512 72 dpi app_icon.jpg 57x57 160+ dpi Icon.png 29x29 160+ dpi Icon-Setting.png
  12. 12. Lesson: Orientation & UI Layout Consider your UI & Architecture Default in Landscape mode Maximize Screen 320x480 Hide Top Bar & Bottom Bar Save settings on Interface Builder Hide UIStatusBar by default info.plist Reduce code overhead & maintenance
  13. 13. Lesson: Prepare Default Background Default.png is the default image during app loading Default.png 480x320 Portrait 320x480 Landscape 160+ dpi
  14. 14. Lesson: Prepare Assets Organize your assets well It saves you hours of work Instead of adding a file at a time described in your developer book example Drag and Drop Under Resources Create folder for images Create folder for sounds
  15. 15. Lesson: Prepare Sound Consider performance .caf (Apple’s Core Audio Format) Uncompressed Play multiple sounds simultaneously Remove noises Trim silence Reduce file size
  16. 16. Lesson: Prepare Sound Consider Architecture AVFoundation Framework OS 2.2+ Flexibility ViewController.m AVAudio *player; ... [player prepareToPlay]; [player play];
  17. 17. Lesson: Consider Audio Framework AVFoundation Framework No limit on time length Control volume Repeat Play Multiple Sound simultaneously Show CurrentTime Show volume
  18. 18. Dancing Series Keyword Dancing
  19. 19. Community Help Spread the words Dancing Series Keyword Dancing Open For Consulting Contracts Bess Ho bess.ho at gmail.com