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WITI Summit 2013 Mobile Trend


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This presentation is to reflect the latest trend in mobile for year 2013.

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WITI Summit 2013 Mobile Trend

  1. 1. Women Powering Technology SummitWorkshop: MobileJun 2, 2013Santa Clara CABess Ho @bessArchimedes LabsMobile Trends
  2. 2. @bessAbout MeStartup AdviserArchimedes Lab
  3. 3. Mobile Trend
  4. 4. SmartPhoneWearableSensor+SmartPhoneConnectedDevice-SmartPhoneMobile Trend
  5. 5. Mobile FirstWeb SecondFred Wilson2010
  6. 6. “Mobile Firstfollow fredwilson to 40404”Your SMS Message:In 2010 46% Twitter active users usemobile regularly
  7. 7. Mobile FirstFoursquare has little value on its web appFoursquare delivers key values on mobile
  8. 8. Desktop vs MobileKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2013 May Report
  9. 9. eCommerce vs mCommerceKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2012 May Report
  10. 10. iPhone vs TabletKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2012 May Report
  11. 11. Desktop Laptop vs TabletKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2012 May Report
  12. 12. Big DataIn 2011 Mobile data was 8x the size ofweb data in 2000No. of mobile devices exceeds no. ofworldwide population by 2013Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Report 2012
  13. 13. Big DataMoreCisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Report 2012
  14. 14. Big DataMore DataMore ConnectivityMore BandwidthCisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Report 2012
  15. 15. Mobile UsageSandvine 2012 Report
  16. 16. mVideo52% of mobile traffic is VideoMobile video is Top activities for mobile usersBy 2016 70+% mobile traffic will be VideoCisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Report 2012
  17. 17. Audio Video StreamingYouTube is the largest source of mobile webtraffic 12-25%Netflix 2%Pandora 6%Sandvine 2012 Report
  18. 18. Mobile MonetizationWeb Mobile“Biggest Mistake”=
  19. 19. 2013 Mobile Trends78% of retailers will invest into mobile commerce.In 2012 over 41% of smart phone users havealready made purchases using mobile. It isestimated it will almost double in 2013.62% of shoppers search for deals digitally for halfof their shopping trips52% of adults use their mobile while shopping foradvice before making a purchases
  20. 20. Shopping ProcessConsumers are increasingly beginning theresearch and shopping process onsmartphones and tablets and thenmigrating the buying to the device itself orinfluencing the purchasing decisions in-storeResearch Shopping Buying on DevicePurchase In-Store1 2 3
  21. 21. Mobile MonetizationiPad iPhone“Bigger Mistake”=
  22. 22. With one out of two phones are web- andapplication-enabled, mobile payments arepredicted to reach up to $214 billion by2015.Users are no longer buying only phone-related stuff using device. It shiftedtowards in-store-like purchases: books,apparel, jewlery, etc. This hints at 2013being a critical year for mobile’s influenceon other retail channels.2013 Mobile Trends
  23. 23. 2013 Mobile TrendsGamification driven marketing campaignsMobile Camera is an effective way to interactwith customers or to gather information 1)take a photo of receipt instead of mailing it 2)take a photo of credit card instead of filling theform fields 3) take a photo of hotel room insteadof writing a review
  24. 24. Mobile MonetizationFREE APP PAID APP44%56%Freemium Business ModelApp SalesAvg $3.77Avg IAP$14
  25. 25. In-App Purchase30% of iOS revenue comes from in-apppurchases in 201034 of Top 100 Grossing apps are freemonetized by in-app purchasesEpic Games made $10 Million in 2011 fromInfinity Blade 40+% from 2011
  26. 26. In-App Purchase (IAP)Average transaction in-app purchase $14(iOS or Android)14x revenue than Freemium51% Revenue from in-app purchasescomes from transactions of over $20Of that 51%, 30% comes from $ 2011
  27. 27. IAP is Addictive56% of game player that spend a dollarcome back to spend a 2nd time25% spend 3 or more 2011Spending is a habit
  28. 28. Dogs vs 2011Loyalty is GOLDLoyal Purchaser = 20 x One-time Purchaser20 : 1Top Purchaser = 100 x Loyal Purchaser
  29. 29. 2011Courting Rule80-90% of Profitcomes from 0.5%of User
  30. 30. Mobile 2011
  31. 31. Life Before & 2011
  32. 32. Mobile MonetizationIAP vs FreemiumIAP > Advertised Free AppIAP > Pay-to-play (Paid App)
  33. 33. Mobile StrategyEarly DaysNativeAppMobileWeb AppNativeAppWebAppFred WilsonVC, Union Square Ventures“Mobile First Web Second”
  34. 34. Mobile StrategyNativeAppWebAppFred WilsonVC, Union Square Ventures“App Design Should beMobile First, Web Second”
  35. 35. iOS SDKUIWebViewCloudHTTPGET / POSTREST APIXML / JSONStrategy INative AppusingObjective-C• UIWebView is a lite versionof Safari browser• Update without approvalprocess• Content is layout in HTML5• Share same content• Update using CSS template
  36. 36. HTML5FrameworkCloudStrategy IINative appusingHTML5framework• Appcelerator Titanium -HTML/JS/CSS (iOS /Android / BlackBerry inbeta)• PhoneGap - HTML/JS/CSS(iOS / Android /BlackBerry / WebOS /Window Phone / Bada /Symbian)HTTPGET / POSTREST APIXML / JSON
  37. 37. Cross PlatformFrameworkStrategy IIINative appusingcross-platformframework• Conrona - Lua• Adobe AIR - ActionScript 3& Flash• Rhodes - Ruby• Unity - UnityScript(JS),C#, Boo(Python)• Mono - C# .NETLua,Ruby, AS,C#
  38. 38. Mobile StrategyMySQL No SQL=“Bigger Mistake”RSDB No JOINNot ACID GuaranteesDistributed & Fault-tolerantArchitectureHorizontally Scale
  39. 39. Heavy Lifting: No SQLMongoDB Hadoop
  40. 40. Mobile StrategyServer-sideFrameworks =“Bigger Mistake”I/O APINon-BlockingAsynchronousEvent-drivenJavaScriptServer-sideAPI
  41. 41. Mobile StrategyThickCloud ThinCloudThinClientThickClient“Bigger Mistake”=
  42. 42. Wearable Sensors
  43. 43. LUMOback
  44. 44. Connected Device
  45. 45. Google GlassPrototype developed by Google [x]Google’s most secretive lab where Driverless Caris inventedGlass Explorer Edition costs $1,500Rumor from Google Engineers say it costs $300It won’t accept as consumer product unless itdrops below $200
  46. 46. Google Glass
  47. 47. How to use Google Glass
  48. 48. AdviseFounders & Entrepreneurs
  49. 49. Mobile FirstArchimedes LabsSocial | Consumer | Mobile@Bessbess@archimedeslabs.com