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WITI.ORG Women Technology Summit 2012


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Mobile Session

Published in: Technology, Business
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WITI.ORG Women Technology Summit 2012

  1. Women Powering Technology Summit Technical Workshop: Mobile Development Mobile Trends Bess Ho @bess Archimedes Labs Jun 5, 2012 Santa Clara CA
  2. About Me @bess Book Startup StartupAuthor Incubator Adviser Archimedes Labs m ing Mobile WorkshopsCo Technical IP for Startup
  3. Mobile FirstWeb Second Fred Wilson 2010
  4. Mobile First
  5. Mobile First Your SMS Message:“ follow fredwilson to 40404 ”In 2010 46% Twitter active users usemobile regularly
  6. Mobile FirstFoursquare has little value on its web appFoursquare delivers key values on mobile
  7. Mobile FirstKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2012 May Report
  8. Desktop vs MobileKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2012 May Report
  9. eCommerce vs mCommerceKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2012 May Report
  10. iPhone vs TabletKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2012 May Report
  11. Desktop Laptop vs TabletKleiner Partner Mary Meeker’s 2012 May Report
  12. iPadIDC reported 17.4 Million Tablets wereshipped worldwide in 1st QTR in 201234 Million TabletsTablet generates 3.4 times more trafficthan smartphone 517 MB/month vs 150MB/monthBy 2016 Tablets is 10% of global mobiledata traffic68% are iPads
  13. iPadBy 2016 Tablet generates the same trafficas mobile traffic in 2012
  14. Big Data In 2011 Mobile data was 8x the size of web data in 2000 No. of mobile devices exceeds no. of worldwide population by 2013Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Report 2012
  15. Big Data MoreCisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Report 2012
  16. Big Data More Data More Connectivity More BandwidthCisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Report 2012
  17. Mobile UsageSandvine 2012 Report
  18. mVideo 52% of mobile traffic is Video Mobile video is Top activities for mobile users By 2016 70+% mobile traffic will be VideoCisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Mobile Report 2012
  19. Audio Video Streaming YouTube is the largest source of mobile web traffic 12-25% Netflix 2% Pandora 6%Sandvine 2012 Report
  20. Mobile Monetization “Biggest Mistake”Web = Mobile
  21. Mobile MonetizationFreemium Business Model 56% 44% App Sales Avg IAP Avg $3.77 $14FREE APP PAID APP
  22. In-App Purchase 30% of iOS revenue comes from in-app purchases in 2010 34 of Top 100 Grossing apps are free monetized by in-app purchases Epic Games made $10 Million in 2011 from Infinity Blade 40+% from in-app 2011
  23. In-App Purchase (IAP) Average transaction in-app purchase $14 (iOS or Android) 14x revenue than Freemium 51% Revenue from in-app purchases comes from transactions of over $20 Of that 51%, 30% comes from $50+ 2011
  24. IAP is Addictive Spending is a habit 56% of game player that spend a dollar come back to spend a 2nd time 25% spend 3 or more 2011
  25. Dogs vs Cats Loyalty is GOLD 20 : 1Loyal Purchaser = 20 x One-time Purchaser Top Purchaser = 100 x Loyal 2011
  26. Profit Courting Rule 80-90% of Profit comes from 0.5% of 2011
  27. Mobile 2011
  28. Life Before & 2011
  29. Mobile Monetization IAP vs FreemiumIAP > Advertised Free AppIAP > Pay-to-play (Paid App)
  30. Mobile Monetization “Bigger Mistake”iPad = iPhone
  31. Big Trends It’s about 2011
  32. Mobile Strategy “Mobile First Web Second” Fred Wilson VC, Union Square Ventures Early Days Native AppNative Mobile App Web App Web App
  33. Mobile Strategy “App Design Should be Mobile First, Web Second” Fred WilsonNative VC, Union Square Ventures AppWebApp
  34. Mobile Strategy Facebook CTO Bret TaylorProblems Solution BA C D HTML5 E G 2011 F
  35. Mobile Strategy Gigaom Nov 2011
  36. Strategy INative App CloudusingObjective-C REST API HTTP XML / JSON GET / POST iOS SDK• UIWebView is a lite version of Safari browser UIWebView• Update without approval process• Content is layout in HTML5• Share same content• Update using CSS template
  37. Strategy IINative app CloudusingHTML5 REST API HTTPframework XML / JSON GET / POST• Appcelerator Titanium - HTML5 HTML/JS/CSS (iOS / Framework Android / BlackBerry in beta)• PhoneGap - HTML/JS/CSS (iOS / Android / BlackBerry / WebOS / Window Phone / Bada / Symbian)
  38. Strategy IIINative appusingcross-platformframework Cross Platform• Conrona - Lua Framework• Adobe AIR - ActionScript 3 & Flash• Rhodes - Ruby Lua,• Unity - UnityScript(JS), Ruby, AS, C#, Boo(Python) C#• Mono - C# .NET
  39. Mobile Strategy “Bigger Mistake”MySQL = No SQL RSDB No JOIN Not ACID Guarantees Distributed & Fault-tolerant Architecture Horizontally Scale
  40. Heavy Lifting: No SQLMongoDB Hadoop
  41. Mobile Strategy “Bigger Mistake”Server-sideFrameworks = Server-side API I/O API Non-Blocking Asynchronous Event-driven JavaScript
  42. Mobile Strategy “Bigger Mistake”Thin ThickClient Client =ThickCloud Thin Cloud
  43. Mobile First Archimedes Labs Social | Consumer | Mobile @Bess bess@archimedeslabs.com