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Holiday Prep: The Essential Science of Landing Pages
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Holiday Prep: The Essential Science of Landing Pages


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A huge percent of potential holiday sales are lost due to landing page mistakes. What happens when a customer reaches your site? …

A huge percent of potential holiday sales are lost due to landing page mistakes. What happens when a customer reaches your site?

In this webinar, landing page scientists Rick Perreault and Oli Gardner from Unbounce will show you how to maximize sales this holiday season with landing pages that are designed for conversion. Think you don't have time to overhaul your site? They'll show you how simple changes can double your sales.

Boosting your AdWords quality score with improved message match
How/what/when and where to be testing
Creating a sense of urgency to compel people to buy now!
Using trust factors to boost conversions
Using the right Call-to-Action

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Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. ay Pr ep: H olid cie nce Th eS and ing o fL Pa ges#landingpagescience
  • 2. $25! $25#landingpagescience
  • 3. Landing Page Science Groupie Anna Sawyer ...and the stars of the show...
  • 4. Genius Landing Page Genius Landing PageScientist Oli Gardner Scientist Rick Perreault
  • 5. Landing pages. What are they good for? Email marketing PPC Social media Display
  • 6. The cardinal sin of landing pages?
  • 7. Driving traffic to thehomepage! Oh the horror!!!
  • 8. Have a targeted landing pageHow do you avoid that epic fail? that has Toy Story Lego and nothing else.
  • 9. No but seriously,do I need landing pages for myholiday campaign?
  • 10. Case study!Campaign monitor got a 129% lift by going fromsending traffic from their homepage...
  • 11. a product-specific landing page!
  • 12. OK, here we go with theFive ScientificLanding Page TipsforIncreasing Holiday Conversions
  • 13. 1. Message Match
  • 14. (not so good)
  • 15. (ok, we guess)
  • 16. (nicely done!)
  • 17. (not great)
  • 18. (totally lame!)
  • 19. (huzzah! nice!)
  • 20. 2. Always be Testing
  • 21. Testing Tips
  • 22. Testing Tips Start early to get feedback early
  • 23. Testing Tips Run a 5-second test to check for message clarity
  • 24. Test the offer:Testing which has the most psychological Tips triggers? (science!!!)
  • 25. Testing Ask your Tips customers! Gather feedback at the point of conversion using live chat and survey widgets.
  • 26.
  • 27. Create a3. sense of Urgency!
  • 28. You guys, this is so meta.
  • 29. Unbounce: practicing what they preach!
  • 30. 4. Trust Indicators
  • 31. Paint a picture for yourcustomer. How can theypay? Is there a guarantee?
  • 32. This is so meta.
  • 33. (Rick has one.) Rick, tell us why you bought the Slap Chop. Is it because you gotto see it in action?
  • 34. 5. One Heckuva CTA
  • 35. 1. Attract people to yourOK, two things to CTA. focus on here. 2. Get people to click on it!
  • 36. Conversion- Whitespace!centered design:
  • 37. Conversion- Contrastcentered design: Color
  • 38. Conversion- Eye directioncentered design:
  • 39. Conversion- Encapsulationcentered design:
  • 40. Conversion- Explicit directional cuescentered design:
  • 41. Get people to click! Submit is bad.
  • 42. Get people to click! Repeat the offer!
  • 43. Get people to click! Include trust statements.
  • 44. Get people to click!
  • 45. Bonus Tip!!! !!!
  • 46. 6. Post ConversionStrategies
  • 47. Get another sale Coupon code - 50% offwhile the lead is next purchase warm!
  • 48. Get another sale Sign up for offers or awhile the lead is newsletter warm!
  • 49. Get another sale Social: follow us for morewhile the lead is offers and deals warm!
  • 50. Holiday Prep: Here Comes the FloodPart 4 With Matt Hessler from Trada Tuesday, October 25, 12:15 PM EST Would you like to be signed up for our ongoing webinar series, which includes the holiday prep series? Just chat: “sign me up”!
  • 51. THURSDAY, OCT 6, 12:15PM EASTERN Crowd and Community Management for SMB MarketersGame mechanics wizards BigDoor will share insight into crowd incentive and communitymanagement, as well as practical steps SMB marketers can take to manage a crowd of virtualworkers to perform to their goals. Trada CEO Niel Robertson, who authored the crowdsourcingtheory ‘Crowd Mechanics’, will discuss specific elements necessary to managing a crowd of expertsto meet both individual and group goals. Bryan Estes, Director of Biz Dev Niel Robertson CEO, Trada
  • 52. THURSDAY, OCT 13, 12:15PM EASTERN Crowdsourcing Content and Distributing Across ChannelsSMBs and larger companies struggle with creating enough/the right content, and with managing andamplifying it across channels. Crowdsourcing content engine and on-demand microtaskfirm CrowdFlower will share strategies for managing crowd-created content, maximizing ROI,and how to amplify your content to get the most value. Mark Chatow Lukas Biewald, VP of Marketing Chairman/Co-founder,
  • 53. THURSDAY, OCT 20, 12:15PM EASTERN Right Brains On Demand: Crowdsourcing VideoPutting together effective web videos to market brands and products is a challenge for SMBmarketing teams - but the payoff is huge. Genius Rocket and Wooshii have both applied thecrowdsourcing approach to video content creation: offering accessible, manageable video to SMBs.Theyll weigh in on which companies should have a marketing video strategy, what type of contentgets results, and how to successfully use crowdsourcing to get what you want out of videomarketing - without the crippling cost of a creative agency or in-house video team. Fergus Dyer-Smith Peter LaMotte, Co-Founder, CEO President, Anna Sawyer, Marketing Manager,
  • 54. What’s the deal with ???
  • 55. You can build gorgeous, conversion-optimized landing pages...
  • 56. Without the help of a designer or a developer.(there’s a MacBook air in there)
  • 57. Here’s where we take two minutes to tell you that you can use Trada to manage allyour PPC and drive traffic toyour beautiful landing pages...... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to do search marketing yourself.
  • 58. Trada has a large, global crowd of certifiedpaid search experts who do SEM for you.
  • 59. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get: Diversity of thinkingConstant optimizationMultiple ad networks
  • 60. and they already know how torun successful search campaigns!
  • 61. It’s pay-for-performance. There are NO fees:no startup fees, no management fees. You can get started right away.
  • 62. @oligardner @rickperreault Time for questions!For more information or to schedule a demo, email