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The Architecture of Ad Groups


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These slides go in-depth on how to structure your ad groups for search marketing success!

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The Architecture of Ad Groups

  1. 1. The Architectureof Ad Groups #adgrouparchitecture
  2. 2. Architect Matt Hessler,Director of Account Management Architect Anna Sawyer, Marketing Manager
  3. 3. Ad groups are for organizing ads.
  4. 4. Ad group structure is important because: Good ad group practices = better quality score Better quality score = lower click prices, better results
  5. 5. If you don’t follow best practices: You’ll lose ad position, pay more, and get fewer clicks Your competitors will beat you
  6. 6. Essential practices for ad group structure Keep ad groups very small - 10 keywords is standard. Write multiple ads for each ad group (we suggest 4)
  7. 7. How should you organize your ad groups? product theme concept terminology point in tail size buying cycle
  8. 8. How should you organize your ad groups? product themeSnike Air Pegasus Mens Running Shoe concept terminologySnike Sloop 2 Mens Trail Running Shoe point in tail size buying cycle
  9. 9. How should you organize your ad groups? product theme Snike red running shoes concept terminology Snike red trail runners point in tail size buying cycle
  10. 10. How should you organize your ad groups? product theme Shoes for running concept terminology Shoes for trail running point in tail size buying cycle
  11. 11. How should you organize your ad groups? product theme Running shoes Jogging shoes Shoes for sprinters Footwear concept terminology Trainers Kicks Treads point in tail size buying cycle
  12. 12. How should you organize your ad groups? Short Running shoes product theme Snike shoes Long concept terminology Where can I buy running shoes online point inDiscount Snike running tail size buying cycle shoes on the web
  13. 13. How should you organize your ad groups? product theme Awareness Shoes for running concept terminology Running shoes point in tail size buying cycle
  14. 14. How should you organize your ad groups? Comparison product themeSnike running shoes price Snike running shoes concept terminology cheapBest Snike running shoes point in tail size buying cycle Best shoes for running 10K
  15. 15. How should you organize your ad groups? product theme Direct Snike Air Pegasus concept terminology Mens Running Shoe size 10 point in tail size buying cycle
  16. 16. Be creative! Ad group: Barefoot is for Cavemen Modern humans have the Snike Air Pegasus.Barefoot Running Free Shipping and Returns!
  17. 17. Match typesand how to mix them
  18. 18. Match types broad match keywords “phrase match keywords” [exact match keywords]
  19. 19. Ads could show forBroad match: any of the following: shoes shoes to buy tips for repairing shoes shoes for horses bowling shoes
  20. 20. Ads could show for Phrase match: any of the following:“running shoes” buy running shoes running shoes for kids recycle running shoes
  21. 21. Ads will show for the Exact match: following:[running shoes] running shoes
  22. 22. Mixing match types: Don’t mix all three match types in one ad group.
  23. 23. Think of it like this. Broad match is great for testing the waters. Move what’s working into a “phrase match” ad group. Use [exact match] for keywords that convert - and bid high.
  24. 24. Get negative:use negative keywords at the ad group level
  25. 25. Negative keywords Include negative keywords to your campaign to ensure that your ad won’t appear when a searcher types in a certain term.
  26. 26. Ad group: Negative keywords:Running shoes - used - reviews - repair
  27. 27. Negative keywordsmake an ad group more focused. Use the search queries report to brainstorm more negative keywords.
  28. 28. Work backwards!
  29. 29. Plan your work, work your plan. Quality Score depends heavily on relevance. How do you keep all your keywords, ads and landing pages relevant?
  30. 30. Work backwards.Use copy from landingpages to inform adgroup themesBuild your keyword Check everything forlists from your ad relevancegroups
  31. 31. Search marketing has message testing - built right in.
  32. 32. Why you should test messages at the ad group level:Testing will increaseyour click-throughrateBetter click-through Better Quality Scorerate means better means more clicksQuality Score
  33. 33. Oh, and also:Search marketinggives immediatefeedbackso you can find out Then you can usewhich messages are what you learn acrossgetting results channels
  34. 34. Write four ads for each ad group. Vary theHere’s how subject lines in two, to do it. and the CTA in two. After two weeks, ditch the two ads that didn’t perform as well, and (repeat) write two more.
  35. 35. Here’s the summary! Ad groups are the foundation of a successful search marketing campaign.
  36. 36. Here’s the summary! Keep ad groups small and relevant.
  37. 37. Here’s the summary! Don’t be a slacker!
  38. 38. Here’s where we take twominutes to tell you that Tradacan handle all the tricky work of ad group architecture...... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to solve them yourself.
  39. 39. Trada has a crowd of over 2,000 certifiedsearch marketing experts who do PPC for you.
  40. 40. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get: Diversity of thinkingConstant optimizationMultiple ad networks
  41. 41. and they already know how to buildad groups optimized for Quality Score and conversions!
  42. 42. It’s pay-for-performance. There are NO fees:no startup fees, no management fees. You can get started right away.
  43. 43. Time for questions!For more information or to schedule a demo, email