Trada Case Study-Tradavo


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This B2B retail inventory provider is marketing in a tough space. Working with Trada allowed them to hit their CPA goal quickly, while delivering predictable conversions.

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Trada Case Study-Tradavo

  1. 1. Trada’s Paid Search Provides ConsistentLead Generation for B2B RetailInventory ProviderCASE STUDY - SERVICE A D VE RTISER Tradavo is a Colorado-based B2B company that works with distributors and manufac- turers to provide services and products to small format retailers for a cost-effective and Trada’s Optimizers scalable operation. Tradavo drop ships to their retailers, giving them access to products quickly met Tradavo’s normally not accessible on a small scale. Tradavo acquires and manages customers exclusively online, offering an easy-to-use online ordering platform where managers CPA goal while generating can have access to inventory from multiple distributors in one place. high-quality conversions on a consistent basis. C H A LL ENGE Bobby Martyna, Tradavo’s CEO and President, had been investing his limited time into the company’s SEO content strategy. While SEO produced qualified leads, it was too hard to grow quickly, especially when Bobby was charged with creating all the content Tradavo looks to Trada to himself. Bobby needed a more consistent and scalable way to grow Tradavo. Calculat- not only save them time, ing a basic CPA target for a web-based leads using his historical organic/SEO data, but also to provide the lead Bobby was able to work with Trada to build a highly targeted CPA-focused paid search generation necessary to campaign while drastically decreasing his time commitment to his the campaign. grow their business. S O LU TION Bobby’s dedicated account manager, Matt Hessler, worked with Bobby to set goals and guidelines for Tradavo’s account. Trada’s Optimizer Matching™ algorithm assigned five Thanks to Trada, Tradavo Optimizers, (Trada’s paid search experts) to the Tradavo campaign based on their has been able to expand experience and historical performance working on B2B and retail campaigns. their marketing team and R E S ULTS focus on the core priorities Within days, the team of Trada Optimizers built an efficient campaign with over 1000 of their business. targeted keywords. Tradavo launched a robust sizeable paid search campaign with little effort and time. Tradavo quickly began to meet their target CPA, and for over a year now, the campaigns Trada runs on Google, Yahoo and Bing deliver a consistent volume of high-quality conversions. The partnership with Trada has allowed Tradavo to save time while their Optimizers use their expertise to build out successful paid search campaigns. Tradavo now has a three-person marketing team and are contemplating new product and service offerings to add to their core delivery service.“Paid search [Trada] is still our number one lead generation sourceby far. As we look to launch new products and service in the futurewe will work with Trada to do so.”– Bobby Martyna, President and CEO, TradavoA D VE RTISE ONWant to know more? Learn how Trada can improve your ROI. Contact us today for a tour! e: p: 877-871-1835 w: