[WEBINAR] Advanced AdWords Tools


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PPC sensei Joey Muller and Terry Whalen from CPC Search team up with Trada to bring you details on how to use three very effective AdWords tools: Campaign Experiments, Conversion Optimizer, and Search Funnel. Learn to manage free-and-powerful AdWords tools intelligently in this fast-paced, information-dense webinar!

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[WEBINAR] Advanced AdWords Tools

  1. 1. TRADA PRESENTSAdvancedAdWords Tools #AdWordsTools become a master! trada.com
  2. 2. #AdWordsTools trada.com
  3. 3. Terry Whalen,Managing Director, CPC Search @tdwhalenho Joey Muller Account Director, CPC Search @jmthefourth Anna Sawyer, Marketing Manager, Trada @annafsawyer trada.com
  4. 4. AdWords is immensely powerful... especially when you know how to use the tools!Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | trada.com Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  5. 5. These tools/reports show things you cannot find in the AdWords dashboard, so you might change your practices based on what you learn today.Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | trada.com Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  6. 6. AdWords Search FunnelTerry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | trada.com Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  7. 7. To get there, visitTools andAnalysis >Conversions> SearchFunnels. trada.com
  8. 8. AdWords Campaign ExperimentsTerry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | trada.com Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  9. 9. You should always be testing. AdWords Experiments allows you to test changes on portions of your campaign to reduce risk.Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  10. 10. Some examples of what you can test: Keyword bid prices Adding or removing keywords Keyword match types Ad group structureTerry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  11. 11. The difference betweenAdWords Experiments andtesting the old-fashionedway: instead of making achange and comparing thedata to how things used tobe, you can A/B test resultsin real time.
  12. 12. UnderSettings for agiven campaign,clickExperiment.
  13. 13. Click Specify experiment settings.Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  14. 14. From Google:The fastest way to collect results is a50-50 split, but if your experimental changes are risky orexpensive, such as doubling your bid, you might want tohave fewer auctions use your experiment. You cantchange this setting after you start your experiment.
  15. 15. You can also track results in Google Analytics by using a URL referrer to see whether traffic is coming from your main campaign of your experiments.Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  16. 16. It’s a conversion van, get it??? AdWords Conversion OptimizerTerry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | trada.com Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  17. 17. Conversion Optimizer optimizes your placement in each ad auction to avoid unprofitable clicks and (hopefully) get you more profitable clicks.Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  18. 18. Make sure you have small, thematic adThis is a good tool for groups that you’re a campaign that is not planning to very stable and rearrange. organized. Keep an eye on your search query report and add negatives throughout the life of your campaign.Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  19. 19. Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  20. 20. Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | trada.com Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  21. 21. Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | trada.com Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  22. 22. Terry Whalen: @tdwhalenho | Anna Sawyer: @annafsawyer | trada.com Joey Muller: @jmthefourth
  23. 23. SORRY FOLKS! No webinar next week.Come visit me at SMX West! booth # 319
  24. 24. Here’s where we take two minutes to show you howTrada can help you scale your online advertising... and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were to run PPC or Facebook ads campaigns yourself. trada.com
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  26. 26. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get: Diversity of thinkingConstant optimizationMultiple ad networks
  27. 27. Turbine: a Trada Client
  28. 28. Turbine: a Trada Client CAMPAIGN STATS: Paid Search Experts: 15 Conversion Rate: 20% increase Click-Through Rate: 40% increase Cost-per-Conversion: 16% reduction
  29. 29. Turbine: a Trada Client “The Trada marketplace quickly made me comfortable enough to ‘take my hands off the wheel’ on paid search. Trada’s paid search experts know our industry lingo and are running on all cylinders, driving high volumes to our Dungeons & Dragons online gaming service.” – Chase Huber Director, Advertising
  30. 30. @jmthefourth@tdwhalenho @annafsawyer Time for questions! For more information or to schedule a demo, email sfox@trada.com trada.com