Trada Case Study - Guidebook


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This B2B Lead Gen advertiser reduced weekly time spent on PPC from 15 hours to 1.5 hours.

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Trada Case Study - Guidebook

  1. 1. Guidebook Reduces Weekly Time Spent onPPC from 15 to 1.5 Hours Using TradaCASE STUDY - EXPERTISE A D VE RTISER Guidebook helps organizations with a physical presence to simply and quickly build sophisticated mobile guides for their real world spaces. In the Guidebook app, users With Trada, Guidebook can connect and socialize through the application and find maps of events, confer- ences, and schools. Guidebook works with a broad spectrum of customers such was able to hand off their as event facilities, university campuses, and corporate locations around the United States. PPC campaigns to expert Optimizers and focus on C H A LL ENGE Alan Blank, the Director of Marketing of Guidebook, started building a Google AdWords other important areas of campaign himself and figured he’d learn as he went. While he started to get conver- their business. sions, months of working in AdWords showed Alan that he simply couldn’t dedicate the daily time required to scale and optimize for the results he wanted. He recognized that the ideas and experience of more skilled paid search experts would help him build a superior paid search campaign. Trada did more than just S O LU TION provide Guidebook with After attending a paid search skills webinar hosted by Trada, Alan decided he’d rather superior paid search man- let the experts in Trada’s marketplace do the heavy lifting than learn more himself. With agement; the time it freed knowledge of his target CPA, Alan worked with his dedicated Trada account manager, up allowed the team to focus and they designed the campaign to meet Guidebook’s needs. In addition, his account on their social strategy and manager pulled 6 PPC experts from Trada’s Optimizer Matching™ algorithm to work on critical new markets. Guidebook’s campaign. R E S ULTS Alan noticed once he started using Trada that he had shifted his day to day activities around paid search from the technical to the strategic. Trada allowed him to discuss Thanks to Trada, Guide- overall messaging, ideal customer profiles to target, themes to explore, and area to focus on that had been historically most successful for the business. book’s team has shifted their day to day activities around paid search from the techni-“My job is to leverage the best methods available to generate newleads for my company. For some programs I am best suited to run cal to the strategic. Tradathem, and for others, solutions like Trada are simply a better use of allowed them to discusstime and money than learning everything myself. I estimate I was overall messaging, idealspending about 15 hours per week when I was working on AdWords customer profiles to target,myself. Now with Trada, I spend roughly fifteen minutes a day on themes to explore, and areaspaid search. I like to keep an eye on the keywords and ad copy my to focus on that had beenoptimizers are being successful with.” historically most successful– Alan Blank, Director of Marketing, Guidebook for the business.A D VE RTISE ONWant to know more? Learn how Trada can improve your ROI. Contact us today for a tour! e: p: 877-871-1835 w: