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Post-Click MarketingPresentatie Pragma

  1. 1. Post-Click! Marketing!
  2. 2. Ron  Verheijen   Ph.D.,  MSc   Founder   Damian  Bo8   MSc,  BA   Co-­‐founder   Alliance   Joris     Jadran   Judith   van  Eil   Braber   Herrewijn   Technical   Business   Sales   consultant   consultant   consultant  
  3. 3. The  Online  Marke-ng  Universum   B2B   PPC   Lead  generaKon   PCM   SEA   AdWords   Homepage   Search  Engine   AdSense   TesKng   Landing    page   Website   Banners   SEO   E-­‐mail   E-­‐commerce   Affiliate   B2C   Design   AnalyKcs   Layout  
  4. 4. Online  MarkeKng   Pre-­‐Click  MarkeKng   Post-­‐Click  MarkeKng   Click  
  5. 5. Pre-­‐Click  Marke-ng   Search  engine  op-miza-on     Pay  per  Click   •  70%  -­‐  75%  of  clicks   •  25%  -­‐  30%  of  clicks   •  Clicks  are  free   •  Costs  per  click   •  Less  control  (search  engine   •  More  control  (adverKser   algorithm  decides  posiKon)   decides  posiKon  due  max.  cpc)   •  Search  engine  controls  the  link   •  AdverKser  controls  the  link   •  Structural  based   •  Campagne  based   •  Results  will  be  achieved  slowly   •  Results  will  be  achieved  fast   •Making  adjustments  can  have   •Making  adjustments  doesn’t   effect  on  the  posiKon  in  the   effect  the  posiKon  of  your  ad   search  engine   that  much  
  6. 6. Pay  Per  Click  (PPC)  –  Digital  Adver-sing   Search  Engine  AdverKsing   Banner   Email  
  7. 7. Digital  adverKsing  -­‐  Ad  chain   € Ad   Webpages   Webpages   Conversion   Post-­‐ Conversion   € Displays  (#)   Pages  visited   lead  or  online   Conversion   purchase   (customer)   Click  through   Time  on  page   rate  (CTR)   Cost  per  lead   Success  rate   Conversion  rate   Cost  per  Click   Exit  rate   Cost  per   Cost  per  sale   Cost  per  Mille   Abandon  rate   acquisiKon   Cost  per  sale   (e-­‐commerce)  
  8. 8. Ad  chain  –  Where  to  opKmize?   Ad   Webpages   Conversion   Click  through   Conversion  rate   This  means  there  is  sKll   rate  (CTR)   97%  to  convert   Currently  industry  avarage  3%  -­‐  4%   Due  to  external   You  have  full  controle   compeKKon   between  2  and   10%  
  9. 9. Where  to  opKmize?  Example   Views   100.000   100.000   100.000   100.000   CTR   2%   3%   5%   10%   Visitors   2.000   3.000   5.000   10.000   Conversion   2%   2%   2%   2%   Leads   40   60   100   200   Views   100.000   100.000   100.000   100.000   CTR   2%   3%   5%   10%   Visitors   2.000   3.000   5.000   10.000   Conversion   4%   8%   12%   16%   Leads   80   240   600   1600  
  10. 10. Post-Click Marketing! Post-­‐click  markeKng  [1]  is  a  term  that  refers  to  Internet   markeKng  iniKaKves  directed  at  respondents  who  have  just   clicked  on  a  search  engine  link,  paid  keyword,  banner  ad,  or  a   "call-­‐to-­‐acKon"  link  in  an  email.  These  iniKaKves  include   landing  pages,  microsites,  and  conversion  paths.   The  focus  of  post-­‐click  markeKng  is  usually  on  increasing  the   conversion  rate  of  respondents  (where  a  "conversion"  may   mean  subscribing,  becoming  a  qualified  lead,  or  making  a   purchase).  
  11. 11. 2010  is  the  Year  of  Conversion  Rate  Op-miza-on   “If  I  were  doing  another  startup  today,  it  would  focus  on   sonware  for  conversion  rate  opKmizaKon.  I  think  this  is   sKll  the  most  under-­‐uKlized  and  highest  ROI  acKviKes  in   the  markeKng  department,  but  more  awareness  is  on  its   way.  CRO  isn't  just  about  tesKng;  it's  about  building  a   process  for  improving  conversion  over  Kme.  Online   businesses  can  generate  so  much  revenue  from  this,  yet   few  invest.  I  think  2010  is  the  year,  simply  because  it's  an   inflecKon  point  for  companies  to  assess  their  spend  and   where  they  derive  value.”     Rand  Fishkin  SEOmoz's  CEO,  and  co-­‐founder.  
  12. 12. Is  2010  the  Year  of  Conversion  Rate  Op-miza-on?   Bryan  Eisenberg  asks  the  quesKon  to  ClickZ  readers,  and   we’re  answering  with  a  resounding  “YES!”   Bryan  Eisenberg  is  coauthor  of  the  Wall  Street  Journal,   Amazon,  BusinessWeek,  and  New  York  Times  bestselling     Books  Call  to  AcKon,"  "WaiKng  For  Your  Cat  to  Bark?,"  and     Always  Be  TesKng.”  
  13. 13. “2010  is  the  year  of  Conversion  Rate  Op-miza-on”   In  a  follow  up  to  Rand’s  post,  conversion  opKmizaKon   expert  Raquel  Hirsch  of  WiderFunnel  describes  how  she’s   witnessing  the  industry’s  growing  investment  in  conversion   opKmizaKon.  “We  are  seeing  not  only  greater  investment   in  conversion  opKmizaKon  but  a  greater  realizaKon  on  the   part  of  marketers  that  this  is  a  business-­‐model  changer  for   their  companies,  here  to  stay”.    “I  think  2010  is  the  year,  simply  because  it’s  an  inflec-on   point  for  companies  to  assess  their  spend  and  where  they   derive  value.”   Raquel  Hirsch  co-­‐founder  WiderFunnel  MarkeKng  Inc.    
  14. 14. Current  situaKon   SKll  ads  are  linking  to  the  homepage   or  to  a  page  deep  in  the  website  
  15. 15. So  what  to  do?  
  16. 16. The  current  situaKon  regarding  to   landing  pages  (1.0)  
  17. 17. “Everyone  seems  to  repeat  the      same  factoids  and  best      prac-ces.”   Marke&ngSherpa  Landing  Page   Handbook,  2nd  Edi&on  
  18. 18. Headline   Form   Body  copy   BuZon   Image  
  19. 19. 3.84%   average  conversion  rate   MarkeKngSherpa  Landing  Page  Handbook,  2nd  EdiKon  
  20. 20. Landing  pages  2.0  
  21. 21. Post-Click Marketing! Successful post-click marketing campaigns are! characterized by the following eight techniques:! 1.  Conversion paths! 2.  Message matching! 3.  Segmenting! 4.  Qualification! 5.  Conversion! 6.  Testing! 7.  Analysis! 8.  Optimization!
  22. 22. 1.  Conversion  Paths   •  Landing  page   •  Segmented  path  pages   •  Offer  page   •  Thank  you  page   2.  Message  mapping   •  Match  the  post-­‐click  message  with  the   promise  made  that  solicited  the  iniKal  click   3.  SegmenKng  visitors  
  23. 23. 8.12%  conversion   9.23%  conversion   11.4%  conversion  
  24. 24. 16.1%   conversion  rate  
  25. 25. 5   Reasons   2  clicks   are  beZer   than  1.  
  26. 26. 1.  Easy  engagement.   Clicking  an  ad  =  5  seconds.   First  choice  on  a  landing   page  =  also  5  seconds.   Contextual  navigaKon.  
  27. 27. 2.  Self-­‐iden-fica-on.   We  respond  to  self-­‐ idenKficaKon  cues.   More  accurate  than   a  form  field.   ExpectaKons.  
  28. 28. 3.  More  focused  content.   Contextually  relevant   content  sells  be8er.   Subtle  shins  in  language   can  have  big  impact.   Eliminate  clu8er.  
  29. 29. 4.  Signaling.   Investment  reflects   commitment.   “If  you  target  me,  you  must   think  I’d  be  a  good  fit…”  
  30. 30. 5.  Market  research.   Which  ads  a8ract  which   segments?   Which  segments  convert   best?   How  do  prospects  think  of   themselves?  
  31. 31. More  specific  pages   So  self-­‐ needed   segmenta-on  acer   the  click.  
  32. 32. 3.  SegmentaKon  and  4.  QualificaKon   • Segment respondents into strategically important groups;! • Engage the respondent with relevant, compelling content;! • Track respondent qualification and segmentation back to traffic sources;!
  33. 33. segment  
  34. 34. segment   simple  
  35. 35. 40%  lic  
  36. 36. 73.1%   segmenta-on  rate  
  37. 37. Don’t  think   of  a  landing   page.   Think  of  a   post-­‐click   marke-ng   experience.  
  38. 38. How  is      landing  page                    op-miza-on              like        a  Ferris  wheel?  
  39. 39. Your  landing  page   Respondents   h8p://  
  40. 40. Versions  of   your  landing  page   Respondents   h8p://  
  41. 41. Versions  of  your   landing  page   Respondents   h8p://  
  42. 42. Green  people   Blue  people   Orange  people   love  green   think  blue  is   make  decisions  on   experiences   most  important   orange  data  
  43. 43. 3  different  landing   page  desKnaKons   Segmented   respondents   h8p://­‐orange   h8p://­‐blue   h8p://­‐green  
  44. 44. 5.  Conversion   •  Ge|ng  value  out  of  the  click   •  From  a  anonymous  click  to  ge|ng  to  know   your  visitors  
  45. 45. 65.4%   segmentaKon  rate   16.2%   conversion  rate  
  46. 46. Which  segments  convert  best?   Segment Conversion Rate SMB 14.7% Enterprise 23.5% (hypotheKcal:  not  actual  data)  
  47. 47. 6.  TesKng     •  A/B  tesKng  or  MulKvariate  tesKng  of  a  single   landing  page                  Versus   •  A/B  tesKng  of  conversion  paths    
  48. 48. 8.12%  conversion   9.23%  conversion   11.4%  conversion  
  49. 49. A/B  Tes-ng   Mul-variate  Tes-ng   •  Requires  less  traffic   •  Requires  more  traffic   •  Tests  fewer  variaKons   •  Can  test  more  combinaKons   •  Apples-­‐and-­‐oranges  tests   •  VariaKons  of  fixed  elements   •  Dependent  elements  okay   •  Need  independent  elements   •  Easy  to  visualize  tests   •  Harder  to  visualize  tests   •  No  risk  of  bad  combinaKons   •  Risks  of  bad  combinaKons   •  Can  test  mulK-­‐page  paths   •  Usually  limited  to  a  page   •  Onen  easier  to  set  up     •  Onen  harder  to  set  up    
  50. 50. 7.  Analysing  for  conversion   •  Analysing  the  results:   Learn  strategically  criKcal  informaKon  from  respondents  who   abandon;  convert  a  higher  percentage  of  respondents.  
  51. 51. Post-­‐Click  MarkeKng:  Analyse  
  52. 52. 8.  OpKmizaKon   •  OpKmizing  for  higher  conversion:   Aner  analysing  the  current  results  you  can  opKmize  for   higher  conversion.    
  53. 53. Pre-­‐Click  Marke-ng  
  54. 54. Post-­‐Click  Marke-ng  
  55. 55. Post-­‐Click  MarkeKng  campaign  can  run  together  with  the  current  website.   A  Pre-­‐Click  and  Post-­‐Click  campaign  will  cost  between  €2.500,-­‐  -­‐  €15.000,-­‐   for  a  campaign  of  6  months.   Let’s  talk  about  Post-­‐Click  MarkeKng  for  your  agency   Damian  Bo8   De  Online  Fabriek   Email:   Twi8er:  damianbo8   Linkedin:  h8p://