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Building a Quality Content Marketing Framework & Kicking Crap Content to the Curb


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How do we create quality & value instead of sharing recycled crap content? Crap may lead to downloads, but it rarely generates high quality leads. In 2013, we have an extraordinary chance as marketers to carry on a dialogue with our future customers. To maintain & increase market share, we have to be more strategic & create content that features expertise on behalf of the whole company & provides a deeper connection between customers & companies they do business with, whether it's B2C or B2B.

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Building a Quality Content Marketing Framework & Kicking Crap Content to the Curb

  1. 1. Cara Posey – Chief Marketing Officer @caraposey Building a Quality Content Marketing Framework and kicking crap content to the curb
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Cara Chief Marketing Officer for (formerly Use Twitter? Make sure to use the hashtag #WOMMU & follow me @caraposey
  3. 3. Who’s using content marketing? Source: 91% 86%b2b b2c
  4. 4. What’s the point of content marketing? Identify multiple points of entry with customers Reach customers in any stage of the buying cycle Build awareness with prospective customers Build authority for the company within certain industries Rather than just selling, we’re offering value to the customer. We’re signaling commitment.
  5. 5. What counts as content marketing?
  6. 6. What’s the difference? Quality Content Crap Content Specific Goals General Goals Measurable Results Hope for Results Focuses on Quality of Leads Focuses on Quantity of Leads Focuses on Value of Sales Focuses on Leads not Sales Specific Content General Content Advancing industry Conversation Regurgitating industry Conversation Ties to Specific Experts Ties Only to Company
  7. 7. But Cara, what’s the big deal?
  8. 8. A clogged funnel doesn’t work for anyone. It’s not efficient and it doesn’t make (as much) money. #1
  9. 9. Invisible Experts Slow Response Poor Measurement No integration with other online properties Not organized for real-time breaking issues/events No way to quickly track Interactions No easy way mange track expert content Misdirected requests for expertise No Control • No standard content format optimized for expert related content • No control over what’s published to employee accounts • Difficult to aggregate content across a wide array of online sites • No ability for agents or agencies to manage content for experts No social media sharing opportunities Loss of SEO #2
  10. 10. Like Ben Affleck movies, content falls into three categories…
  11. 11. Building a quality content framework Start with expertise – Who are your senior leaders? – Who are your subject matter experts? Look at industries served – How many industries do you touch? – Do you have experts that can speak to all of them? Make sure you have overlapping expertise in every industry for adequate coverage.
  12. 12. Indentify industries Business Healthcare Marketing Environment Media Science & Technology Legal Government & Public Charities/Nonprofits Sports & Leisure Transportation Construction/Housing Culture & Society Energy & Resources Entertainment & Arts Finance Food & Beverage Manufacturing HR & Talent IT & Electronics Retail
  13. 13. Framework phase 1 Experts Legal Healthcare Finance Lisa CEO X X X KevinCMO X X MarkSVP X X Susie Expert X George Expert X Valerie Expert X
  14. 14. Sales. Now 100% more engaging.
  15. 15. Framework phase 2 Experts Legal Healthcare Finance Lisa CEO X X X KevinCMO X X MarkSVP X X Susie Expert X George Expert X Valerie Expert X Jennifer Sales X Tim Sales X
  16. 16. Research how best to reach your targets
  17. 17. Framework phase 3 Experts Writing Video Photos Audio Research/ Analysis Speaking Lisa CEO X X X X KevinCMO X X X X X MarkSVP X X Susie Expert X X X George Expert X Valerie Expert X X X Jennifer Sales X X X Tim Sales X
  18. 18. Get to know your analytics consumption – sharing – lead generation – sales
  19. 19. Online Visibility Real-Time Engagement Analytics & Control Website Integration Search Engine Optimization eCommerce Sharable Workflow Notifications 3rdParty Access Content Staging & Review Lead Generation Reporting Content Asset Tracking Lead Generation Publish
  20. 20. Brand authority and brand awareness Brand authority is how much respect you have in your industry. – Depth of expertise – Variety of experts – Thought leadership Brand awareness is how much you are known throughout the industries you serve and by your customers. – Name recognition – Reputation – Referrals strive for awareness AND authority
  21. 21. Balance opportunity to convert with value
  22. 22. Why personality matters People buy from people People dislike being sold to
  23. 23. In your entire life, you have likely never had a conversation with a Sales Department. A Sales Department did not come in on Monday morning and share the amazing hike he took with his son over the weekend. A Sales Department was not upset when his dog of 16 years died. And a Sales Department has never helped you make your computer run faster. But Brian probably has. And when you talked to Brian about that computer or that hike, he likely didn’t speak in vaguely generic terms (“Walked on Trail,” “Save on Memory”). He told you his story in a way that related to you. (“I know how you loved hiking on Big Talbot Island. Well, this weekend we went there and spotted a school of bottlenose dolphins just yards from the trail,” “You can speed up your Dell Latitude D620 with this free memory tool.”)
  24. 24. We’re all customers In one family you have customers, subject matter experts, and thought leaders Imagine what you can find in your organization if you look beyond the executive team
  25. 25. Your to-do list: Identify your leaders and subject matter experts Focus on industries served Research best target methods for each industry Create content that is valuable and adds to industry conversations Connect your content directly to your experts Evaluate performance through analytics and sales Refine and repeat Cara Posey – Chief Marketing Officer @caraposey