Ottomas Family Values: Two
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  • 1. Ottomas Family ValuesTwo: “Now he has girl germs!”
  • 2. Last time...Samantha Ottomas got divorced and decided to start herself a newfamily – she would never be lonely if she had twenty-six kids! Shepromptly got started and had Annabelle with a townie named Juan.Then she had Buttercup with Jason Menon. She then fell pregnantwith the baby of Joe Graham, and proposed to Jason. They gotmarried, and baby boy Cinna was born. He also grew into a toddler atthe end of the last chapter, and Samantha got knocked up with baby Dby Neil Chalmers.On with the chapter!
  • 3. Samantha was always on the look out for fathers, and decided that herfifth baby would belong to Cyd. Of course, she hadnt given birth to thefourth yet, but there was nothing wrong with having plans.“I just felt the baby kick!”“Uh huh. And who is the father of that one?”
  • 4. Pretty soon, Samantha went into labour with her fourth child. Nomatter how many times Samantha went through this, it hurt everytime.And every time, Jason was at work.
  • 5. Samantha gave birth to a baby girl, named Darcy, who at first glanceseem to take after her father more than Samantha.Only time could tell that, though.
  • 6. It was also decided that Cinna was cute, in his own way. He took afterboth his parents in a more obvious way than in his siblings.He was an interesting child, and like his older siblings, Cinna enjoyeddancing to the radio.
  • 7. Buttercup, instead of dancing and spending time inside, found lots ofthings to do outside. Such as swinging, hunting butterflies and usingthe telescope.This had its downsides, though.
  • 8. “Its a little chilly out!”With the season being late winter, it was just too cold for any child tospend excessive amounts of time in the garden. Buttercup was sent toher room to warm up, which she did.
  • 9. Just in time for another birthday. This time it was a triple birthday,shared between Annabelle, Cinna and Darcy.Annabelle went first, because she was the oldest.
  • 10. Annabelle grew up to be very pretty in a unique way – she hadqualities from both her parents.She rolled fortune, with the lifetime want of becoming the Law.
  • 11. Annabelle had the duty of bringing Cinna to his birthday cake whileSamantha took Darcy to hers, as Jason wasnt due home for a fewhours.
  • 12. Cinna grew into a pretty cool young man-“Im not pretty cool. Im awesome!”- who was bound to keep Buttercup company now that Annabelle wastoo old.
  • 13. Darcy was almost completely like her Dad when it came to appearances,she even had his nose – making her the first of Samanthas brood not tohave her nose.Darcy ended up being the shyest of her siblings with a personality of6/1/5/5/8
  • 14. A few nights later when the winter was over and the evenings werestarting to turn warm again, Samantha had started showing signs ofanother pregnancy, Annabelle had a few moments alone.She used the time to her advantage, and called the Matchmaker tofind her a boyfriend.“Fingers crossed for a cute one!”
  • 15. Annabelles date was a boy named Orlando, who she find out sheliked, and the pair of them decided to spend some together on thedeck at the back of the house.
  • 16. “Why is Annabelle allowed friends over this late?” Buttercupdemanded – she was watching the young couple from the bridge withCinna.Cinna laughed, “Theyre holding hands! Now he has girl germs.”“Girls dont have germs, stupid.”“I think they spotted us!” Cinna said, hurriedly.“Duck!” Buttercup exclaimed.
  • 17. “Do you think they saw us?” Buttercup asked, in a whisper.“I hope not,” Cinna glanced at the deck, “theyre not even looking thisway.”“Oh! Thats good!” Buttercup grinned.
  • 18. “If thats what happens when you grow up, I hope I never grow up.”Cinna told Buttercup, who nodded in agreement.
  • 19. “Ugh, Cinna, youre right! Lets never grow up!”Neither of them realised that Annabelle knew they were there, andwas grossing them out on purpose.
  • 20. Once Orlando had left, Annabelle started stargazing as her youngerbrother and sister wandered inside, bored of watching.Some alone-time, mission success.
  • 21. Darcy wasnt unlike her siblings in her enthusiasm for dancing, but shedanced in a very different way.A very scary glitchy way.
  • 22. While the kids mostly get along, there are a few upsets. Mostlybetween Buttercup and Cinna – they usually get along, but it onlytakes one game of rock, paper, scissors to go sour and theyre teasingeach other again.Like many brothers and sisters.“Ha ha, Mum married my Dad and never phoned yours back!”
  • 23. Pretty soon, Darcy grew into a child. Samantha and Jason agreed itwas time to call the head master and get the kids into a private school.
  • 24. Of course, Samantha went into labour when the house was full ofpeople and with the headmaster, Korey, who she decided was going tobe the next baby father.“Is this where babies come from?” Darcy asked.“I should be worried, but Im smiling about it!” Annabelle answered.Samantha gave birth to a boy, who was named Edgar – whose picturehas gone mysteriously missing.
  • 25. Buttercup grew up that night as well, and she appeared to have takenmore of her fathers genes than originally thought.“Annabelle, why didnt you tell me how cool this is?”She rolled knowledge, with a lifetime want of becoming the Hand ofPoseidon.
  • 26. Big families mean there was always company for the kids. The foureldest kids decided to spend the weekend together while Jason was atwork and Samantha got knocked up by Korey Jitmakusal (theheadmaster).“So I said to Orlando-” Annabelle laughed.“Are you going to talk about Orlando all day?” Cinna asked, bored.“Yes, she is,” Buttercup answered, “but I want to hear the details, soshut up. Im very interested in dating all of a sudden.”“Come on, Darcy, lets go fishing. Its boring, but its more entertainingthan Orlando.”
  • 27. It didnt take long for fishing to go wrong, either.“Ouch!” Darcy cried, “Who was stupid enough to suggest fishing?”Cinna ignored Darcys question - he was having much more luck at notfalling down, but he hadnt managed to catch a fish.
  • 28. “Look guys, I caught a fish!” Darcy exclaimed, cheerfully, “Whoeversaid we should go fishing had the greatest idea ever!”
  • 29. Later that day, Samantha returned home, after managing to go to workfor one day.“Look, family! I went to work, and Im not pregnant! A rare sight!”Jason paused behind her, “Honey, you are pregnant. Its just notshowing yet...”“Shh! Let me have this golden moment!”
  • 30. Later on, the ignored baby Edgar grew into a toddler, which meant hewas old enough to demand attention now.
  • 31. Like most of his siblings, Edgar took a lot of qualities from his mother.“Fit hand in mouth!”Edgar has a personality of 3/5/6/5/10 – great. Hes freakishly nice.
  • 32. Just because Edgar was old enough to demand attention didnt meanhe was going to get it.The family had much better things to do – Samantha had to getpregnant and line up a series of fathers, while Jason read bookslounging on Annabelles bed.
  • 33. And the other kids had the job of hanging out and growing up.Sometime with additional responsibilities such as making a mess, orcleaning the fish tank.Cinna, meanwhile, grew into a teenager.
  • 34. His facial structure didnt really change, it remained unique and fairlyawkward-looking.He rolled romance.
  • 35. This left Darcy as the only child, which made her feel a tad lonely. Forsome reason, the children no longer wanted to play with the toddlers,they either tagged around with each other, or followed the teenagers.Darcy, however, found a doll house in the nursery that no one hadactually used.“How come this family doesnt have twenty-six babies? In fact, whydont they have any babies?”
  • 36. Samantha had enjoyed a rather peaceful and uneventful pregnancy,which came to an end on the deck at the back of the house.She gave birth to a baby boy, who was named Ford. His picture alsowent mysteriously missing.This meant Samanthas house was now full – she would have to waituntil the teenagers left before she got pregnant again.
  • 37. Just because the family wasnt growing didnt mean her kids werent.Edgar grew out of being a quiet and ignored toddler into a quiet andignored child.
  • 38. It wasnt that nobody liked him, it was just...Okay, maybe nobody really liked him.
  • 39. On the same night as Edgars transition into a child, Ford grew into atoddler, looking rather unique facial-wise – he still had elements of hismother, but many of his features were taken from his father.Ford had a personality of 8/1/9/10/2
  • 40. Now look at him and tell me hes not awesome. I love him as much asI love the first four kids!
  • 41. It also gave Edgar someone to talk to and hang out with.“Can you say Edgar?”“Gar? Rawr!”“Sure, well go with that.”
  • 42. So thats it for this chapter!Join me next time for more babies, and the teens leaving.Thanks for reading!