A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Seven


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Seven

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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Seven

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Seven By RoseFyre As always, I suggest you read previous chapters before reading this one. In the case of this chapter, I especially suggest you read Chapter Six, since it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. --- And I (sadly) still don't own Joss or any of the Buffy/Angel characters/places.
  2. 2. "So, you want to cuddle?" Willow asked me, as we lay in bed together.
  3. 3. Instead of answering, I leaned towards her and pulled her into a kiss. She was already in love with me, but that was enough to make me fall in love with her. This made me very glad that I'd never fallen in love with Joss.
  4. 4. Naturally, the kissing led to other things.
  5. 5. "So, do you think the kids are off to college yet?" Willow asked me. I bit my lip. How was I supposed to tell her that their grades were too low and they hadn't been able to go? Instead of answering, I let myself fall asleep. She'd find out soon enough, anyway.
  6. 6. Meanwhile, she promptly got up and went to go clean the bathroom. The toilet had gotten clogged - again - and the mess was annoying her.
  7. 7. "So," Fred began the conversation. "College. Did you guys get the same answer I did?"
  8. 8. "No going til we get our grades up? Yeah," Will answered. "It's not like we were able to get our grades up, anyway. Anya only just got the schools open." "Apparently the college still has standards," Fred said. "You'd think they wouldn't be able to be so picky."
  9. 9. "I bet they got lots of applications in," Rupert pointed out. "Everyone wants to go now." Will grumbled. "It's still not fair."
  10. 10. "Hey, maybe we can sneak in!"
  11. 11. "We could take the train over to UC Sunnydale, get a house, and just sneak into the classes." Fred noticed the boys rolling their eyes at each other. "What? It's a workable plan!"
  12. 12. "Look, it's going to be a twisty path, but we're going to make it," Rupert said. "No matter what it takes."
  13. 13. "Well, we could take Elixir," Fred said. "I'd be too old already if I hadn't." The boys exchanged glances again.
  14. 14. "That works for you, Fred," Will said, "but Rupert and I are Pleasure." "So?" "Neither of us has been Platinum or even Gold since we were kids," Rupert answered. "And you just got ten best friends, so you're fine, but I'm not sure how we're going to manage it.
  15. 15. Will put his hands behind him and leaned back. "We'll find a way, though."
  16. 16. Rupert nodded. "Yes. We will definitely find a way."
  17. 17. Fred immediately went upstairs to the roof, since she was able to take Elixir. It felt odd, being almost a week younger than her younger brothers, but whatever worked was worth it.
  18. 18. Will, meanwhile, went upstairs and got scared by his mother.
  19. 19. And after saying goodbye to me, Willow immediately started flirting with Allyn Thomason, who'd been walking by.
  20. 20. And Anya finally got thin. The Body skill wasn't necessary for her job, but now that she was Education Minister, she didn't have to work at skilling for a job anymore, and she wanted skill points. She'd looked in the paper, and on the computer, but there weren't any jobs in the Gamer track. So, until she could find one, she'd stay Education Minister. It paid well, after all, and got her out of the house. But if she wanted to be able to keep leaving the house after she became an Elder, she'd need the Body skill points, so she might as well work on them while she still had free time.
  21. 21. The next day, the teens came home from school to find Kim and Kobe hissing at each other. All three of them glanced at the cats, then decided to ignore them and head upstairs.
  22. 22. "I'm not sure about this," Rupert said to me, "but something has to be done. I want to go to college." I looked down at him. "If you're certain," I said. "I am," he said, taking a breath. Then he plunged his head into the ReNuYuSenso Orb.
  23. 23. As he'd expected, it promptly broke, filling his head with thoughts of Cheese.
  24. 24. Will didn't really want to change his Aspiration. He enjoyed being a Pleasure Sim, far more than Rupert did. Still, dates were forbidden, and there was no other way he'd be gold enough to take Elixir before his birthday on Friday night. Therefore, he followed his brother, sticking his head in the Orb, knowing it would erase much of the person that he was.
  25. 25. Meanwhile, Fred didn't bother going into the house. She wasn't hungry, dirty, or tired enough to care. Instead, she found her father. "So, Dad, you want to teach me how to do homework? The teacher said I need some help, it's been too long since the last time I did." Actually, Fred had never done her own homework; Xander, Willow, or Anya had always done it for her. "I'd love to," Martin answered. As his daughter sat down and waited for his instructions, he smiled. He loved his family, and with both Cordy and Buffy gone, his children were the most important people in his life. Any way he could spend time with them, he would.
  26. 26. "So, what's the aspiration points for?" Willow asked, grabbing a plate of grilled cheese and sitting down across from her younger brother. "You eating the grilled cheese I just made."
  27. 27. Her eyes narrowed. "I thought you were Pleasure." "We were." "We?" "Rupert and me. We want to go to college. We need Elixir." "So you Cheesed yourselves?" "Easier aspiration points means we can actually use Elixir." Willow raised her eyebrows. "Right. Have fun with that." She noticed Will tensing up as he stared at something behind her. She turned around. "Oh shit."
  28. 28. Both of them put their plates down and stood up. There wasn't any arguing with Grim, but they both desperately wanted to. "So it's my time then?" Martin asked as he noticed the cloaked figure. "It is indeed, Martin Whedon."
  29. 29. "Well, I'm not ready to go yet. You'll just have to wait." Grim didn't move. "I am the Reaper. I do not wait for anyone." As Martin realized it was hopeless, he felt himself fading into nothing. "I'll miss you, kids," he whispered, his heart aching. Grim waited a moment before disappearing. "Finally a natural death. It's been long enough." There wasn't anything to say, so I stayed quiet.
  30. 30. All of his children felt his death, even Anya in her sleep and Xander at his own house across the desert. Martin would be missed.
  31. 31. "So, Willow, help me with the homework?" "Why are you asking me?" "Anya's asleep. I was gonna ask Dad, but..." He took a deep breath, trying to clear his suddenly tight throat. "You're my favorite sibling, anyway." "Right," Willow said. "Sure."
  32. 32. Doing homework outside also got them out of the house. "Everyone's left already? Who am I going to haunt?" Bradford Ford was out, and he was angry.
  33. 33. As the night wore on, Rupert found that he was gold enough to change his Aspiration back to Pleasure, and to take Elixir. He'd added another week to his life, and found a new lifetime want: to be a Game Designer.
  34. 34. Will followed suit, changing his Aspiration and drinking Elixir. His new lifetime want was to have 50 first dates. He wasn't sure he was going to get it, but it was definitely worth a try.
  35. 35. "I hate ghosts." "What are you doing on the main floor, then?" "I wanted to clean!" "Go clean the third floor bathroom!" "Fine!"
  36. 36. Early the next morning, Anya helped Rupert with his homework, teaching him how to study. She'd had plenty of practice doing so while working her way up the Education career track.
  37. 37. Then she went upstairs to exercise. "I just saw Grandpa's ghost!" "You know, you're the only one who enjoys that." "Now I want to see Dad's ghost!" I blinked. "Your siblings all want to resurrect him, and you want to see his ghost? Knowledge Sims." "And proud of it!"
  38. 38. Fred, meanwhile, went downstairs, where she found mounds of homework that hadn't been finished. Martin's death had had an effect on them all. As her brothers were still sleeping, she finished hers, then started working on theirs.
  39. 39. After Martin's death, Marisa decided to give her husband a bit of time to mourn his father. Therefore, when Joyce woke up wanting company, Marisa decided she should participate in the education of her child, and began to teach her how to talk. It was all worth it when Joyce finally said Mama.
  40. 40. And as Marisa bent down to pick her daughter up, she knew they would always be best friends.
  41. 41. "So you gotta be extra nice to Daddy," Dawn told her sister. "Cause Grandpa died today and Daddy misses him lots. He was Daddy's Daddy, and I don't want to miss my Daddy!" Joyce looked at her sister, then looked back at her bottle, which was far more important, though not as interesting. "I'm writing a story for him, about how happy Grandpa and Grandma are together now. I'll write your name on it too." Joyce didn't really understand her sister, but she loved her a lot. She wanted to be just like Dawn when she grew up.
  42. 42. On Thursday morning, Xander went to work and Dawn went to school, leaving Marisa alone with Joyce. This time, she taught her to walk.
  43. 43. "Hi Lynne. No, sorry, I can't come to Los Angeles. I'm taking care of Joyce today. You're welcome to come here, though. Oh. I guess I'll see you another time, then."
  44. 44. "I taught Joyce to walk this morning," Marisa told her husband over a late dinner, after she'd gotten back from work. While she enjoyed her job, she missed seeing her husband. They were lucky their hours were so different, since it meant neither of them had to quit, but it meant that their time together was often hurried.
  45. 45. "Did you at least get a promotion to make it worth it?" she asked. Marisa would have preferred to spend more time at work. She herself hadn't gotten a promotion in three days, since she kept having to go to work late. Xander didn't get home until 3, while her job started at 2, and they couldn't leave Joyce home alone even for an hour.
  46. 46. Xander rolled his eyes. "Promotions aren't everything, Ris, but yes, I did get a promotion." "I know they're not everything, but I always enjoy them." "I know you do." He smiled at her, then went to go wash his hands.
  47. 47. The next evening, Joyce became a child. "Hey, look at my hands!" "Go Joyce!" her father applauded. "And my hair! It's just like Dawn's! Just what I wanted."
  48. 48. Joyce promptly went upstairs and got down a book. She desperately wanted a skill point, so she decided to study cooking.
  49. 49. On Saturday, Sabrina Palmer stopped by and joined the sisters for a late breakfast. "Did you see the hat Mrs. Smith was wearing at school yesterday? It was so big!" "I don't think it was that big," Dawn said, poking at her pancakes. "It was totally huge!"
  50. 50. Instead of continuing the argument, Dawn went to do her homework, while Joyce continued the conversation. "Even if it was that big, it's not as big as my aunt Willow's. She's a Dread Pirate." Dawn listened with a smile on her face. Despite being super nice, her sister could out argue anyone.
  51. 51. After she finished her homework, Dawn stood up and twirled into teenhood, becoming a Popularity Sim with the lifetime want to be a Media Magnate.
  52. 52. Then she went up to the roof, turned on the TV, and began to exercise. She wanted a part-time job, but while the roads and the new high school were safe, some of the areas where jobs were were pretty dangerous. Her parents had forbidden her from getting a job until she maxed her Body skill, so she was working at that.
  53. 53. "So what's with the weird lady with her face in the food?" Barry Walsh asked Joyce as they ate leftover spaghetti. "No idea. She's been here since yesterday." "That's silly." "Totally."
  54. 54. "Joyce!" "What?" "I'm tired!" "I'm getting into bed as fast as I can!" Dawn grumbled - she was completely exhausted - but she waited for her sister to move so she could get to sleep.
  55. 55. On Monday morning, the girls left for school, Xander left for work, and Marisa made herself an omelet and thought of money. When the time came for her to go to work, around 10 in the morning, she left. That emptied the house; however, Dawn was finally old enough to baby-sit her little sister, so both parents could work even with overlapping schedules.
  56. 56. "A plus! I rock!"
  57. 57. As the bus pulled away, Joyce followed her sister off the bus. "I didn't get an A plus today, Rose." "That's okay," I said. "Dawn didn't get one on her first day either." "I like school, though." "I'm glad."
  58. 58. "But now I want to play!"
  59. 59. "Missed me!" "I bet I can hit you next time!" "Try it, squirt!"
  60. 60. As evening fell, Marisa began to teach Joyce to do her homework, but Joyce was too tired to finish it.
  61. 61. And, the next morning, while the girls and Xander were still asleep, Marisa decided to make pancakes. Unfortunately, she managed to set the stove on fire. Luckily, she managed to use her fire extinguisher to put it out before anyone else woke up. However, Joyce's hope of finishing her homework with her mother's help was not to be. Marisa desperately needed food, a shower, and to use the bathroom. Fun would be good too.
  62. 62. Meanwhile, back at 1630 Revello Drive, Willow got home from work. "Where are you heading?" "Back to work. Just got a promotion, after all." "Looking forward to another one?" "Not so fast. I like this outfit." I looked at the low cut neck. "Somehow, I'm not surprised."
  63. 63. "So, enjoying school?"
  64. 64. Not really," Will said. "I mean, I know we're learning a lot, but I'm sick of math." "But you still want to go to college?" "I guess. I mean, we won't be the same age otherwise. And there's other things you can do at college too."
  65. 65. "Yeah, I guess," Rupert said. "But I'm looking forward to it." "Hey," Will said, "It's cool. I'm not you, or looking forward to the academics, but I'll go. And we'll have a good time, us and Fred." "We will." "Besides, getting a degree will help me get a higher level job so I can quit sooner."
  66. 66. When Willow got home, she quickly got to work on getting her last Charisma point. Just one more, and she could get that last promotion to Space Pirate.
  67. 67. She was pulled from the bathroom, however, by a commotion in the nursery.
  68. 68. "I will always beat you," Kobe hissed, standing victorious over Kim. Kim hissed back. "You beat me this time, but I'll get you next time!" Willow looked down at the cats. "I think we're going to have to keep you two separated."
  69. 69. When she went to bed, she dreamed of her grandmother, who had died back before she was born. While her grandmother, as a devoted Family Sim, probably wouldn't understand her choices, Willow rather thought she would approve. Of course, it was all hypothetical, anyway.
  70. 70. That Saturday, Anya woke up early to check the paper. She sighed. "Still nothing?" "Nothing in Gamer, just a job in Athletic." She looked farther down the the listings. "And some openings for Lab Glass Scrubbers. I'll tell the kids about these."
  71. 71. "You beat me to the house," Kobe hissed, arching her back, "but I'll eat all the food." Kim, meanwhile, dreamed of the empty Elixir bottle, for reasons of her own which no one else understood.
  72. 72. "Science job?" I asked Fred as she walked down to the carpool. "They needed about five Lab Glass Scrubbers," she said. "It's something to do, since my skills are up to par."
  73. 73. "Both of you?" Rupert shrugged. "The jobs were available, and if we can get promoted, it'll be more scholarship money." Will opened the door. "And it gets us out of the house."
  74. 74. When Willow came home that night, she'd gotten her last promotion to Space Pirate.
  75. 75. And she promptly installed a statue of Jumbok in the main room. Surprisingly, the ghosts chose not to haunt that night. Perhaps Jumbok had scared them away.
  76. 76. "And we learned all about fractions today," Samantha Ottomas said, telling Willow about her day at school. "Why is she here?" "She came home from work with your sister." "And why is she talking to me?" "She's fair game." "Isn't she married?" "Well, she won't be joining the family. Therefore, if you want to woohoo her..."
  77. 77. "You don't have to tell me twice," Willow said, and promptly started flirting with Samantha.
  78. 78. Anya also brought out the special bookcase that she'd received as a gift from her staff, with books on all subjects, instead of just Cooking, Cleaning, and Mechanics.
  79. 79. "Hey, Kobe." Kobe glanced up at Will, then returned her attention to her food bowl. She wanted to eat as much as she could before Kim got to it.
  80. 80. "Hello, Rupert." "Hi, Mr. Tinker," Rupert answered. "I see you got a promotion." "Yeah, I'm a Lab Assistant. So are Fred and Will." "That's good, that's good."
  81. 81. Mr. Tinker then headed upstairs, where Fred proceeded to cheat him blind at chess. He didn't notice.
  82. 82. Rupert and Will, meanwhile, decided to get their skills up to scholarship level. Rupert was working on Cooking, Will on Cleaning.
  83. 83. That night, Marisa came home from work with Willow, and promptly got hit by the ghosts. "This is why I don't like coming here!"
  84. 84. Willow, meanwhile, found Christy Stratton walking by and decided that she'd be a good conquest.
  85. 85. Christy Stratton was fairly amenable to that idea.
  86. 86. Anya, meanwhile, maxed her Mechanical skill. "Now I want to max them all!" "How much more to go?" "One Cooking, three Charisma, and ten Creativity." "I'm sure you can do that." "I'm sure I can too. Now if only I could find a Gamer job."
  87. 87. On Monday morning, the teens headed off to school and Anya headed off to work, leaving Willow alone. "Where are you headed?" "The community center. I'm in the mood for some woohoo." "Sounds like a plan."
  88. 88. "Christy! Great to see you!" "You too, Willow."
  89. 89. Willow kissed her hand. "So, shall we retire to the photobooth?"
  90. 90. "Buffy is seriously hot." "Uh, Fannie, she's also dead." Milton Houston pointed out. In the background, Christy pulled away from Willow a bit. "Oh, Willow, I'd love to, but I'm late for work." Willow let her go, but she grumbled. "Next time?" "Next time."
  91. 91. Once Christy was gone, Willow found Monique Higgins outside, and tried to convince her that woohoo was a good idea. Monique told her that they barely knew each other, and to call her back in a week.
  92. 92. When Willow got home, she found the cats fighting and Fred watching them. "Go Kobe!" Fred shouted. Willow rolled her eyes. "They're fighting again?" "Yup." "We have seriously got to separate them."
  93. 93. As night fell, the teens finished their last pieces of homework.
  94. 94. "Why are you on the couch?" "All the beds are full. Now leave me alone so I can sleep."
  95. 95. "I got an A plus! Finally!" "Congrats, Will." "Thanks, Rose. I guess it's time to go to college, then."
  96. 96. And so it was. Fred took the first cab, arriving at an empty lot which she promptly decided to call Lowell House.
  97. 97. "Do I really have to wear this outfit?" "Yeah, sorry, can't get you new clothing. If it'll make you feel better, though, look to your right."
  98. 98. Fred turned, to see that her brothers had just arrived.
  99. 99. "Well," she said, staring at them, "I guess my outfit's not so bad."
  100. 100. "So we got them good and ready, and now they're at school." Willow moaned at me going on and on about her younger siblings.
  101. 101. "Let's discuss this later," she finally interrupted, pulling me into her embrace. "I want to woohoo." --- Turn the page for more info!
  102. 102. So I finally managed to get the kids to college, and they are now ready and waiting for me to play them. They're actually doing fairly well, money-wise. They started with (I believe) $24,750 between them. Scholarships gotten (by all three kids): Six skills at at least level 8 - there wasn't time to build Creativity, though now that the Education bookcase can be out, it's possible Grades at A minus or higher Highest level in a teen career (all three in Science, which I've already lifted, so the fact that they can't go back to that job isn't a problem) Orphan Scholarships - which is one of the reasons I decided to let Martin die when his time was up I considered going for the Dance scholarship, and the Abduction one, but neither ended up working out.
  103. 103. There were a couple of problems in this playing session. As you can see, Joyce is in different pajamas here - that's because I grew her and Dawn up twice, since the game crashed on me. Twice. First, I'd played Xander's house from Tuesday to Saturday night, then went to save. The computer stopped working while I was saving. When I restarted and came back, Xander, Anya, Willow, Fred, Rupert, and Will were missing. They didn't exist anymore. Luckily, I make backups every time I'm finished playing. The second time, the computer crashed while I was playing that last Tuesday at the main house. I think the result wasn't quite as bad because it happened during playing, not during saving. This time, I just lost everything that had happened since my last save, which was about four or five hours (sim time) before, at 7 that morning. So I had to replay sending the teens to school and having Anya and Willow eating and building a couple of skills, but it wasn't that bad. I just hope it doesn't happen again!
  104. 104. I actually had two ghost-free nights in the main house this time around, amazingly enough. However, I also had lots more scares that you haven't gotten to see. It happens. A lot.
  105. 105. Luckily, the only death this time was natural. However, I managed to miss when Martin would be dying, so he died...on the main floor. Here's what it looks like now. At the bottom left, we have Liam's grave. In front of Rupert, by the counter, is Joss. In front of the stove is Buffy, and in front of her is Martin. Martin was actually standing a bit closer to Grim (you can see him in the upper right corner) when he died, but I guess that was the closest free space to put the urn. Diagonal from Martin is Bradford Ford (random townie) and behind him, by the chess chair, is Cordy. In the front right, by the table, is Eloise.
  106. 106. Kim has a thing for fighting. She's had at least four real fights, with three different animals. She and Kobe are also enemies now.
  107. 107. Anya did manage to max her Body skill, as you can see here. Current restrictions lifted: Hopelessness (Joss) Education (Anya) Alien Tech (Liam) Adventurer (Willow) Music (Joss) Pet Showbiz (Kobe) Service (Kim) Science (Eloise) Military (Martin) Culinary (Buffy)
  108. 108. And, as always, come to Boolprop (forums.boolprop.com) for great conversation, playing, and stories!