The Ward Matriarchy - Chapter 2


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The Ward Matriarchy - Chapter 2

  1. 1. Welcome to the Ward Legacy! In the last chapter, Abiona moved to Shelterwoods and met a witch, Linda, who told her about her own powers. She also met and fell in love with Jake Huntzberger. They got married and had a son, Francis. Abiona worked on her LTW, becoming a Media Magnate, and became pregnant again, hoping it would be a girl who could carry the lineage.
  2. 2. Towards the end of her pregnancy, Abiona managed to find the energy to spend some time with her son. She still couldn’t forgive herself for missing his birthday, so she tried to make up for it anyway she could. “It’s time for a bath, little boy.”  
  3. 3. “Yes, Mama, me bath! Me like clean.” “I know you do,” Abby laughed. Francis could be difficult at times but he was always up for a bath. “Get in there!”  
  4. 4. Francis already had a strong personality. He could sometimes be really rough with his toys, but he was also very charming. “Mister Bear, you sit. Sit! Why no sit, Mister Bear? Mama!” Francis cried. “Mister Bear not listening!”  
  5. 5. Yes, Francis liked to have things go his way, even at such a young age.  
  6. 6. Abiona went into labor soon after, again at night. “Jake, come!” she tried to keep from screaming, as not to wake Francis.  
  7. 7. “Oh, it’s time?” Jake asked. Even though he had some experience as a father now, he still wasn’t pleased to see his wife in pain. “Yes, go get the midwife,” Abby said between breaths. “I’ll go wait for you in the bedroom.”  
  8. 8. Jake paced in the living room for some time. Finally, Abiona came out, carrying a beautiful little baby girl. “Honey, I’d like you to meet your daughter.”  
  9. 9. “Oh, wow. She’s so tiny,” Jake said with a smile. He was relieved the delivery went well. He didn’t like to admit it, but he had been quite worried. “I was thinking that we could call her Diana, after my mother.”  
  10. 10. Jake looked adoringly at his daughter. “It’s a great idea, Abby. Hello, Diana. You look a lot like your mother, with your beautiful grey eyes.”  
  11. 11. “Jake?” Abiona started. He looked at her. “Since our family is getting bigger, maybe we could make some renovations to have more space?”  
  12. 12. “Yes, it’s a good idea. How about we start on it when Diana here is a little older? That way, it will also give us a chance to put some money aside.” Abiona smiled at her husband. He always had the right answer. “I love you,” she told him.  
  13. 13. Just as her brother, Diana was a very good baby. Her parents hoped it would remain that way when she grew up.  
  14. 14. Abiona felt as if a weight had lifted from her shoulders. She had a daughter, someone to pass on her knowledge and powers to, someone to share everything with. “I will tell you everything I know, my little princess.”  
  15. 15. “You won’t have to learn about your family from a stranger, like I did,” she promised. “I will always be there for you. You will have a big responsibility, but you don’t need to worry about that just yet.” Laughing, she kissed her baby girl.  
  16. 16. It was soon time for Francis to become a child. Jake took him to his homemade birthday cake. “Papa, where is Mama?” “She really wanted to be here, son, but sometimes, grown-ups have to do things they don’t necessarily want to do.”  
  17. 17. “Mama is doing something bad?” “No!” Jake chuckled. “She is at work. Her boss makes her work very hard.” “I don’t like her bosh!” Francis exclaimed.  
  18. 18. Jake was trying not to laugh. His son had such a temper! “Now, let’s not worry about that, okay? Are you ready to blow your candles?” “Hum…” Francis paused for a second. “Will you help me, Papa?” He wasn’t sure he would be able to blow them all, there were a lot of them. “Sure, I’ll help you.”  
  19. 19. And with that, Francis grew up. It was now more evident that his features were a mixture of both his parents.  
  20. 20. As soon as he was done with his cake, he rushed outside to play in the rain, despite his father asking him not to. “Don’t worry, Papa! I will stay in front of the house!” he told him.  
  21. 21. Diana was also growing fast. She had become a toddler and both Jake and Abiona spent a lot of time teaching her how to talk. Unfortunately, the little girl was not exactly receptive. Like her brother, she liked things neat and tidy and had somewhat of a temper. This showed whenever her parents would try to make her learn something.  
  22. 22. “Diana, repeat after me…” “No! Me no repeat!” Diana pouted. “No like!” “Now, be a big girl and…”  
  23. 23. “Me big girl!” she interrupted. “Yes, you are,” Abiona sighed. She was a bit discouraged. Where was the quiet baby she used to have?  
  24. 24. Jake was not having much more luck. Diana always pouted when it came time to learn. “Diana, you want to be a nice girl to Papa, no?”  
  25. 25. “Hum…” she seemed to think. “Papa make me work?” “Well, yes, you need to learn…” “If Papa make me work, Diana no big girl,” she whined.  
  26. 26. It was a good thing she had such loving and patient parents. In the end, with enough cajoling, they would always manage to make her smile. But Diana was certainly a piece of work.  
  27. 27. Soon, Abiona invited Linda Wilson over. The two women had not seen each other since Francis was a newborn. Abiona felt she was partially responsible for the falling out. They chatted as they played chess, trying to keep the conversation light. “Linda,” suddenly said Abiona, “I feel like there is an elephant in the room.” The old woman didn’t reply.  
  28. 28. “Listen, I’m sorry I haven’t called on you sooner. I guess what you told me when Francis was born, that I had a duty to produce an heiress… It… It hurt me more than it should have.” “I've had time to think about what I said that day, too. I’m so sorry, my dear! It was never my intention be mean to you…”  
  29. 29. “I know that now,” Abby kept on. “It just made feel so much pressure, knowing that I absolutely had to have a girl if I wanted the Ward name to live on…” she closed her eyes at the memory. “Well, I should have been more thoughtful, too. It probably came out too harshly, you know how we old lady are. We forget what it’s like to have to raise a family.”  
  30. 30. “So, are we still friends?” “Of course, my dear child!” smiled Linda. “Good, because it has been a while since we’ve seen one another and I do have something, or rather someone, I would like you to meet.”  
  31. 31. With that, Abiona went to get Diana in her crib. She came back to the chess table, where Linda was still sitting. “Linda, this is my daughter, Diana Ward.”  
  32. 32. “What a nice surprise! And what a pretty child!” she said, looking at the little girl. “You’ve done well, Abiona. And don’t forget that if you ever need help, I’m always there.” “Thank you, Linda,” Abby replied, feeling relieved.  
  33. 33. One day, Francis came to see his mother. “Mama, why is Diana so small?” “Well, she’s a toddler now but she will grow up soon enough and be a child, just like you.”  
  34. 34. “Will she be as big as me?” “Not quite, you are older than her, after all.” “But she will play with me?” Francis asked. “I’m sure she will if you want her to.” “I do. It will be nice to have someone to play with.”  
  35. 35. Abiona smiled. “You don’t like playing with me?” she teased. “Mama!” Francis laughed. “You just don’t play the way I can play with other children.” “I see. Well, in the meantime, you can play with your friends from school. Right?” “Right,” hesitated Francis.
  36. 36. The truth was, Francis, being a bit shy, did not have that many friends in school. He also tended to lose patience as soon as someone didn’t accept one of his many ideas. So the few children who sometimes agreed to play with him usually needed time to forget how he acted before wanting to play with him again.  
  37. 37. “You’re the only one who really understands me, Mister Bear.” He held his friend close to his heart. “The other children, they say I’m not nice. But they are the ones who are not nice!” he insisted. “They never want to do as I say! It’s not fair!” he moaned.  
  38. 38. Hence, Francis spent a good deal of time on his own. Thankfully, his playful nature made it easy for him to have fun by himself. Anything could turn into a toy, even the bathtub.  
  39. 39. It was still unclear, though, if Diana would prove to obey her brother more than the other children did. She liked things to go her way, too. In fact, the only thing she never complained about was her Bunny because he never contradicted her and would always do as she said.  
  40. 40. Since Abiona was very busy climbing the steps at the Old Shelterton Herald, successfully so, and that Jake was also working, they had to hire a nanny to keep an eye on the children. But every time one of them came home, they would find her sitting and reading the paper or playing chess instead of taking care of Diana and Francis. At length, Abiona had enough.  
  41. 41. “I can’t stand the idea of leaving the children with her one more day. If I could, I would stay with them. But I’m finally beginning to have more responsibilities at the Herald…” “Well, I’ve had an idea. Since you have big dreams about the Herald and that mine are about this family, how about I quit my job and stay home?” Jake suggested.  
  42. 42. “You would do that?” He nodded. “And I’d be glad to do it.” “You are the most wonderful man, Jake. What would I do without you?” she asked as they kissed.  
  43. 43. Between her family and her job, Abiona did not have a lot of free time. When she did have some, she had to take care of the house and clean the messes the kids made. She was becoming frustrated. “I can’t believe I have to do this the hard way!” she complained to herself. “I know there is a spell for this, I saw it! But I can’t remember it. And I don’t even have the reagents, anyway.”  
  44. 44. She sighed heavily. With everything going on, she had not been able to study magic in a long, long time. “Too long,” she thought. “But what can I do?” Her family came first. “I’m a lousy witch! I wonder what my mother would think… She was probably a perfect witch,” she added, sourly.  
  45. 45.   “At least, Jake is not suspecting anything about my powers. But why would he, really? It's not like I've been acting mysteriously. Cleaning the house and feeding the children is as normal as it can get,” she sighed.  
  46. 46. Ultimately, Francis’ wishes came true and it was time for his little sister to grow up. It was a quiet affair. Only the four of them were there to celebrate Diana’s birthday. Abiona felt lucky that, for once, she could be home to spend some time with her family.  
  47. 47. Jake brought Diana to her cake. “Papa! The cake is pretty!” she exclaimed, delighted. “I’m glad you think so, sweetie.” He didn’t even want to imagine what would have happened if Diana had not liked it. “Let’s blow those candles, all right?” “I can do it, I can do it!” she said, leaning towards the cake.  
  48. 48. Diana grew up to be a lovely young lady. She looked more and more like her mother as the days passed.  
  49. 49. A few weeks later, after tucking in Francis, Abiona went by to her daughter’s brand new room. The renovations were completed and they now had more space for the whole family. The little girl was fast asleep, seeming not to have a care in the world. “You are growing so fast,” Abby whispered. “I can’t believe it. And I will soon have to start telling you about who we really are…”  
  50. 50. Abiona had to admit she was a little worried about how Diana would react, once she learned she was meant to pursue a lineage of witches. She was afraid her daughter’s feisty nature would make it difficult for her to be serene about it all. “We will just have to wait and see, I suppose,” she thought as she leaned to kiss Diana.  
  51. 51. Francis finally had someone to play with once school was over. Although they loved each other, the children both had strong personalities and it showed. “You’re dead! Ah!” he shouted, triumphant. “No! I’m not! You can’t kill me, I’m a girl.” “That’s not a rule! You made it up!”  
  52. 52. Francis was annoyed that his sister didn’t listen to him. “I told you, you’re the one who has to die.” “No! If you don’t die, then I don’t die!” “That’s not the way it works!”  
  53. 53. “I don’t care! You can’t make me die if I don’t want,” said Diana. “See? I'm avoiding you!” And so on, they would keep on arguing every time they played together, secretly enjoying the bantering and having a blast.  
  54. 54. Diana had received a violin as a birthday gift and she spent a lot of time practicing. Evidently, at first, the sounds coming from the instrument were less than pleasing.  
  55. 55. “Ow! My ears are bleeding!” Francis mocked her, one day. “You try it, you will be even worse,” Diana retorted, mocking him back. “Ugh, no thanks. It’s a waste of time.”  
  56. 56. “You’re just jealous because I can play better than you.” “I am not! Because you’re bad!” Francis exclaimed.  
  57. 57. Diana quickly put her violin down and went over to her father. “Papa, Francis is mean to me!” “Snitch,” murmured the boy, before being forced to apologize.  
  58. 58. But later, when he was sure Diana was not looking, Francis took the violin and played with the cords a little. He had to admit to himself that his sister was right, this was not easy at all! Of course, he would never tell that to Diana!  
  59. 59. Both Jake and Abiona tried to talk their children into being nicer to one another. “You know, Francis, you are older. You should not always be tormenting your sister like that.” “But she always starts,” he protested. “Really?” asked a sceptical Jake.  
  60. 60. “Well… maybe not always.” “So, can I count on you to act like a gentleman?” “I’ll try, Papa. But it won’t be easy.” “That’s all I’m asking, that you try,” Jake answered. “You know, one day, your mother and I won’t be here anymore. You and Diana will need to be there for each other.”  
  61. 61. “Sweetheart, I’ve noticed that Francis and you fight quite often,” Abiona started. “We don’t fight, Mama. It’s just for fun. I like to see him get mad,” Diana giggled. “It’s so easy to make him mad, Mama!”  
  62. 62. “I just want to make sure that you know when to stop, Diana. It might be fun now, but if you keep acting like this, maybe one day Francis will stay mad at you.” “Okay, Mama. I’ll try not to make him get mad on purpose anymore,” she replied with a sigh. Abiona hugged her. “You’re a good girl, Diana.”  
  63. 63. But Diana was also starting to become more curious. She would ask questions about anything and everythig and would try to snoop around as soon as she had the chance. One thing that she was especially curious about was the library, in the boudoir. She felt as if something was wrong about it.  
  64. 64. “I’m sure something is hidden on one of the shelves,” she thought, looking at it once more, one night. She had moved every book she could reach, and nothing. “I’m sure it’s on the upper shelf!” She was determined to find out if there was something mysterious about the bookshelf.  
  65. 65. When she heard footsteps, she would quickly move away.  
  66. 66. Abiona had noticed her daughter’s habit and was both happy and worried about it. She was glad because she knew Diana, being so curious, would never be as clueless as she had been. But she also feared Diana discovering something too soon, or in the wrong way.  
  67. 67. Abby would lay awake, sometimes, thinking about it all. She didn't exactly know what to do, what to tell her daughter. She was still so young! And she herself was not exactly a powerful witch. She did not think her powers were something she could brag about.  
  68. 68. But most of all, she was afraid Diana might discover something and show it to Jake or Francis. That would be bad, really bad. Linda had been very clear about the secrecy witches had to keep. Until now, neither her husband nor her son had suspected anything was different about her of Diana. It had to remain that way.  
  69. 69. So, she decided it would be best to start preparing her daughter to the truth. “Diana, I know you’ve been snooping around the house lately,” she softly said. The little girl was caught off guard. She didn’t think anyone had noticed. “You do?” she asked, worried.  
  70. 70. “Yes. I would just like to know what it is you are looking for, exactly.” “I – I don’t know, Mama,” she replied, looking at her hands. “I just like to think that something special is hidden somewhere.”  
  71. 71. “You have a very vivid imagination. But, you know, sweetheart, maybe there is something special hidden,” Abby said, with a mysterious look. “There is?” Diana asked, surprised.  
  72. 72. “Maybe. But I want you to promise me you will not go looking for anything until I tell you it’s time, okay?” “But, Mama…” “No buts. I know you’re curious and I want you to know that someday, when you’re older, I will tell you a secret. It will be our secret, you cannot tell anyone else about it.”  
  73. 73. “Why can’t I know now?” Diana pleaded. “Because, you have to earn it. You have to show me that you are responsible enough for me to confide in you. And that means no more searching, as well as being a good girl. Do you understand? Can I count on you to be patient?”  
  74. 74. Diana did not like what her mother was saying but she felt she didn’t really have a choice. She really wanted to know the secret! “Yes, Mama,” she sighed. “Can I go play, now?”  
  75. 75. “Sure you can,” Abiona answered, looking at her daughter running towards her room. She didn’t know if Diana would actually stop snooping around, but she knew the appeal of the secret would keep her somewhat in check. Anyways, she was not worried about Diana finding her cauldron and her book. Their hiding place was perfect.  
  76. 76. Not long after, Diana and Francis were taking advantage of the boy’s last day as a child and playing together with the doll house. They would still bicker about silly things, but all in all, their parents’ speeches had made a difference.  
  77. 77. “So, Diana, you’re going to say…” “No, I decide what I say.” “Hum, okay,” Francis replied, trying to remember what Jake had told him about being a gentleman. “Really?” Diana was surprised her brother was not arguing.  
  78. 78. “Yes. I don’t want to fight today. I will be older tomorrow and older boys don’t fight with little girls,” he bragged. “I’m not a little girl! I will grow up, too!” “Not tomorrow. And, you will always be little compared to me.”  
  79. 79. Francis was the first in the family to actually have a real birthday party. Many of his parents’ friends had come over to see him blow his candles.  
  80. 80. He was thrilled about becoming a teenager. He would finally be able to do whatever he wanted. Maybe even find some work and become someone’s boss. Or meet girls. This was all very exciting. Leaning on his cake, his wished for all of that, while everyone cheered.  
  81. 81. As he grabbed a piece of his cake, he started to think about what he wanted to do with his life. He decided it would be a good idea to become the best doctor in the County, a powerful man. He knew he would have to learn a lot of things to get there, but he felt confident he could do it.  
  82. 82. As Abiona danced with Diana, Jake looked at his daughter. He couldn’t believe his son was going to be a man before long and that his little girl was going to be a lady, soon. It was all going too fast.  
  83. 83. After all the guests had gone home, Abiona and Jake sat to eat some of the cake leftovers. “Abby, I have to tell you, you’ve given me the two most beautiful children in the world,” Jake beamed.  
  84. 84. “Well, they both really know what they want, but I think we’re doing a good job making them realize they have to compromise, sometimes,” she smiled. “You’ve noticed that they fight less?” “I have. And I think you being home with them makes a huge difference, Jake. I’m sure they would have been a lot worse if we had left them with that nanny everyday.”
  85. 85. Jake chuckled. “That might be true.” “I don’t know if I’ve thanked you enough for being here,” Abiona said to her husband. “You don’t need to, sweetheart,” he answered, looking her in the eyes with love.
  86. 86. Although her brother was a teenager, Diana still felt it was her duty to remind him that he was not all that. “Francis!” she screamed when he was least expecting it. “Ah! Diana! Stop following me around!” “Come play with me,” she pleaded, following as he was trying to leave the room.  
  87. 87. “Diana, you’re a child. I’m a man.” She laughed. “You’re not a man! You still go to school, just like me.” “Just stop following me, okay? I have things to do. Important things.” “Like homework?” she mocked.  
  88. 88. “You can't understand. Leave me alone,” he retorted as he walked away. He loved Diana, but she needed to realize that they were different, now. He was not going to go complain to his father as he had done when he was younger. He was older; he had to take care of his problems on his own.  
  89. 89. Diana went back to her room and started to play with her dollhouse. “He says he doesn’t want to play with us,” she began, taking a manly voice as if her male doll was talking.  
  90. 90. “Yes, he has important things to do,” she made the female doll reply in a high-pitched tone. “He is mean,” Diana made the other doll say. “Well, it doesn’t matter. We don’t need him,” the female doll declared.  
  91. 91. “You’re right. Besides, we have a secret, a real one,” Diana stated in the manly voice. “I hope we find out what it is soon...” Diana had not forgotten about what her mother had told her and she had not told anyone either.  
  92. 92. She came really close, though, when one of her classmates had followed her home after school. “Do you want to play cops and robbers?” she asked him. “I thought we could play truth or dare, instead.”  
  93. 93. “Oh, okay.” “You go first,” he told her. “Truth or dare?” Diana hesitated a second. “Truth.” “What’s your biggest secret?”  
  94. 94. She thought about what Abiona had said, about how it had to be only between the two of them. “My biggest secret? I… I don’t have one,” she giggled, nervous. “Everybody has a secret!” the little boy replied.  
  95. 95. “Well, I don’t. So, I change my mind, I want a dare.” “Okay, then. I dare you to hop around your house on one foot! Twice!” “That’s easy!” Diana laughed as she started to hop.  
  96. 96. Meanwhile, Abiona was still focused on her ultimate goal: supervising all the newspapers in the County. She was practicing the speeches she would give her future employees as soon as she had a minute.  
  97. 97. As for Jake, he had taken over the care of the garden. He quite liked the idea of growing his own food and he was good at it, too. He had planted an apple tree and was now cultivating more diverse vegetables. He hoped, in the future, to be able to sell his produce. That would make him proud.  
  98. 98. He also made sure everything in the house was clean and cooked almost every meal. To him, it was not a burden. He liked seeing Abby so happy about her frequent promotions and he wanted to make sure his children were well fed.  
  99. 99. Francis, on the other hand, did not like to see his father do all of this. To him, it made no sense. “Papa, why don’t you tell Mama or Diana to do that?” he said with disdain, as he watched Jake wash the dishes. “Well, your mother is busy, she needs to work if she wants to get that new promotion.”  
  100. 100. “But she’s a woman! She’s not supposed to put work before the care of her house!” “Francis, that’s not how it works here, and you know that.” “Why don’t you say something?” the teenager exclaimed, feeling outraged. “Because I like the way things are, believe it or not.”  
  101. 101. “How can you like cleaning and cooking? You’re a man!” “That’s enough!” Jake replied, raising his voice. “This was a choice we made and I am perfectly happy with it.”  
  102. 102. “When I have my own house…” “Yes,” Jake interrupted him, “when you live in your own house, you do as you wish. Until then, you are living under my roof and I will not let you say anything more on the subject. Do I make myself clear?”  
  103. 103. Jake had told Abiona about his conversation with Francis and she was really concerned. “Darling, since when do you believe it is a woman’s job to stay home to clean and wash?” she asked him, frowning. “I… All the other mothers do it,” he defended himself. He could see his mother was upset.  
  104. 104. “So? Because everybody does something, does it make it impossible to do things differently?” Abiona asked, disappointed with her son's attitude. “You told me you want to be a doctor,” she added. “What if I told you that normally, only the sons of wealthy and important men could become doctors, in Shelterwoods? And since we are neither wealthy nor important, that means your dream will never come true...”  
  105. 105. “I don’t care about that! I will make it, no matter what people say or think and I will show those rich people…” Francis exclaimed before pausing. “Oh,” he simply added, realizing what his mother was implying.  
  106. 106. “That’s right, honey. You have a goal and you will do everything it takes to make to reach it. And that is what I’m doing.” “I understand, Mama. I'm sorry.” “Good. I knew you would. Now, I think you also owe your father an apology.”  
  107. 107. “Papa, may I join you?” Francis asked, very early the next morning. “Of course.” “I spoke with Mama and she made me realize that everyone has their own dreams and that it’s okay to do things differently in order to accomplish them.”  
  108. 108. “Good. I’m glad you’re conscious of that, now. Not every family is the same; you will see that as you get older. And you need to know that I love taking care of our home as well as of you and your sister. This is my dream.”  
  109. 109. “I know that now. I’ve already apologized to Mama but I want to tell you I’m sorry, too. I should never have questioned your actions.” “I accept your apology, son. Now, I’ll beat you at chess!” Jake smirked.  
  110. 110. A few days later, it was Abiona’s turn to age. She really didn’t want to. She wasn’t ready to become an elder, especially since she was not even the head of the Old Shelterton Herald let alone of all the papers in the County, yet. She waited until the children were in school and it was only her and Jake. She did not particularly want other people see her become grey-haired.  
  111. 111. Then, she thought about everything she had accomplished so far. She had left her home not knowing who she really was and with almost nothing. Now, she had a loving husband, two wonderful children who would no doubt do great things and a rewarding career.  
  112. 112. Of course, she was nowhere near becoming a really powerful witch, but she still hoped to learn more during the years she had left. And soon, she would have to tell Diana everything. She wished for her daughter to react positively to the news.  
  113. 113. Abiona couldn’t stop staring at her reflection. “I look so old,” she sighed.  
  114. 114. Jake could see that his wife was not welcoming old age with open arms. “Abby, tell me, what’s wrong?” “I… I’m all wrinkly,” she moaned. “And?”  
  115. 115. “Well, you’re not. You’re still young. Why would you want to stay with an old lady like me?” Jake laughed, as he brushed her cheek. “Sweetie, I will always think you are the prettiest woman in the world.” “But I’m not…”  
  116. 116. “To me, you are. Besides, it won’t be very long until I get wrinkly, too,” he winked. They kissed and Abiona could feel he was telling the truth. Once again, she felt extremely lucky to have met him. She could not have wished for a better husband. Sometimes, she really wanted to tell him everything about her powers...  
  117. 117. Later on, when Francis and Diana came home from school, Abiona was at work. So, they did not see her until the next morning. “Mama, why is your hair grey, now?” asked Diana. “She had her birthday, idiot!” replied Francis, sitting down for breakfast.  
  118. 118. “Francis! Don’t talk like that to your sister! But, yes, Diana, it was my birthday. I aged.” “Why didn’t you wait for us? I wanted to see your cake,” complained the girl. “I know. I would have liked you to be there, too. But sometimes, grown-ups like to be by themselves,” Abby responded, smiling at Jake.  
  119. 119. Francis was feeling uncomfortable, seeing his parents hinting at their intimacy. “Well,” continued Diana, “I like your grey hair, Mama.” “Yes, I like it, too,” nodded Jake. “Thank you. I will get used to it, I suppose.”  
  120. 120. “Soon, it will be my birthday, right?” repeated Diana, for the tenth time that morning. It was coming up and it seemed she couldn’t think about anything else. And seeing her mother aging was another reminder that she was going to grow up soon, too. “Yes! Stop harassing us with your birthday!” exclaimed Francis. Diana stuck her tongue out at him.  
  121. 121. “I remember you were quite excited about becoming a teenager yourself,” said Jake, as he was getting up. Francis kept his comment to himself, not wanting another lecture. But his sister was really annoying sometimes.  
  122. 122. And so, the next day, Diana was standing in front of her very own birthday cake. Francis was not there. He apparently had found some work with the local apothecary. But truthfully, he was somewhat relieved. He already had heard enough about his sister’s birthday.  
  123. 123. Diana’s party was actually very intimate. It was just her and her parents. But she didn’t mind. She didn’t want a lot of people around because she knew her mother would not tell her the secret if others could ear.  
  124. 124. Jake was happy to see his daughter age, but he was also sad. His youngest child was becoming a woman. He wished she was still the small baby he could cuddle for hours. As for Abiona, she knew the moment to tell Diana everything was right around the corner. She could also see that Diana was eager to know.  
  125. 125. Besides, Diana was sure she had been a good girl. Well, mostly. Her mother had to tell her, now that she would be older! She couldn’t wait to know whatever it was. “I wish the secret is really, really big!” she wished, as she blew her candles.  
  126. 126. Diana looked more like her mother than ever before. She was quite the lovely young lady. Her father was certain she would break some hearts. But, essentially, Diana wanted to have a life filled with pleasure. Her biggest dream was to create games for other people.  
  127. 127. This is where I leave you for now! Aren't they cute? So in love! Aww! Now that Diana is a teenager, will Abiona tell her she's a witch? How will she react? Will the Ward women be able to keep it their secret? Will Francis and Diana ever really get along? And will Abiona reach her LTW before dying? Thank you for reading and as always, please fell free to comment on Boolprop! Happy simming! :)  
  128. 128. Credits Jake Ward: Jake Gyllenhal, by Udontknow on Modthesims All custom clothing from