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Session 3 - Making A Positive First Marketing Impression: Converting Website Viewers to Event Attendees, by Chris Justice

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Solving Your Biggest Marketing Challenges Through Better Engagement. …

Solving Your Biggest Marketing Challenges Through Better Engagement.

The Marketing Challenges Workshop (MCW) was created to address the hardest challenges, which marketing practitioners are facing. Given the tougher economy and difficulty in the attracting and keeping quality audiences for market leading conferences and expositions, marketing professionals have an urgent need to find timely solutions to hit market attendance goals.

This is the presentation by Chris Justice.

More in: Education , Technology , Design
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  • 1. Making  A  Posi,ve  First  Marke,ng   Impression:     Conver,ng  Website  Viewers  to  Event   A<endees  
  • 2. Agenda   •  Overview  of  Event  Websites   •  New  Expecta,ons   –  A<endees   –  Sponsors   –  Speakers   –  Exhibitors   •  Timelines  and  Technology   •  Top  60  Tips  for  Event  Website   •  Summary  and  Ques,ons  
  • 3. Overall  Industry  Trends   •  Satura,on  and  Shiny  Objects   –  A<endees  are  overwhelmed,  informa,on  is  free,  events  are   not.     –  Adver,sing  is  a  diluted  medium  and  more  people  opt-­‐out.   –  A<endees  expect  exclusivity,  insight,  in,macy,  and  follow-­‐ through.   –  A<endees  expect  to  be  marketed  to  and  discard  most   materials.     •  Social  Media  and  Reputa,on  Management   –  Complaints  are  easy,  compliments  are  rare.    
  • 4. Overall  Trends  Con,nued   •  Localiza,on   –  Regional  priori,es  and  approaches.   –  Emerging  markets  will  require  more  marke,ng  spend.     •  ShiTing  Priori,es  and  Analy,cs   –  Highly  measurable  media   –  Integrated  marke,ng  metrics     –  Awareness  and  educa,on  vs.  promo,on  
  • 5. Expecta,ons  for  A<endees   •  Current  informa,on  (weekly/monthly)   •  Benefits  for  registering  early   •  Free  informa,on  and  industry  news   •  A  reason  to  return  and  contribute   •  Pulse  communica,ons   •  Cost  jus,fica,on  and  convienence  
  • 6. Expecta,ons  for  Speakers   •  Speakers  expect  organizers  to  promote  them.   •  Call  for  speakers  process  must  be  transparent.   •  Nego,ate.   •  Recording  and  rebroadcas,ng  –  a  must.   •  Affiliate  registra,ons  and  merchandizing  for   speakers.  
  • 7. Expecta,ons  for  Sponsors   •  Fact  sheet  and  detailed  a<endee  demographic   metrics.   •  Nego,ate  early  and  decrease  flexibility  with   par,cipa,on.     •  Document  everything.  Or  the  sponsor  will.    
  • 8. Points  to  Remember   •  Your  speakers  and  sponsors  are  your  most   effec,ve  marke,ng  channel.       –  They  cost  the  least  and  have  the  farthest  reach.   –  Compensate  them  well.   •  One  free  a<endee  is  worth  five  paid   a<endees.    
  • 9. Event  Website  Tips   Top  Tips  for  Building  A<endance  
  • 10. Tip  #1:  Build  for  Mobile  First   A"endees  Demand  It   •  Schedules   •  Changes  and  Urgents   •  Venue  logis,cs   •  Upsell  opportuni,es   •  Direc,onal  informa,on   •  Include  link  to  full  experience   •  Do  NOT  use  Adobe  Flash   •  Unidirec,onal  scrolling   •  No  pop-­‐ups   •  HTML  5  no  WAP  
  • 11. Tip  #2:  Simplified  Mul,-­‐Part  Registra,on     •  Condense  ,cke,ng  process  and  remove   registra,on  steps.   –  Collect  payment  –     •  Addi,onal  booking  steps  aTer  ini,al  ,cke,ng.     –  Customizable  experience.   –  Reduces  abandonment.   –  Lower  cost  of  development  and  integra,on.   –  Adapts  to  collect  more  detailed  a<endee  profile   data.  
  • 12. Tip  #3:  Event  Archives   •  Snapshot  of  all  Event  Content   –  Speakers,  sponsors,  presenta,ons,  pricing.   –  Include  all  data  from  past  events  and  a  “slice  in   ,me”.     •  Search  Engine  Rankings   –  Maintain  old  vanity  URLs  for  3-­‐5  years.   –  Cross  linking,  speaker  promo,on,  planning   content,  contacts,  etc.    
  • 13. Tip  #4:  Integrate  Staff  Services   •  Provide  log  in  for  volunteers  and  staff   –  Keeps  them  looking  at  your  site   –  Include  private  chat,  directories,  email,  file  upload   •  Distribute  support  to  groups   –  Include  individuals  including  volunteers  on  group   lists.  More  informa,on  is  be<er.    
  • 14. Tip  #5:  Affiliate  Registra,on  Marke,ng   •  For  high  a<endance  events,  provide  methods   to  compensate  a<endees  with  merchandise,   future  discounted  rates,  giT  passes.     •  Applies  to  a<endees,  speakers,  sponsors  and   adver,sers.     •  Easy  to  implement   –  Online  form,  refer  a  friend,  link  tracking.    
  • 15. Tip  #6:  Contests  and  Awards   •  Provide  a  method  for  community  par,cipa,on   and  nomina,on.     –  Simple  email  forms   –  Any  relevant  topic   •  Innova,on,  design,  growth    
  • 16. Tip  #6:  Inbound  Linking   •  Inbound  links  increase  search  visibility  and   increase  ranking.     •  Inbound  link  sources:   –  Conference  directories   –  White  papers   –  Blog  posts   –  Speakers,  sponsors  and  adver,sers  
  • 17. Tip  #7:  Video  Opener   •  Single  most  reusable  marke,ng  element.     –  Easily  syndicated,  viral  and  inexpensive.   •  Record  a  minimum  of  20  hours  of  sta,onary   camera  video.     •  Create  mul,ple  videos.   •  Invest  in  targeted  communica,ons:   –  A<endees   –  Sponsors  
  • 18. Tip  #8:  Syndica,on   •  Ensure  all  news  and  blog  posts  have  XML  and   RSS  feeds  AND  they  are  published.     –  Feedburner   •  Ensure  all  resource  libraries,  white  papers,   data  sheets  and  materials  are  in  the  feeds.     •  Ensure  all  materials  are  op,mized  Adobe  PDF   files.     •  Social  linking  and  social  media  are  expected  so   provide  short  URLs.    
  • 19. Tip  #9:  Educa,onal  Workshops   •  Cri,cal  for  extending  the  value  and  crea,ng     •  Sessions  should  include  technical  and  non-­‐ technical  topics.     •  Provides  cost  jus,fica,on  for  a<endees  and   valida,on  of  importance.    
  • 20. Tip  #10:  Technology  is  Easy,  Content  Isn’t   •  100-­‐100,000  a<endee  events  can  be  easily   served  through  any  hos,ng  account  and   content  management  system.     •  Wordpress,  Drupal,  Joomla,  Expression  Engine   and  many  others  are  easy  and  free.     •  Registra,on  does  not  need  to  be  complex  and   a<endees  expect  to  self-­‐serve.     •  Cri,cal  Event  Content  (CEC)  should  be   complete.  Do  not  orphan  the  site.  
  • 21. One  more  thing…..  
  • 22. Tip  #11:  Include  a  Job  Board   •  Let’s  face  it,  please  go  to  events  to  learn,   mingle  but  they  are  always  looking  for   opportuni,es.  Give  it  to  them.     •  Distribute  resumes  to  sponsors  and   adver,sers  if  requested.     •  Events  are  conduits  not  faucets.    
  • 23. Conclusion   •  Event  a<endees  are  demanding  more  for  less.     –  Feed  them  informa,on.     •  Exhibitors  are  demanding  more  for  more.     –  Be  generous,  be  transparent  and  be  flexible.   •  Speakers  are  demanding……   –  Quality  is  key,  ask  for  proof  and  reach.     •  The  event  industry  is  growing  in  value  and   shrinking  in  volume.  That’s  good  news.