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Crowd Hydrant


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Crowd Hydrant

  1. 1. Using Content and Social Media to Market Your BusinessDriving Engagement, Leads, and Business Results
  2. 2. Marketing ObjectivesWhat are you trying to accomplish?• Generate inbound traffic to increase exposure• Inform, educate, and entertain visitors to get them to share your content and keep them coming back• Capture leads that create new opportunities for sales• Prove the validity of your solutions to shorten sales cycles and close more deals
  3. 3. What Do Visitors Want?• Fresh premium content – Solutions – how can you solve their problems – Education – Entertainment – Video (getting consumed at a massive rate!)• Deals & free stuff• Easy navigation• Social media integration (share, like, etc.)
  4. 4. Where Do Visitors Come From?• Direct referrals – visit our website!• Press / PR• Search engines• Social media (viral!)• Mobile (search engines, tradeshows, events, etc.)
  5. 5. Who Do You Want to View Your Assets?• Specific vertical markets – retail, CPG – automotive, direct sales, others?• Business functions – Marketing – Operations – Purchasing – eCommerce – Others?• Roles – C-level – Directors – Mid-level managers – Staff personnel
  6. 6. What Online Assets Do You Already Have?• Company website• Company blog• Company LinkedIn page – Employee LinkedIn pages• Company Facebook page – Employee Facebook pages• Other social media pages (Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)• YouTube Channel• Need Google+ for all ASAP! – Google is promoting Google+ content in search rankings
  7. 7. Content Marketing + Social MediaThe most effective inbound B2B marketing tactics are content marketing and participation in social media• Content marketing could include: – White papers – Case studies – Landing pages – Blog – Video interviews• Social media resources include: – LinkedIn – Facebook – Twitter – Google + – Aggregators like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.
  8. 8. Some Statistics• North American B2B marketers used articles (78%) and e-newsletters (61%) for their content marketing efforts.• The average budget spent on company blogs and social media has nearly doubled in the last two years• 66% of companies with a blog say it is “critical” or “important” to their business• 57% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through their blog and/or LinkedIn• Companies with a blog receive 55% more website visitors and a 62% cheaper cost per lead “These types of educational and instructional content were rated the most valuable for directly supporting B2B marketers’ objectives.” -- Focus Research
  9. 9. How Does it Work?• As content is promoted, shared, and spread through social networks it improves your visibility• As content is picked up and syndicated, new links are built to your site. These links can significantly improve your visibility in major search engines• In addition to improvements in search, content marketing creates interest, improves traffic, and drives lead generation• As an added bonus, it positions content creators and sharers (Execs, salespeople, etc.) as thought leaders and puts them on people’s radar
  10. 10. The Content Marketing Matrix
  11. 11. General Website Recommendations• Think way beyond “perfuming the pig” – The design of your site is important, but it will not drive traffic or keep people coming back – Embrace white space• Put solutions front and center – Shoot video case studies / short interviews with clients, staff, and industry resources – See the blog article we wrote on this subject here –
  12. 12. Recommendations (cont.)• Make it easier for users to navigate – Again, solutions right up front – Consider sub-navigation by function, role, etc – Keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind• Deliver a call-to-action on every page – What do you want visitors to do? – See more, read more, learn more – Register and/or CONTACT US
  13. 13. Sample Layout
  14. 14. Social Recommendations• Develop a blog – Get employees across the enterprise to contribute (write, share, comment, etc.) – Drives hits via search engines – Gives visitors a reason to return (fresh content) – Positions your people as experts in their field• Develop a branded presence on all applicable social networks – Publish content on the blog and broadcast through these channels – BIG reach!
  15. 15. Mobile Recommendations• Optimize for mobile devices – Smartphones and tablets are everywhere – 7-10% of traffic to B2B sites is coming from these sources now, and this will get bigger – QR codes at trade shows, on business cards, etc.
  16. 16. How Does Crowd Hydrant Help?
  17. 17. Content and Social Media Report• Crowd Hydrant will take stock of your digital assets and supply you with a Content and Social Media report outlining: – What assets you’ve got (and don’t, but should) – How they’re configured – Who is administering them currently – When, where and why they’re sharing content now – Our recommendations for improvement
  18. 18. Content MarketingCrowd Hydrant supplies:• Curated content (you choose the topics, we deliver for distribution)• Blog articles and other original content• E-newsletters• White papers• Case studies• Infographics• Presentations• Photo & video• Web conference and online demos
  19. 19. Social MediaCrowd Hydrant provides:• Social media policy documentation• Set up and configuration of social media accounts• Recommendations for specific tools to save time and streamline activities• Process for posting, sharing, commenting, follow up, etc.• Training for administrators and end users• “Gamification” and tools to drive adoption
  20. 20. Contact UsTo learn more about our unique suite ofservices, please visit or contact: 513-318-8910