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Visa Issues: What's Being Done to Ease Restrictions?


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An integral part of expanding the U.S. trade show industry is having more international attendance, yet organizers continually receive complaints from foreign visitors who are unable to attend shows. The biggest impediment seems to be the difficulty of obtaining U.S. visitor visas for business travelers. This panel will not only take a look at the challenges through the experiences of show managers, but also what the U.S. Travel Association is doing to help lobby for new laws to ease travel restrictions.

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Visa Issues: What's Being Done to Ease Restrictions?

  1. 1. Ready for Takeoff A Plan to Create 1.3 Million U.S. Jobs by Welcoming Millions of International Travelers Patricia Rojas Vice President Government Relations
  2. 2. Travel is an Export Leader Exports in Billions Travel 134.4 Business andProfessional services 128.3 Machinery 125.9 Basic chemicals 124.3 Computers and electronic products 120.9Royalties and license 95.8 fees Motor vehicles 94.0Aerospace and other transportation 81.8 Services Agriculture 65.7 Manufacturing Petroleum and coal 60.8 Agriculture
  3. 3. Overseas Travel to U.S.
  4. 4. Barriers to Visiting Common Visa BarriersLack of prioritization of visa processInefficient and unpredictable visa processLack of access to U.S. consular facilityPoor customer service and communicationsInadequate visa applicationCostPoor planning and analysis of growth in demand for visasInability to place needed resources to meet market needsInappropriate allocation of resources to meet demand BarriersBrazil No visa required to Europe; competitive disadvantage with top competitors Excluded from VWP Limited access to expedited services by tour operatorsChina One-year visas for the United States vs.10 year visas for most other countries Group travel policy is underutilizedIndia Limited assistance available for incentive travel groups Inadequate language capabilities of consular officers
  5. 5. Not a Cheap Place to Visit Flight from Manaus to Brasilia (4 passengers): $1,726 Hotel (one night): $170 Visa ($140 x 4): $560 Application fee ($30 x 4): $120 Passport delivery fee ($20 x 4): $80 TOTAL: $2,600
  6. 6. Regaining 17% share of global long-haul travelwould create 1.3 million jobs by 2020Millions of jobs 1.33 million jobs 2010 2015 2020 Source: U.S. Travel Association Note: Each additional $X in spending creates one job.
  7. 7. Four-Step Plan to Increase Overseas TravelAnd Create Jobs1 Set a 12 day standard to process U.S. visas and hire sufficient personnel2 Improve planning, measurement and transparency3 Test videoconferencing technology for visa interviews4 Preserve and expand the Visa Waiver Program
  8. 8. Get Involved Now!1. Learn more at: www.smartervisapolicy. org.2. Visit the online action center at: keyissues/visa
  9. 9. It’s Time For Takeoff! Patricia Rojas Vice President Government Relations 202-408-2138