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Digital destinations launch presentation


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Launch presentation of ESRC-funded Digital Destinations project at Bournemouth University School of Tourism

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Digital destinations launch presentation

  1. 1. Digital DestinationsDeveloping and sharing best practice in online marketing
  2. 2. Agenda• About the Economic & Social Research Council• Introduction to the Digital Destinations team• Project aims• The Digital Destinations project – what can you expect and what do we expect • How will it be delivered?• Tracking customer engagement through social media• Next steps• Q&A and networking
  3. 3. Economic and Social Research Council“We are the UKs largest organisation for funding research oneconomic and social issues. We support independent, highquality research which has an impact on business, the publicsector and the third sector. Our total budget for 2012/13 is £205million. At any one time we support over 4,000 researchers andpostgraduate students in academic institutions and independentresearch institutes.”More information at:
  4. 4. Digital Destinations team Dr Philip Alford, Project Lead, BU Professors Steve Page & Dimitrios Buhalis, BULisa Ashurst, Business Engagement Consultant, BU Jane Bingham, Programmes Administrator, BU Maureen McAllister, Founder, McAllister & Co. Simon Jones, Co-Founder, Digital Visitor
  5. 5. The project aims• The project aims to create templates of best online marketing practice for the visitor economy sector and to create a ‘learning destination’.• Position on-line marketing as a central strategy for your business.• A strategic approach is essential, effectively managed and measured• This programme will help you to maximise your potential and impact, create and share best practice• On-line marketing is developing quickly and this programme will help you identify and develop the best routes for your organisation
  6. 6. On line marketing
  7. 7. On line marketing
  8. 8. It’s influence is rapid and increasingSocial networking in Europe increased by 10.9% in 2010: The highest seenin any global region.75% of consumers don’t believe companies tell the truth in theiradvertisements: Consumers are increasingly turning to the opinions ofother consumers for information.46.7% of consumers do write reviews and 29% of consumers considerpositive reviews as the most likely factor to make them book a holidayonline: 25-40% of people who leave a hotel website do so to read anonline review
  9. 9. Quick questionStarting from now, how many people will havevisited Pinterest by the end of our event?> The Count
  10. 10.“Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.” (Chinese Proverb)
  11. 11. First steps• Recruit 60 organisations• Divided into six 10-strong knowledge clusters• Each group has a leader / champion / facilitator• Organisations chosen on basis of application process – Some information about you and your business – Information about your current online marketing – What do you aspire to get from the programme? – How will you commit to the project?• Online application available from 19th October to be completed by 26th October• Project group notified by 9th November
  12. 12. What can you expect?• Workshops, sharing best practice and action learning groups• The opportunity to learn from the DD team and your peers• A final year student taking an online marketing course• A template for your online marketing strategy• Access to an online repository of case studies and information• PR value through project dissemination and promotion• Detailed analysis of your online marketing performance• Lots of fun, creative thinking, brainstorming, engagement!
  13. 13. What do we expect?• Your commitment• Attendance at all events – continuity is key• Engagement beyond the face to face seminars – online forums, webinars, action learning, doing your homework• Access to analytics data (strict confidentiality guaranteed)• Support your student• Willingness to co-create and share knowledge• An open and inquiring mind!• Preparedness to implement and test ideas and feedback
  14. 14. How will it be delivered?• Four half-day face-to-face strategy seminars in November, January, March and June• 3 action learning groups to follow each seminar• Information and time (for discussion and debate and support)• Examples of best practice• A series of webinars on key topics
  15. 15. Why Digital VisitorDigital Visitor specialise in the Travel, Tourism and Leisure sectorboth for:Social media technology•Application for easy integration into websites providing reviewand social media capabilitySocial media marketing•Relevant experience for social media campaigns and channelmanagement in the industry
  16. 16. Tracking customer engagement through social mediaDigital Visitor will be providing companies included in the projectwith use of their review and social media solution.•Enables users to upload reviews, ratings, photos, videos and discussions•Content provides SEO benefits to your own website•Content can be shared with popular social media channels, users andorganisations•Solution to aid content gathering•Easy integration into your own website (some web development time will berequired)•
  17. 17. Next steps• Join the Q&A which is coming next• Decide if you want to get involved• Complete the application form!
  18. 18. Thanks for coming and for listening @philipalford #BUDD Tel: 01202 965406