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  1. 1. Love the Virtual Generating Added-Value for your Attendees, Sponsors and Associates
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome & Introduction • Virtual Event Overview • Evolution of Events • Trends • Onstream Media Solutions •Critical elements to measure success •Questions & Answers Love the Virtual
  3. 3. About Us Onstream Media Corporation • Founded in 1993, Publicly traded on the OTC • Pioneer in the webcasting & virtual event space • Headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL with offices in NY, NJ, SF & DC. - Webcast Operations Center • Over 7000 live events every year •etouches Partner since 2010 Love the Virtual
  4. 4. Definition What is a Virtual Event? A virtual event is a gathering of people sharing a common virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Popular uses of virtual events include virtual tradeshows, virtual job fairs, virtual conferences, virtual sales meetings, and virtual company-wide gatherings. Source: Wikipedia Love the Virtual • A Large Conference Call • Webinar •Webcast • Virtual Tradeshow • Virtual World
  5. 5. Poll Question Does your organization currently conduct Virtual Events including large conference calls, webinars, webcasts or virtual tradeshows? a) Yes, we have been doing this a long time b) Yes, we just got started c) No, but would like to d) No, not interested Love the Virtual
  6. 6. Why Virtual? Love the Virtual • Event Marketers are expanding their use of multimedia to drive attendance pre/post event – repurposing of content • Encourage participation and identify evangelists in your group • Online repository of information, available 24 X 7X365 • Monetization – are you leaving $$ on the table?
  7. 7. Evolution of Events Your audience has moved on to the digital age 1940 Annual Conference 2013 Annual Conference Love the Virtual
  8. 8. Extending the lifecycle & reach of events is no longer an afterthought, but rather a necessity for Events of the 21st Century •The next generation does not communicate in traditional ways •The new norm is seen in texting, social forums, video, audio podcasts, mobile technology; et al. •Collaboration, networking and information-sharing are critical to growing businesses and organizations, yet bringing people together can be challenging, given travel costs and time constraints •Event organizers and meeting planners today are faced with declining attendance and therefore declining sponsorship and exhibitors Evolution of Events Love the Virtual
  9. 9. • Efficient and economical lead generation is still the prime purpose for any Advertiser or Sponsor • The need to maintain value to all participants is the fundamental issue • Your audience is conditioned to learn in highlights and snippets - Use chucks of information as a preview of the full program • Repurposing of event content for pre-event marketing, spinoff of new web series, web exclusive content, Members only area , video as a social tool • Capture, Convert, Deliver – whenever, wherever and however Love the Virtual Evolution of Events
  10. 10. Trends • Fear that physical events are under risk of being overtaken by virtual events is not a concern. Findings uncover that for organizers and corporate brand marketers, virtual event technology or digital line extensions are used by over half of these organizations to extend the reach of physical event brands, either to complement them or serve as a product line extension. IAEE Virtual Event Study, July 2011 • Virtual events are educational. Marketers strongly embrace webinars, with 71% of respondents currently using or considering using them. B@B Magazine Nov. 2010 • Live Content is Most Popular. Live video and webcasts are the most popular form of content according to 68% of past and future users. IAEE Virtual Event Study, July 2011 Love the Virtual
  11. 11. Trends • Virtual events are good for branding and efficient lead generation. 63% of respondents view virtual events as innovative marketing and communications vehicles, while 57% tout their ability to reduce sales and marketing costs. B@B Magazine Nov. 2010 • “Hybrid” events are gaining popularity. 59% of past and 65% of future virtual event organizers say their virtual events are affiliated with a physical event, according to the IAEE Virtual Event Study, July 2011 Virtual events are projected to reach upwards of $18.6 billion by 2015, according to Market Research Media. Love the Virtual
  12. 12. Poll Question Love the Virtual What are you trying to achieve with your Virtual Event? a) Lead Generation b) Communication c) Learning, Training & Education d) All of the above e) None of the above
  13. 13. Solutions Love the Virtual
  14. 14. Webcasting & Webinars Webcasting & Webinars– Delivered live or on-demand with audio and/or video. Common Uses •Executive broadcasts •Investor relations •Press conferences •Earnings announcements •Corporate meetings •Crisis communications •Product launches/demos •Distance learning •Training •Seminars / tradeshows Love the Virtual
  15. 15. Visual Webcaster Our end-to-end solution for producing engaging web-based events •Full Service or DIY Model •Onsite production & encoding services •Dedicated Event Coordinator •Registration email & confirmations •Fully customizable Reg & Landing Page •Certification •Real-time Q & A /Polling •Auto archival •Downloadable Supporting Materials •Confirmation Email •Real-time Reporting Link •Indexing for On-Demand •Delivered via Window Media, Microsoft Silverlight, and Flash • Security controls and more… Webcasting & Webinars Love the Virtual
  16. 16. Internet Streaming / Video Publishing – An easy and cost effective way to publish video to your website. Common Uses • Corporate YouTube Channel • Video hosting & publishing • Live streaming from your website • Transcoding •Mobile video delivery Internet Streaming Love the Virtual
  17. 17. Streaming Publisher Online Video Platform for Managing and Publishing assets across all channels •Cloud Transcoding •Digital Asset Management •Embed Code or Link •Streaming or Progressive Download •Optimize format & size per device •Streamline Publishing Workflow Internet Streaming Deliver content in any format to any device Love the Virtual
  18. 18. Conferencing Services Infinite Conferencing Provides featured rich audio and web conferencing services for events or impromptu meetings. Common Uses • High profile meetings • Critical events • Sales demonstrations • Meetings •Training Love the Virtual
  19. 19. Infinite Conferencing Audio & Web Conferencing Reservationless Phone Conferencing Operator-Assisted Phone Conferencing Web Conferencing (WebInterpoint) •No reservation required, automated 24/7 service •Hosts up to 100 people (can be expanded if desired) •Permanent Toll-free Dial-in number and Entry codes • Global Access and International Dial-ins •Free Wallet Cards for each user •Billing Code option •*0 Operator Support •24x7 Phone and Email support •Chairperson Dial-out capability •Automated Recording and Playback options •Detailed Invoice with cost center breakdown •Emailed Phone Usage Summary Report •Toll Free and Toll (for international callers) dial-in with Live Operator •Operator Monitoring •Sub-Conference •Communications Line •Presentation Mode •Music Hold •Polling •Questions and Answer •Security/Conference Lock •Supports up to 1000 •Roster with Controls (edit info, manage rights) •Document Publishing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) •Remote Control •Control Passing/Multiple Presenters •File Transfer •Chat •Annotation Tools •Recording •Outlook Integration •Application or Desktop Sharing •Polling Love the Virtual
  20. 20. MarketPlace365- Allows tradeshow organizers to deliver a virtual tradeshow experiencing by engaging participants with tools, such as video streaming, live chats, social interaction, virtual booths and downloadable information in order to provide valuable business engagement. Participants can connect anytime and anywhere via PC, Mac or mobile devices. Virtual Tradeshows Love the Virtual
  21. 21. Virtual Tradeshows • Tradeshows • Virtual Shopping Malls • Job Fairs • Educational & Training Facilities • Corporate Information Centers • Live and On-Demand Events • Industry and/or Partner Conferences • Online Courses and Certifications Love the Virtual
  22. 22. Virtual Tradeshows Love the Virtual Exhibition Hall - Participants can browse exhibitors’ information, visit booths, interact with sales people, download information or watch relevant videos. Auditorium - Listen to keynote speeches or attend sales seminars or product launches. Learning Center - Attend multi-media e- learning sessions with subject matter experts. Media Library - Download documents, images and videos relevant to the event and its sponsors and exhibitors. Lounge - Gather with other attendees to connect and share ideas via chat and social media tools. Offer your viewers the opportunity to engage and interact through virtual rooms
  23. 23. Types Live Streaming Archives On-Demand • Opening/Closing Keynotes • Press Releases • Exhibitor Showcase • Exclusive web content • 24x7x365 accessibility • Sponsor Branding • eCommerce • Media Library Creating an online repository of rich-media communications for all to share • Free to access • Gated, PPV & subscription Love the Virtual
  24. 24. Post-Event Analysis • What worked –what were the key success stories? Reach out to Exhibitors/Attendees for testimonials and quotes • What did not work –what areas need improvement? • Did the event align to goals and objectives? List objectives, rate outcomes What objectives were not met? Provide insight, if possible • Were attendee goals met? (attendee numbers vs. registered) • Indicate where the technology worked very well in enabling the strategy? • Were revenue sponsorship goals met? Love the Virtual
  25. 25. Critical Elements • Registration – Single registration for both physical and virtual events • Marketing automation – Seamlessly manage, qualify, nurture and analyze your registrants and overall effectiveness • CRM – Efficiently deliver registrant data to your contact database for follow up • Reporting – Access comprehensive reports from one interface • Email Marketing – Manage all your campaigns from one dashboard • Social Engagement – Maximize your networking potential online and offline through powerful appointment setting capabilities • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through back-linking techniques Love the Virtual
  26. 26. Reporting What my ROI? •Registrations •Participants • Viewer Statistics •Engagement Statistics •Survey / Polling Results • Q&A Archive •Downloads Love the Virtual
  27. 27. Love the Virtual Onstream Media, a complete end-to-end Solution Includes : Production, Streaming, Hosting, Delivery, eCommerce, Lead Gen, Registration, Event Marketing, Event Archival, and more… Love the Virtual
  28. 28. Love the Virtual Q & A Brendon Winters Onstream Media Corporation 703.795.8684 Love the Virtual
  29. 29. Love the Virtual Thank you ! Brendon Winters Onstream Media Corporation 703.795.8684 Love the Virtual