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Moodle course design made simple
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Moodle course design made simple



A short overview of simple course design concepts using Moodle, presented by Mark Drechsler at the 2012 Murdoch Teaching & Learning Forum (http://www.murdoch.edu.au/Teaching-and-Learning-Forum/)

A short overview of simple course design concepts using Moodle, presented by Mark Drechsler at the 2012 Murdoch Teaching & Learning Forum (http://www.murdoch.edu.au/Teaching-and-Learning-Forum/)



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Moodle course design made simple Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Moodle course design made simple Mark Drechsler
  • 2. To design a Moodle course there are afew key ideas to understand, namely: –Topics; –Context (labels); –Content (resources & activities); –Learning paths; and –Blocks.
  • 3. A topic is sort of like a learning module - it is a self-containedspace where you can add context and content.
  • 4. Labels are used in Moodle to addcontext, i.e. a description of what the content is about.If the content is the food, think of the context as the menu.
  • 5. The content is the actual stuff youwant your learners to engage with.It can be resources (like documentfolders or video), or activities (likea forum, assignment, quiz or wiki).
  • 6. Moodle is designed in a way which encourages course designers to build in learning paths. Note that you dont have to do this, but it can often be a logical way of structuring a course.
  • 7. Additional information for your course that exists independentlyfrom learning paths can be added using blocks. Blocks are also good for aggregating information.
  • 8. Got that?• Now: – Keep it simple – Let the pedagogy guide the technology, not the other way around – Have fun!