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  • Quick intro
  • Fitting the pieces together Recipe for success
  • Listening to our clients Mobile collaboration Mobile access to web conferencing from your iPad or iPhone, Expanding the reach of your classroom student-centric learning Improved user experience with Audio Echo Reduction Efficiencies for learners & educators Deepened LMS integration Higher adoption, higher ROI
  • What is Collaborate… It is more than most people think… A platform solution composed of 4 core capabilities - Web conferencing - Enterprise Instant Messaging Voice Authoring and in the new in this release (Collaborate 12), mobile collaboration … due for release later this year. Supported by deep integrations to most popular LMS
  • We’re in the process of testing and certifying our Moodle integrations for Web conferencing, Blackboard IM and Voice Authoring with Moodle providers: MoodleRooms, NetSpot and RemoteLearner.
  • Echo Cancellation will improve institution-wide adoption by letting users attend sessions no matter where they are. They can be in a crowded library Al one in the dorm room or at home Or on the road without a reliable wi-fi connection connecting via teleconference In any of these scenarios users can access and participate in a Collaborate web conference
  • With just a swipe or a tap they can communicate via text and 2 – way audio, respond to yes/no or multiple choice polls, raise their virtual hand, and indicate emotion
  • Only Blackboard Collaborate offers the breadth and depth of web conferencing capabilities through its holistic approach to the learning process. From planning all activities and presentation materials to use through the session planning capability, to running a web conferencing session at the touch of a button, and then making the archives available in the LMS and on portable devices, ONLY BB COLLABORATE can provide institutions a holistic approach to their web conferencing needs.
  • Session Planning is an important part of the web conferencing process. [Competitive Differentiator] Only Bb Collaborate’ s Plan allows you to script out all activities and presentation materials you want use within a session and any activity that can be accessed during a web conferencing session is available in Plan. Plan is a desktop tool that works offline which allows instructional designers, moderators and faculty to pre-assemble materials. Outside of an academic context, Plans can be used for run meetings as the agenda can be set in the Plan. 2 advantages for moderators/presenters/professors – 1. Ease of Use – To use the materials assembled in the Plan or any of the activities you simply click the forward or backwards arrows [DRAW ATTENTION TO THE ARROWS IN THE SCREENSHOT]. Also each of the activities act like links, just click a line item and you will move to that slide or activity. 2. Content Reuse – these Plans are files that can be shared and pre-loaded into a Collaborate virtual room. [USE CASES] – Plan can help with creating a standardized curriculum and shared with all instructors teaching a common subject or in a NON-ACADEMIC context – a standardized training agenda or meeting agenda.
  • Net spot webinar_collaborate_beyondbasics

    1. 1. Welcome! :D A noisy meeting is a good meeting, please use the text chat and raise your hand to take over the mic as much as you like! :DSpeaker & Mic Zoomlevels Video displayTalk and video Preview video before transmittingon/off Whiteboard toolsEmoticonsStep away List of participantsRaise your handVote on a poll Facilitator: Chat Kim Edgar Presentation/whiteboard space
    3. 3. Overview… •Quick recap •Plan •Breakout rooms •Desktop control •Publish •QuestionsImage: CCND by:
    4. 4. The Blackboard Collaborate™ Platform Web Mobile Enterprise Instant Voice Conferencing Collaboration Messaging Authoring• Virtual classes • Live participation • Impromptu • Personalized in classes & meetings coaching• Webinars meetings on a • One-to-one • Facilitate• Professional mobile device – 3G and Wi-Fi collaboration language study development • Student help and • Voice feedback• Blended learning services LMS, CMS and Custom Integrations
    5. 5. Blackboard Collaborate & Moodle working together
    6. 6. Audio everywhere – echo cancellation
    7. 7. Blackboard CollaborateMobile
    8. 8. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Participation 2-way audio Text chat Responding to polls Hand raising Indicating emotion
    9. 9. A Holistic Approach to the Learning ProcessesSession Planning Web Conferencing Publishing Before During After
    10. 10. Useful links• Plan ckboard-Collaborate/Web-Conferencing/Plan.aspx• Publish ckboard-Collaborate/Web-Conferencing/Publish.aspx• Blackboard Collaborate in action (resources) /Recorded-Demos.aspx
    11. 11. Plan• Package content and interactions for live session in a single file• Automate routine tasks of running a session• Trigger each action in live session with a single click of the Next button• Focus on delivery and interaction• Expand use of real-time interaction to all instructors• Leverage expertise and limited teaching resources• Ensure consistent
    12. 12. Plan: Session Running orderBefore the session: During the session:
    13. 13. Plan: Whiteboard creation
    14. 14. Plan: pre-load files
    15. 15. Break out rooms• Facilitate group work• Manage large numbers of participants• Assign automatically or self nominate
    16. 16. Desktop control• Take control of another’s desktop• Training, support, help desk
    17. 17. Publish• Create portable, reusable learning content• Leverage content of session recordings• Create industry-standard, high-definition video files• Create standalone recordings that preserve interactivity such as text chat, file transfer, and web tours• Provide closed captioning for the hearing impaired• Distribute recordings and videos on your network, web server, or CD
    18. 18. Take aways! Deliver and engagePlan Publish