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The benefits of moodle how to engage teaching staff


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The benefits of moodle how to engage teaching staff

  1. 1. How to engageteaching staff
  2. 2. Moodle is already used by 1.3 million teachers across the globe. it is a specificallydesigned technology aimed at teaching staff to enhance teaching and learning.Today’s students feel at home within the digital world, being able to randomlyaccess information and partake in engaging interactive activities. Moodle offers allthis and more, targeting students in a teacher controlled atmosphere.Not only is it controlled by teachers, but it makes teaching staff lives’ easier,having one central location accessible anywhere; with a massive array of tools foraiding the delivery, marking and providing feedback for all courses.
  3. 3. Here is a brief video depicting some of the benefits of using Moodle for teaching.(Teacher of Health & Social Care at NewVIC College)
  4. 4. Now you may ask what is the difference between Moodle and othertechnologies that can be used, such as Microsoft SharePoint.Moodle is: Highly interactive Easily accessible across all major devices Easy to integrate with other systems Allows teachers the freedom to develop engaging courses how they want. Makes marking more manageable and provides students with a visual incentive. Can remind students of deadlines, where they are most active (mobile devices/social networks) Students love it. Easy to use.
  5. 5.  It is imperative that Moodle is well publicised within the college, clearly outlaying thebenefits, and urging staff to try it out.This means Presenting and communicating to a large audience and also to individual departments. Providing first rate support, and easy to follow resources. Demonstrate its use, and how other (less IT literate) teachers are using it and, howengaging it can be for students.
  6. 6. Displaying the success of MoodleAn incentive to use Moodle, everybody loves a bit of friendly competition!Constant development & Support- moving with the times, offering newfeatures.