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Moodle 3 Updates

My slides from the Yorkshire & Humber FE Moodle User Group @Wilberforce College November 18th 2015

Moodle 3 Updates

  1. 1. Moodle “It’s not a whole new Moodle; it’s just the best one yet!” Presented at the “Yorkshire/ Humber FE Moodle User Group” November 2015 Creative Commons License Lewis Carr
  2. 2. Headline Features Question Types that made core - Select Missing Word - Drag and Drop Into Text - Drag and Drop Onto Image - Drag and Drop Markers Reports - Workshop Submission Report - Resources display upload date Other - Resources display upload date - Enrollment Screen Filters - Improved Course Section Editing - Reset Dashboard Button for Admins - Plugins and Dependencies and easier upgrading - ATTO Table Improvements - Message Deletion
  3. 3. Cheeky little features - Option to delete wiki pages on course reset - Unapproved databases entries highlighted - Gradebook “categories and items” now labelled as “Gradebook Setup” - More maths equation buttons in ATTO - Upgrade Key required on upgrade/admin page - Automated backup setting to remove old backups Features that don’t make the headlines but are invaluable!
  4. 4. LIVE DEMO Live Demo of Moodle 3 and questions
  5. 5. Moodle Mobile 2 New Features Supports Choice Activity Supports Chat Activity Supports Surveys Course Search Self-enrolment
  6. 6. Recently Approved Plugins
  7. 7. Approved Plugins for Moodle 3 Some of my favourites Progress Bar OAuth Level Up!
  8. 8. Questionnaire Attendance Poster Approved Plugins for Moodle 3 Some of my favourites
  9. 9. Checklist Collapsed Topics Moodle Welcome Approved Plugins for Moodle 3 Some of my favourites
  10. 10. Microsoft Word Quiz Export Scheduler Lightbox Gallery Approved Plugins for Moodle 3 Some of my favourites
  11. 11. Plugins that have got my attention (Trawling the Moodle plugins directory so you don’t have to)
  12. 12. Group Choice This module allows students to enrol themselves in a group within a course. The teacher can choose from which groups the students can chose, and the maximum number of students allowed in each group. Depending on the activity settings, the students can view the members of each group before making a choice, and change their selected group until the deadline.
  13. 13. One Topic Format Format to course that allows showing each topic in a tab, keeping the current tab between calls to resources, in such a way that when it returns from a module as the blog or the glossary it returns to tab from where you started. This format is based on the Moodle standard format: “Topics”. It accepts edition by AJAX.
  14. 14. Notifications Block Not always logged in, you want to be up to date about new content, discussions or events in your Moodle courses? This moodle block implements a solution that periodically notifies learners about new content or activities included into a Moodle course. This solution will act as a sentinel that detects whether new contents or new activities have been included into the Moodle course, and notify the learners and/or the instructors about that. Notifications methods are: e-mail message RSS aggregator SMS message
  15. 15. Course Checks Block This block carries out a number of automated checks on a course, that are all user configurable. The checks were designed to encourage a minimum standard of course quality and highlight possible opportunities for improvement. The block also has the option to allow users to "clear down" a course, simply removing any sections that don't have content. It won't delete any sections that have content and/or a summary.
  16. 16. Sandbox Moodle plugin which programmatically restores courses to predefined course states. It can be used to provide playground moodle courses which will be cleaned periodically.
  17. 17. TaskChain The TaskChain module allows several elearning "tasks" to be connected together into a "chain" which forms a single Moodle activity. The activity is accessed by clicking on a link on a Moodle course page.
  18. 18. Mass Actions Block This block allows instructors to perform actions upon multiple resources or activities, rather than having to perform repeated actions on individual items.
  19. 19. File Trash Utility for listing, downloading and deleting orphaned files (file no longer referenced in the files db table but still present in the Moodle data and/or backup directory
  20. 20. Essential Plugins
  21. 21. Bootstrap Grid Essential Plugins Extends the Atto editor so that bootstrap grids can be inserted into user generated content.
  22. 22. ATTO Fullscreen Essential Plugins This plugin adds a button to the toolbar which will expand the Atto editing window to fill the entire browser window. All other parts of the page are hidden.
  23. 23. ATTO Chemistry Essential Plugins Edit chemistry equations in Moodle 2.7, or later, using the mhchem extension to the MathJax or TeX filter. Useful for full and ionic equations, isotopes, equilibrium reactions, thermochemistry and reaction kinetics. Includes a periodic table of element symbols.
  24. 24. Fullscreen Toggle Essential Plugins The Fullscreen toggle button expands the content area by hiding all side blocks. Themes based on bootstrapbase / clean theme are supported.
  25. 25. Course Contents Essential Plugins Course contents block produces a table of contents for the course - that is a list of all visible sections (topics or weeks) in the course. Clicking at one of these links will display that particular section.
  26. 26. Auto Enrol Essential Plugins Enrol users into a course automatically, either as they log into your Moodle site or as they click on the course. In addition the plugin has advanced functionality to support automatically grouping and filtering users based upon their attributes.
  27. 27. The next Learn Moodle MOOC will be starting on 17 January 2016 What’s going on in the Moodle World?
  28. 28. What’s going on in the Moodle World? No money in Further Education? Free Sandboxes for tutors!
  29. 29. What’s going on in the Moodle World? Google Summer of Code Projects Bulk Meta Course Link An improved version of enrol_meta plugin which allows you to add multiple courses in a single enrol instance. Moorsp - Plagiarism Tool plagiarism_moorsp
  30. 30. What’s going on in the Moodle World? PHP 7 for Moodle
  31. 31. What’s going on in the Moodle World? Overview Report in Moodle 2.9 overview-report-in-2-9/
  32. 32. What’s going on in the Moodle World? Facial Recognition for Moodle
  33. 33. What’s going on in the Moodle World? Gavin Henrick’s Presentation on Improving the Student Experience experience-gavin-henrick
  34. 34. End of Presentation @lewiscarr

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My slides from the Yorkshire & Humber FE Moodle User Group @Wilberforce College November 18th 2015


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