Moodle for simplicity for moodleposium


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slides shared at Moodleposium 2011

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Moodle for simplicity for moodleposium

  1. 1. Moodle for SimplicityACFE e-mentor program 2011
  2. 2. Background information
  3. 3. ACFE REGIONS Hume: E-mentor Coach Carole E-champion Pauline Wilson
  4. 4. ACFE e-mentor program
  5. 5. Where does Moodle fit? Moodl e
  6. 6. ACFE E-mentors 2011 E-mentors & E- champions in all Regions State basedMoodle hub for Project Managementand Networking
  7. 7. Moodle used for …
  8. 8. #eleaders4hume RegionalMoodle hub for Project Managementand Networking
  9. 9. Moodle tools for …
  10. 10. 5 common scenarios By Mark Dreschler
  11. 11. Which one for you?Simple – Replacement Engaging Improved Newbasic processes environment student teaching feedback practicesFiles Assignments Remote RSSFolders News feeds Choice WikiPages Forums Random Feedback GroupsAssignments Groups glossary Database Calendar Embedded Blog Chat room multimedia Workshop Conditional activities
  12. 12. Communicating in MoodleO Program documentsO Specific forums
  13. 13. Learning in MoodleO Page:O Text and Embedded mediaO Links
  14. 14. Assessing in MoodleO Assignments:O Single upload file
  15. 15. File sharing in MoodleO Folders and files:O Documents ready for DownloadO Submitting new files to a folder
  16. 16. Scheduling in MoodleO Events and Calendar:O Events scheduled for this courseO Assignment due date
  17. 17. Learning with Moodle O Overview online in a webinar O Access to a hub as a teacher O Access to a topic area to develop O Mini project to extend learning and create a meaningful learning object in their topic for sharingYour mini project should consist of a practical task that requires theuse of a web 2 tool or other software to create an e-learningresource to share with the group. Eg a set of ppt slides on a topicuploaded to Slideshare and then embedded in a web page in yoursection of the hub.
  18. 18. Mini Project in Moodle
  19. 19. Planning ahead for Moodle
  20. 20. Moodle Basics Training for TeachersO January 2011
  21. 21. Teacher Sandpit Sample
  22. 22. Where to from here with Moodle? MACE Cobram, Moodle Numurkah,course units Wangaratta for Small learner Business clusters for 2012 … The Centre,YNH Moodle Wangaratta –course units embedding for Aged Pangerang Moodle for Care 2012 NH – CPD Moodle for ICT courses
  23. 23. Immersion in Moodle
  24. 24. Moodle for SimplicityO Immerse project teams in Moodle coursesO Communicate with project teams in MoodleO Prepare teams to design and develop in MoodleO Prepare teams to deliver in Moodle using Reflect and Connect course