Involving Counseling Staff in the NAF Academy: Benefits of ConnectEDU

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The counselor is critical for the success of an academy, yet counselors have not traditionally been expected to participate on an academy team. The ConnectEDU student platform is changing this in …

The counselor is critical for the success of an academy, yet counselors have not traditionally been expected to participate on an academy team. The ConnectEDU student platform is changing this in Miami since it requires that a counselor directly oversees the work with academy students. The counselor training provide by ConnectEDU increases counselors repertoire of college and career tools. These additional resources enhance college and career research and documentation for each specific academy theme and for each student in an academy. This process results in increasing counselor knowledge of the academy theme, individual student career and college interests, and the general counseling needs of academy students.

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  • Learning about the Connect! tools Understand the tools students use to Research Colleges and Create the College List Discover the tools in support of college applications: Tracking Applications & Submission with SuperAPP, Requesting Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation, Creating a Profile/Resume, & Storing Essays Learn about the Explore Careers and Majors tool Find out how the Career Planner can help you identify and track goals Plan courses towards graduation Understand the tools available for financial aid planning
  • What is SuperAPP? SuperAPP is a tool that allows students to apply to colleges in a more efficient manner. SuperAPP is not an application form or format, but rather, it is an application completion tool that enables students to complete multiple applications from a single, secure location. Students are able to select from a list of 1,500 institutions to which they would like to apply; SuperAPP then creates a single set of interview questions that eliminates duplicate questions and includes all of the unique questions from each of the college applications. When a student has completed the interview, SuperAPP populates each college’s actual application in its exact format for submission to the college.


  • 1. Involving Counseling Staff in the NAF Academy: Benefits of ConnectEDU Dr. Lupe Ferran Diaz, Director, M-DCPS Patricia Gregory, AOHT Lead Teacher Ana Sevillanos, SLC Coordinator Dr. Rosann P. Sidener, Principal Miami Beach Senior High School JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introductions
    • Getting to Know You
    • AOHT in Miami
    • District Perspective on ConnectEDU
    • Miami Beach Senior High School Overview
    • ConnectEDU media
    • ConnectEDU tools
    • Kinesthetic Communication
    • Scheduling
    • Value of Assigned Counselors
    • Communication Application – Creative Thinking
  • 3. What is your role in your Academy?
    • Teacher
    • Academy Leader
    • Academy Director
    • Counselor
    • School Site Administrator
    • District Personnel
    • Business Partner
    • Other
  • 4. Are you currently using ConnectEDU?
    • Yes
    • No
  • 5. How are counselors assigned to students?
    • By Alpha order
    • By Academy
    • By Grade Level
    • By house/school
    • Other
    • 17
    • 5
    • 11
    • 0
    • 4
  • 6. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 7. ConnectEDU
    • Goal
    • Provide a vendor developed and hosted system to senior high school students to assist with course planning, and selection of post-secondary education options including application, scholarships, and direct linkages to colleges and universities
    • Objectives
    • Current in-district options for course planning and college planning are largely manual and require significant counselor intervention. ConnectEDU would provide a portal where students can leverage their existing course credit information into a full featured post-secondary educational planning and selection tool.
  • 8. ConnectEDU
    • Alignment to District Goals:
    • Ensure achievement of high academic standards by all students.
    • Develop our students so that they are able to successfully compete in the global economy.
    • Actively engage family and community members to become partners in raising and maintaining high student achievement.
    • Reform business practices to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and high ethical standards.
  • 9. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO Cost Savings Analysis on Personnel Costs
  • 10. Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 11. Estimated Cost Analysis JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 12. ConnectEDU
    • Success Measurement
    • Evidence of at least 70% of college eligible seniors showing activity in the Connect EDU system in one year of full implementation
    • Evidence of at least 50 college applications being submitted in one year of full implementation
    • Evidence of at least 50 scholarship applications being submitted in one year of full implementation
  • 13. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 14. MBSH Demographics JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 15. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 16. Graduation Rate *Includes regular and exceptional student diplomas, but excludes certificates of completion. Source: High school: Student data base system, October 2010. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 Miami Beach Senior High* 60.5% 62.6% 63.1% 71.5%
  • 17. MBSH Academy Structure School of Liberal Arts School of Creative Arts School of Technical Arts JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
    • Academy of Marine and Environmental Science
    • Scholars Academy (IB Diploma Programme)
    • Academy of Visual and Performing Arts
    • Academy of Communication and Digital Media
    Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Academy of Information Technology Academy of Education and Training Service
  • 18. Our Lead Teachers
    • Ms. Nina Duval ,
      • Academy of Visual & Performing Arts
      • Academy of Communication & Digital Media
    • Ms. Patricia E. Gregory ,
      • Academy of Hospitality & Tourism
    • Ms. Lorelei Stepp-Frolick ,
      • Academy of Information Technology
    • Ms. Gussie A. Bowen ,
      • Academy of Education and Training Services
    • Mr. David E. Guthrie ,
      • Academy of Marine & Environmental Science
    • Ms. Tanya Diaz ,
      • Scholars Academy
  • 19. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 20. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 21. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 22. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 23. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 24. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO Miami Beach SHS Implementation Plan Activity 9 th 10 th 11 th 12 th How? How/by Whom? Support Register Students Jan & Feb Jan & Feb Jan & Feb Jan Use dedicated advising/ counseling sessions. Conduct group registration during required LA, social studies classes, freshman seminar classes. Registration conducted in the Media Center Computer Lab. Ms. Sahwell, Charmain Williams, Derica Gibbs, Ana Sevillanos; Tanya Diaz from Beach High and Katrina Herrera-Ed Fund. 12 th grade will be registered by English classes. 11 th grade will be registered by US History Classes. 10 th grade will be registered by English Classes. 9 th grade will be registered by the Career and Development classes. Expected time of completion May first 2011 “ Getting Started” Training Create A Student Portfolio/Resume Use profile & resume tools in LA classes, Social Studies class, or freshman seminar classes. Link to class work/assignment. Complete Career Inventory/Assessment Mar Mar Mar Feb During the registration period Career inventory was begun and assessment. This will be continued through class assignments. *Seniors were able to complete the inventory / Assessment by January 31, 2011 *Juniors are expected to finish by February 15, 2011 *Sophomores are expected to finish by February 22, 2011 *Freshman are expected to finish by March 1, 2011 “ Getting Started” Training & User Guide Complete College Search & Compare Apr Apr Apr Feb & Mar Students were asked to look for colleges after registration and assessment. This is an ongoing process throughout high school. Facilitate group activities in preparation for/follow up from college fair or rep visits. *Seniors have begun to do college search and compare including creating a college list on this site. Many of them have this already done. Many are receiving their acceptance letters. The seniors, who have not done a college list or have not applied, are being encouraged to do so by the end of February. *The Underclass is being asked to complete this section by the end of April. “ Getting Started” Training & User Guide Create a College List Students were asked to begin creating a college list according to the career path they chose and their college research. Create & Save a Scholarship Search NA NA March Mar & Apr Students were asked during the registration period to begin looking at scholarships. This will be re-enforced during individual counseling sessions and classroom presentations. *Seniors are searching for scholarships through the CAP website until we are able to provide this service on ConnectEDU. “ Getting Started” Training & User Guide Use Financial Aid Planner & EFC Integrate tools into existing, Finance, Economics, and/or Social Studies course activities. Complete essays NA NA NA Jan to May Seniors have been asked to use tool to upload essays completed in LA classes. Juniors have been asked that they should start looking at their college list and begin their essay drafts. *Seniors have been asked to upload their college essays through their English classes by May first 2011. “ Getting Started” Training & User Guide Submit SuperAPP Jan to May Promote use to students for the ability to track and report all utilization and task completion in real-time. On going for the entire school population Managing Stud. Applications . Complete Senior Survey April-May Use tool as part of course assignment with follow-up during senior activities. Require to pick-up cap& gap or participate in other senior activities. Completion is “ticket” to event. Week of May 16 th 2011 Senior Survey Training – May
  • 25. ConnectEDU: Tools for Students
    • Interactive Planning Tools
    • Course Planner & Credit Checker
    • Test Prep Information & Test Dates
    • Financial Aid Information & Critical Dates
    • College Budget & Cost Calculators
    • Scholarships Search & Applications
    • Profile & Resume Building
    • Communication Tools
    • Email Counselors, Students, & Parents
    • Host & Track Student Events
    • Send Scholarship & Events Notifications
    • College Search Tools
    • Customized College Search
    • College List Collaboration
    • 4,300 + Searchable College Profiles
    • Side-by-Side College Comparisons
    • Acceptance History Scattergrams
    • Centralized Student Tracking
    • SuperAPP Application Processing
    • Complete Application Tracking
    • Electronic Transcript Requests
  • 26. ConnectEDU: Benefits to Counselors & Administrators
    • Save time & money!
    • Track student progress
    • Expedite registration and track graduation requirements with up to eight years of student data
    • Ensure state and district graduation requirements are met
    • Analyze college-bound trends and assess post-secondary planning initiatives
    • Compare student data across districts, schools, or student groups
    • Generate reports on college acceptance, scholarships and honors, and career interests
    • Collaborate for application completion and streamline application tracking
  • 27. The SuperAPP
    • SuperAPP allows counselors to easily view students'
    • college applications, track students' progress, quickly
    • complete all administrative tasks, including processing
    • requests for letters of recommendation, official
    • transcripts, school profiles and all other application
    • documents from a single online dashboard.
    • Using SuperAPP, counselors have the ability to track
    • 100% of the colleges that students apply to and use
    • this data to create customized reports.
  • 28. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 29. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 30. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 31. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO Electives
  • 32. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 33. The Value of Assigning Counselors to Academies
    • To better counsel students regarding each assigned career theme;
    • To better communicate with parents;
    • To develop a sense of “belonging” on the part of the counselor;
    • To open the lines of communication between counselor/lead teacher that would expedite schedule changes, etc.;
    • To ensure that students are following the correct program of study and course sequence;
    • To strengthen the “family” atmosphere;
    • To prevent students from being withdrawn or switched from the academy without prior consultation with the lead teacher;
    • To maintain fidelity to the academy model in regards to cohorting of students;
    • To avoid manipulation by students of choosing a counselor to get what they want;
    • To make more effective use of time for all parties involved.
  • 34. Communication Application – Creative Thinking JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO
  • 35. JULY 18, 2011-SAN FRANCISCO