Lessons Learned on the Journey to Create a Great Intern Program


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Come hear how to design and implement a successful internship program from a team that's built a great model in Dallas through a partnership between the Dallas Independent School District and Capital One.

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Lessons Learned on the Journey to Create a Great Intern Program

  1. 1. #NAFNext2014
  2. 2. Capital One Internship Program – Lessons Learned on our Journey #NAFNext2014
  3. 3. • Introduction s • Audience composite • Educators, Corporate , Administrators • Demographic #NAFNext2014 Welcome to our interactive discussion on internships
  4. 4. Our President, Sanjiv Yajnik , had a very clear and compelling vision when we started last March…. Create an intern program that truly reflects the excellence and intent of NAF Gold Standards, and Capital One With an add on… Create a scalable process that we document for other companies to use And another add on… Let’s start with 10 internships! #NAFNext2014 Our journey started with a great sponsor… yours should too! “No Pressure!”
  5. 5. #NAFNext2014 Major program elements consist of robust and relevant business exposure in addition to their daily work First week – deep orientation Professional Speaker Fridays Project Competition
  6. 6. Program managers Managers – Day to Day Buddies - #NAFNext2014 We’ve built in multiple support structures to give a variety of perspectives and viable networking
  7. 7. We were surprised at how many themes we could relate to our business #NAFNext2014 We landed on IT, Finance and Hospitality
  8. 8. It’s all about the students – build your internship around a real work experience; recruit passionate advocates as managers Show up and partner with the Academies – Get to know the Academy teachers, their process, and what you can do together to make the process easier and consistent across multiple academies Start early, it takes longer than you think! Transportation HR hiring policy for under 18 Security screening process#NAFNext2014 Lessons learned – In a nutshell
  9. 9. #NAFNext2014
  10. 10. Pics of students #NAFNext2014 Keeping the students in mind every step of the way keeps the journey focused
  11. 11. Knowing the teachers daily “reality” helped us build a better program and streamlined process #NAFNext2014
  12. 12. Start early to address the unexpected! #NAFNext2014
  13. 13. #NAFNext2014 Wrap up comments
  14. 14. Potential Hand outs - Application process - Onboarding schedule - Framework for program - NAF gold standard #NAFNext2014