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Your Zip Code Does Not Define You!


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Bridging the gap between poverty and success is a challenge for all academies. This session will highlight the obstacles associated with students who are economically disadvantaged and provide practical solutions for supporting students facing these problems.

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Your Zip Code Does Not Define You!

  1. 1. Ways to zip through your Zip Code obstacles to experience success: Choose four of the following obstacles that your Academy is facing and brainstorm in your group the best possible solutions. *Advisory Board *Parent Involvement *Community Involvement *Overcome Resources Deficit *Perseverance *Branding *Culminating Project w/core teachers *Internships *Mentor Involvement • Each six weeks the students must bring their parents to at least one event or use SKYPE for conferences. •Have more social time with core teachers outside of school; for example: bowling or dinner. This will broaden the team and work load distribution. • have monthly church service with students. Have the students vote for the church of their choosing. • Send out a list of calendar events to various corporations with proposals for donations in advance for the years activities. Problem #1 Overcome Resource Deficit Problem #2 Community Involvement Problem #3 Parent Involvement Problem #4 Perseverance
  2. 2. The Academy of __________________________________ Possible Zip Code Obstacles Problem #1 Problem #2 Problem #3 Problem #4