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Getting Serious About Student Retention


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SUNY Broome is one of 64 campuses in the State University of New York System and a new member of Achieving the Dream. “Joining Achieving the Dream was important for us,” said Heather Darrow, Staff Associate for Student Retention. “We are striving to become a college that is proactive and not reactive. I think that’s why we joined when we did - and why we invested in Starfish. Both investments demonstrate our administration’s commitment to student success.” SUNY Broome focused on early alert flags and Kudos in their initial implementation, and now they are eager to do more. They are training faculty, building automated workflows around flags, and developing ways to encourage participation both within the faculty and for those in non-academic roles. This Webinar will focus on advice and “lessons learned” in the early stages of implementing the Starfish platform at a community college. As Heather Darrow said, “In the beginning it seemed very abstract – I know it can be hard to conceptualize how Starfish will work. But I figured it out, and others can too. I look forward to helping other schools!” Speakers: Heather Darrow, Staff Associate for Student Retention Michelle Beatty, Online Student Advisor

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Getting Serious About Student Retention

  1. 1. Getting  Serious  About  Student   Retention Advice  for  Early  Implementers  of   Starfish  
  2. 2. Meet  the  crew….. Scot  Beekman Assistant  Director  of  Administrative   Information  Systems,  Tech  Lead Heather  Darrow Staff  Associate  for  Student   Retention Rebecca  Lawson Open  SUNY  Concierge  &   Academic  Coach
  3. 3. Who  is  Broome? • Community  College  in  the  State   University  of  New  York  system • Approx 7,000  students  per   semester  (Fall  2016) – 4,000  full  time   – 3,000  part  time • Fall  to  Fall  Retention  Rate  of   52.1%    (2015-­‐2016)
  4. 4. “While  we  have  an  excellent  track  record  of  student   success…we  are  always  seeking  ways  to  innovate  and   improve  our  students’  experience.  We  want  even  more   students  to  achieve  their  academic  dreams…” –Kevin  E.  Drumm,  President,  SUNY  Broome  Community   College
  5. 5. “I  believe  that  as  an   institution  of  higher   education,  we  have  a  moral   obligation  to  offer  all  that  is   possible  to  assist  with  a   student’s  success.    Starfish   has  been  a  meaningful   partner  with  assisting  us  to   reach  this  imperative.” Francis  L.  Battisti,  PhD Executive  Vice  President  &  Chief  Academic  Officer
  6. 6. Getting  Serious… Starfish   • Fall  2015 – Pilot  Group  40-­‐50  faculty  and   staff – Manual  alerts  &  progress   surveys  campus-­‐wide • Spring  2016 – Campus-­‐wide  roll  out  &   training  for  faculty  &  staff   • Fall  2016  to  present – Ongoing  expansion  &   optimization Achieving  The  Dream • Fall  2016 – Joined  ATD  network  with  the   goal  of  improving  student   outcomes  for  all – Looking  to  streamline  and   focus  our  retention  efforts – Move  toward  a  culture  of   evidence.
  7. 7. Skimming  the  Surface:  Our  Early  Alert  History • Limited  homegrown  early  alert  system  in   BANNER   – Alerts  only,  no  positive  feedback – Notifications  came  from  Learning  Specialist – No  close  the  loop  feature – Only  ¼  of  faculty  using  it
  8. 8. Getting  on  board  with  Starfish • System  Configuration  and  Staffing • Roles  and  permissions • Staffing  considerations • Academic  coaches  (Existing  staff) • EOP,  SSS,  Open  SUNY,  Perkins,  LA   Overflow • Triaged  intervention  approach • Ongoing  coordination  &  collaboration
  9. 9. Lessons  Learned:  A  Tech  Perspective • Banner/Argos/Blackboard/Google  Calendar/RR  Advisor(Tutor)Trac • Prioritize  your  data  file  programming • If  integrating  with  Blackboard,  use  BB  user  and  section  ID’s • Imports  are  incremental  only,  full  data  push  available  by  request • If  possible,  base  roles  on  position  number • Multiple  data  files  for  multiple  terms  for  easier  troubleshooting • Once  live,  version  your  change  requests  into  semester  releases
  10. 10. All  Hands  on  Deck!! • Our  strategy  for  improving  campus  buy-­‐in • Starfish  Communication  Plan – Fish  food  messages – Faculty  emails • Starfish  training  options • Division  outreach • Faculty  Ambassador  program • Orientation  demo  for  students • Faculty  “Course  Tools” • Faculty  resources/website (
  11. 11. Making  a  Splash  with  Starfish! • Faculty  usage  &  alerts  have  more  than   doubled  over  our  previous  system • Greater  than  2:1  Kudo  to  Flag  ratio • Fall  to  Spring  retention  of  alerted  (flagged)   students  has  risen  7%  since  our  pilot  in  Fall   2015  
  12. 12. 89.4% 91.1% 77.5% 76.2% 70.0% 75.0% 80.0% 85.0% 90.0% 95.0% Fall  2015 Fall  2016 Fall:Spring  Retention  Comparison   First  Time,  Full-­‐time  Students Students  Tracked  in  Starfish Students  Not  Tracked  in  Starfish #  of  Students #  Retained %  Retained #  of  Students #  Retained %  Retained Tracked  in  Starfish 710 635 89.4% 650 592 91.1% Students  not  Tracked  in  Starfish 825 639 77.5% 1063 810 76.2% Fall  2015 Fall  2016
  13. 13. Any  Questions?