SCAS Panel Session - Unique Solutions and Practical Ideas


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NAF developed a next-generation assessment system designed to model real-world demands, including the integrated application of academic, career-technical and workforce readiness skills. Designed to bridge the gap among high school career-technical programs, post-secondary course articulation, admission policies and workforce readiness, Student Certification Assessment System (SCAS) assesses a broad range of content and skills through rigorous end-of-course exams and evidence-based portfolios combined with supervisor and teacher feedback. This open and interactive panel session will explore benefits and opportunities while providing a problem-oriented approach to implementing and supporting SCAS. Panelists will represent different perspectives, and will be able to offer unique solutions and share practical ideas.

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SCAS Panel Session - Unique Solutions and Practical Ideas

  1. 1. #NAFNext2014
  2. 2. SCAS Panel Session: Unique Solutions and Practical Ideas #NAFNext2014 Facilitator - Karlene McCormick Lee, Ed.D., NewLeef LLC
  3. 3. • Panelist Introductions • SCAS Overview • Panel Questions • Audience Questions • Submit Comment Cards Session Process #NAFNext2014
  4. 4. Panelist Introductions
  5. 5. • Laura Fidler • National Academy Foundation • Carol Hedgspeth • WestED • Kathy Horton • Homestead High School • Debbie Moore • Raymond S. Kellis High School • Peter Weinstein • Pearson Foundation Our Panelists
  6. 6. • Is responsible for supporting the use of NAF curriculum, instructional, and assessment practices in addition to supporting the development of work-based plans. Laura Fidler Instructional Manager, NAF #NAFNext2014
  7. 7. • Conducts alignment and validation studies, and manages assessment development projects including the development of assessments for NAF SCAS. Carol A Hedgspeth, PhD Assessment & Standards Development, WestEd #NAFNext2014
  8. 8. • Provides leadership for NAF academies and teaches students how to be entrepreneurs by exposing them to the Entrepreneurship Curriculum. Kathy Horton Miami-Dade Public Schools #NAFNext2014
  9. 9. • Teaches students on our campus and involves them in community service through PBL. I get to help students find their career pathway! Ms. Deb Moore Marketing Educator, Peoria School District, AZ #NAFNext2014
  10. 10. • Leads the development and maintenance of the whole NAF Curriculum, which now includes 30 courses across four academy themes. Peter Weinstein, MA Pearson Foundation #NAFNext2014
  11. 11. SCAS Overview
  12. 12. Student Certification Assessment System Getting Ready for the IAs
  13. 13. Student Certification Assessment System – SCAS • A Rigorous Certification • A Secure Assessment Program • A Measurement of College and Career Readiness • Aligned with Industry Standards • Designed with National Curriculum and Assessments Experts • Developed with NAF Network Input What SCAS is…
  14. 14. • A Learning Management System • A District Student Information System (SIS) • A Student Portfolio • A Lesson Planning Tool • A Formative Classroom Assessment What SCAS is NOT…
  15. 15. Issued upon graduation to a student who has: • Completed 4 NAF courses receive a passing score on each of the 4 culminating projects and end-of-course exams or end of course exams in 2 year- long courses for AOE. • Received a satisfactory rating on the internship assessment. • Met all local high school graduation requirements. SCAS Requirements…
  16. 16. • Online System • Policy and Practice • Training and Outreach • Value Add Where NAF Is Going With SCAS
  17. 17. Support and Resources • Guide • FAQs • Videos • Webinars • Coaching • Professional development • Pilot Participation • Technical Support Where To Find SCAS Information
  18. 18. • To participate in SCAS or for information about SCAS training, contact a member of your NAF Instructional Management Team. • If you have questions about SCAS general practices or continue to have difficulty, please contact Where To Find SCAS Information
  19. 19. Panel Questions
  20. 20. Why is SCAS crucial to the NAF Model and students? Question 1 #NAFNext2014
  21. 21. What practical ideas or tips can you share about using SCAS? Question 2 #NAFNext2014
  22. 22. What challenges have you faced and overcome in using or working with SCAS? How did you resolve the challenges? Question 3 #NAFNext2014
  23. 23. How do you or would you encourage and support the use of SCAS within a NAF academy? Question 4 #NAFNext2014
  24. 24. What is one final thought or practical idea that you would like to share? Question 5 #NAFNext2014
  25. 25. SCAS ? Just Ask. #NAFNext2014