Jeopardy Game Greece Rome Test
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Jeopardy Game Greece Rome Test



Jeopardy Game World History Fall 2008

Jeopardy Game World History Fall 2008



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Jeopardy Game Greece Rome Test Jeopardy Game Greece Rome Test Presentation Transcript

  • Jeopardy! for the Classroom
  • Early Greece Sparta and Athens Alex the Great Roman Republic Roman Empire Roman Decline 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500
  • These people were the first of the Greek peninsula
  • Who are the Minoans?
  • These games are held every 4 years in honor of the Greek gods.
  • What are the Olympics?
  • This sea is at the center of Greece.
  • What is the Aegean Sea?
  • This man is known for reforming Athens.
  • Who is Solon?
  • This military formation helped the Greeks to dominate in battles.
  • What is the phalanx?
  • This civilization trained their males to serve in the military.
  • Who are the Spartans?
  • These people valued education over all else.
  • Who are the Athenians?
  • These people fought off Persia at the Battle of Thermopylae.
  • Who are the Spartans?
  • This great Greek thinker killed himself rather than be killed by the government.
  • Who is Socrates?
  • Inside this structure in Athens there was a golden statue of Athena.
  • What is the Parthenon?
  • Alexander was from this country.
  • What is Macedonia?
  • This is the name of Alexander’s father.
  • Who is Phillip II?
  • After pushing through Persia Alexander’s army continues towards this country.
  • What is India?
  • Alexander’s spread and mixing of cultures is referred to as this period.
  • What is the Hellenistic Period?
  • Alexander dies at this very young age. (within 3 years)
  • What is 32 years old?
  • These 2 brothers are part of Rome’s creation myth.
  • Who are Romulus and Remus?
  • These people were the first to live in Italy.
  • Who are the Etruscans?
  • These 2 people hold the highest position in the republic.
  • Who are consuls?
  • Street violence erupts after these brothers try to enact reform in the assembly.
  • Who are the Gracchi (Tiberius and Gaius)?
  • This disagreement between patricians and plebeians caused a secession in 494BC.
  • What is the Conflict of the Orders?
  • He was the first emperor of Rome.
  • Who is Caesar Augustus?
  • This is the period of relative peace in the empire.
  • What is the Pax Romana?
  • Daily Double
  • These 2 groups cause problems by not participating in Roman religious activities.
  • Who are Jews and Christians?
  • This man is credited with spreading the word about Christianity.
  • Who is Paul?
  • This Roman emperor ended the persecution of Christians and created a new capital for the empire.
  • Who is Constantine?
  • The death of this man marks the end of the Pax Romana.
  • Who is Marcus Aurelius?
  • This emperor divided the empire in half in 284AD.
  • Who is Diocletian?
  • These are the two capitals of the empire under Constantine.
  • What are Rome and Constantinople?
  • The Roman army often used these people, who were generally not loyal to Rome.
  • Who are mercenaries?
  • This date is generally considered the “Fall of Rome.”
  • What is 476AD?
  • Final Jeopardy!
  • Philosophy
  • This is the name of Plato’s famous book on government.
  • What is “The Republic”?