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Rome: Legendary Origins


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Rome: Legendary Origins

  1. 1. Social Studies for 9th EBG Teacher: Mauricio Torres LEGENDARY ORIGINS
  2. 2. ORIGINS • Background • Aeneas • Romulus and Remus • Rome´s Early Kings
  3. 3. BACKGROUND Early mystery • Even thought Roman history is heavily documented, its origins are covered by a shroud of mystery. • Only old ruins from the 800s BC have been found, suggest that people lived there. • But even ancient Romans were curious about their own history. – Therefore, its leaders created legends, maybe based on true events, that spoke of a glorious past. Rome at its peak
  4. 4. AENEAS Aeneas was a Trojan hero: • According to an epic poem called the Aeneid, when the Greeks destroyed Troy, Aeneas fled with his followers. After a long journey, they reached Italy. • Soon afterwards he formed an alliance with a group called the Latins. Together they fought against others. • Aeneas’ descendants ruled Italy for some time. Aeneas fighting in Italy
  5. 5. ROMULUS & REMUS According to legend, they were the founders of Rome. • They were twin brothers who descended from Aeneas. • When they were babies, they were thrown inside a basket into the Tiber. • They were rescued by a wolf, who cared for the boys for many years. They were eventually found by a shepherd. Sculpture of Romulus & Remus
  6. 6. ROMULUS & REMUS Founding of Rome • When they grew up, the brothers decided to build a city to mark the spot where they were found by the wolf. • While planning, Remus mocked Remulus. In a fit of anger he killed his brother, and named the city after himself. Rome
  7. 7. ROME’S EARLY KINGS Romulus • According to historians, Romulus was the first Roman king. This was around 753 BC. • According to roman records, seven kings in all ruled the city. – The last three of them, were Etruscans. – The Etruscans were a group of people that lived in Italy and were very influenced by the Greeks. Research tip: • Read at home what you can about the Etruscans. Very little is known about them. Why is that? • This may be on the test!
  8. 8. ETRUSCAN CONTRIBUTIONS Kings • They built huge temples. Tarquinus, one of them, built the first sewer system in Rome! He also built a temple for Jupiter and held the first games at what would late be known as the Circus Maximus. • According to historians, the Romans inherited their numbers and alphabet from the Etruscans. • But not all kings were good. The last one, turned out to be ruthless and an evil tyrant. – He was overthrown in 509 BC by some nobles and a new way of government was developed. King Tarquinus
  9. 9. ASK YOURSELF • Recall: – What epic poem tells the story of Aeneas? • Explain: – What was remarkable about the childhood of Romulus and Remus? • Develop: – How might a legendary beginning make a country or empire more stable? • Draw conclusions: – Why did early Romans want to get rid of their monarchy?
  10. 10. BIBLIOGRAPHY • Burstein, S. M., & Shek, R. (2012). World History (Teacher´s Edition) (1st Edition ed.). (H. McDougal, Ed.) Orlando, Florida, US.: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. • Images taken from