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completion type of test

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  1. 1. COMPLETION _____ of TEST Jessa S. Arino BSE-3B CBSUA
  2. 2. COMPLETION TEST This test consists of a series of items which requires the testee to fill a word or phrase on the blanks.This is also called filling the blank type of test.
  3. 3. Rules and Suggestions for the Construction of Completion test1. Give the student a reasonable basis for the responses desired. Avoid indefinite statements.Example: Wrong: Carolus Linnaeus was born in _________.Right: Carolus Linnaeus was born in the year _________. Avoid over mutilated statements.EXAMPLE:Wrong: ______________ was the first to view ______________under the ___________.Right: _______________was the first to view bacteria under the microscope.
  4. 4. 2. Avoid giving the student unwarranted cluesto the desired response.a. Whenever possible avoid a and an immediately before the blank.EXAMPLE:Wrong: An ________ cell is composed of nucleus.Right: ________ cell is composed of nucleus.
  5. 5. b. Do not indicate of the expectedanswer by varying the length of blanks.EXAMPLE:1.___________ is where synthesis ofprotein occurs.2.___________ is the powerhouse of thecell.3.___________ guards the entry and exit ofmaterials in a cell
  6. 6. c. Avoid lifting statements directly from the book.EXAMPLE: Wrong: Global warming is the result of the accumulation of heat on the surface of the earth brought about by the concentration of gases in the ________.d. Omit only key words or phrases rather than trivial details.
  7. 7. e. Guard against the possibility that one item or part of the test may suggest the correct response to another item.f. Avoid giving grammatical clues to the answer expected.EXAMPLE: The authors of the modern cell theory were _________.Improved: Modern Cell theory was theorized by _________.
  8. 8. 3. Arrange the test so as to facilitate scoring. a. Allow one point for each blank correctly filled. Avoid fractional credits or unequal weighing of items in a test. b. Select the items to which only one correct response is possible.
  9. 9. c. Arrange the items as far as possible so that the students responses are in a column at the right of the sentencesEXAMPLE1. A device used for 1. _________ magnifying objects that cannot be seen by the naked eye is called ________.2. ________ is a type if 2. _________ microscope that contains 2 or more lens system.3. _______ part of a microscpo 3. _________ that is used for final focusing.4. The mangfication of High 4. _________ power objective is _______.
  10. 10. d. Scoring is more rapid if the blanks are numbered and the student is directed to write his response in the appropriate numbered blanks.e. Prepare a key for scoring by writing on a copy of the test all acceptable answer.
  11. 11. SAMPLE TEST ITEMS OF COMPLETION TESTDirection: Fill in the blank the correct word or phrase. Write your answer at the right column. 1. Phycology is the study of 1. _____________ _______. 2. The utilization of the 2. _____________ biologocal organisms, aystems and processes to convert materials into variety of products is called _______. 3. ________ discovered 3. _____________ penicillin by accident. 4. ________ and _________ 4._____________ said that the stucture of DNA 5. _____________ is double helix.
  12. 12. THANK YOU for ___________.  