meaning introduction advantages mcq definition types disadvantages features price corporate governance operations research conclusion mlis ksou gst normal distribution anova research 2018 promotion product z - test objectives vision academy steps in hypotheses characteristics differences solution demo image cost estimation benefits place functions international human resource management types of hypothesis international business classification blis business market research international accounting scope of business research problem linear programming normal curve one way anova assumptions importance business research foreign exchange market meaning and characteristics of operations research initial simplex table simplex method advantages & disadvantages credit card goods and service tax image swot analysis comparision examples components steps problems meaning and definition factors influencing neft sebi xbrl report writing types of errors alternative hypothesis null hypothesis efta characteristic of hypothesis importance of formulating a research problem two-way anova analysis of variance t-test mechanism of trading in futures market significance of research certificate of deposit iasb foreign exchange poisson distribution chi square test chi-square test human resource management leadership tax avoidance management this ppt include classifications meaning of research aggregate turnover transfer of residence procedure difference process how it works picture limitations application block diagram productivity applications pictures target customers demo machine location battery strategies 4 p's of marketing sgst cgst organizing controlling planning marketing strategy diagram people operational problems of edp mutual funds example health insurance structure of sebi decline stage maturity stage growth stage introduction stage product life cycle atm importance of leadership public revenue public finance canons of taxation structure of indian tax system welfare state public expenditure fiscal discipline pinterest npv irr gst council invoicing related compliance registration compliance gst compliance requirements growing economic power of developing countries functions of nabard nabard population idea generation sampling marketing channels direct marketing direct marketing channels ownership theory corporate governance - ownership theory retention strategies customer retention strategies time value of money sampling meaning and types recognition and measurement of assets recognition and measurement of assets and liabilit rbi indian economy financial management in mnc & mne balance of payment mathematical formulation standard form of lpp foreign exchange exposure nature international human resource management - meaning income tax game theory present value interest factor of an annuity of 1$ z - test - difference of two population mean one tailed test two tailed test stratified random sampling administrative structure central and state jurisdiction primary source documents lafta sdr imf scientific research decision making criteria for selecting a research problem research proposal types of research assignment ignou normal distribution properties ztable one way anova steps marketing management business research methods literature review applications of operations research in business personnel management two-sample z-test fisher underlying assets of forwards contracts importance of research technology theory information and society library mnc in world indian mnc fdi ifrs itc regional and international organizations engaged i research process basics of operations research interval scale ordinal scale nominal scale qualitative data rank sum test standard deviation type ii error type i error hypotheses statistics etf recruitment selection working capital fund flow statement golden rules of accounting meaning of plagiarism dividend policy communication income from house property income from salary shut down or continue tax evasion tax planning futures contract students commerce mutual fund marketing real estate 2019 features of an appropriate cap mm approach noi approach ni approach capital structure theories sample sample and population in resea sample and population types of population application of multivariate application of bivariate application of univariate variable multivariate bivariate univariate benefits of ifsc features of ifsc example of ifsc code how to find ifsc code meaning of ifsc ifsc indian financial system code meaning of neft neft transaction charges types of privilege bank privilege banking disadvantage privilege banking advantages privilege banking islamic bank around the world conventional bank islamic banking advantages of fpo at - the market offering non - diluted fpo diluted fpo types of fpo follow on public offer types of trade marks essential features importance of trade marks trade marks advantages of net banking features of net banking imps rtgs how to use net banking net banking meaning net banking advantages of crowd funding debt crowd funding equity crowd funding reward crowd funding donation crowd funding types of crowd funding crowd funding types of inflation meaning of inflation inflation how to make videos for busines challenges of video marketing strategies of video marketing video marketing indirect channel direct channel types of strategies financial integration integrated financial market ways of funding to a startup facts and figures startups eco system why startups india what is startups? startups in india types of atm machine disadvantages of atm advantages of atm how to use atm meaning of atm nabarad's initiatives government sponsered schemes supervisory functions developmental functions interest rates long term refinance uses of upi sending money on upi upi pin meaning of upi upi fund manager types of account pran card how to open nps account national pension scheme benefits and challenges green banking products sources of green banking features of green banking green banking most popular crypto currency advantages of crypto currency crypto currencies are safe crypto currencies are legal types of crypto currency crypto currency eligibility legal frameworks types of credit card number structuring optimality condition multiple optimum solution optimal solution steps of simplex method convert into standard form problems on standard form constraints equalities of the problem on inequalities minimization graphical problems on 3 constraints graphical solution graphical solution problems problems and steps. graphical solution of of linear programming definitions meanings threats opportunities weakness strengths strategic analysis objectives of segmentation segmentation reporting rules segmentation report noise pollution water pollution air pollution effects of environment environment human rights reasons for population growth human population & environment business management skills disadvantages of audit report advantages of audit report contents of audit report types of audit report audit report fixed & flexible budget types of budget budget & budgetary control types of co-operatives co-operative society characteristics of entrepreneu programme entrepreneurship development data analysis data collection describe population the research design create hypothesis evaluate the literature identify the problem types of preference shares preference shares equity shares types of shares meaning of the shares share & types of shares advantages of export marketing features of export marketing indirect exporting direct exporting methods of export marketing meaning of export marketing export marketing between entrepreneur & manager entrepreneur & manager promotion strategies distribution strategies pricing strategies product strategies sales promotion strategies fast-moving consumer goods two ways of fdi foreign direct investment motor insurance types of general insurance general insurance external & internal audit government audit meaning audit of other individuals accounts of partnership firm sole trading concern types of private audit objectives of audit private audit meaning private & government audit salary improvement manufacture collateral production testing & verification design & development design planning concept/ideation 7 stages new product development physical environment 7ps of marketing mix joint arrangements operation segmentation financial instrument disclosur non - current assets insurance contract business combination share based payment first time adoption of ifrs meaning of ifrs ifrs & 17 standards social & culture environment technological environment demographic environment political environment natural environment economic environment macro environment marketing environment facts about life insurance whole life insurance unit linked insurance plans endowment policy term insurance types of life insurance insurance life insurance offline marketing online marketing techniques online & offline marketing steps of market planning short-term long-term types of marketing planning market planning proof of residence textile sector food producer services sector covered under mudra types of mudra loans pm mudra yojana not for profit objectives non - profit organization types of online payment online payment system calculation of borrowing cost inclusions borrowing cost development function regulatory function protective function functions of sebi objective headquarter of sebi tools and techniques management accounting meaning cost and management accounting liquidity risk diversification professional management balanced or hybrid funds money market funds debt funds equity funds on the basis of auditdimension on the basis of audit approach on the basis of function on the basis of organization types of auditing great women personalities importance of womenempowerment problem face by women why we need empowerment women empowerment r challenge and solution top h objective of hra human resource accounting modiglini miller approach traditional approach net operating income approach net income approach approaches determinants meaning & definition capital structure features of venture capital debit card parts of atm atm cards functions of bank meaning of bank on the basis of organisational industrial estate meaning types of marketing strategies market mix strategies swot analysis framework basic strategies accountancy & auditing trading in domestic market domestic market behavioral challenges leadership in business example of sales growth sales growth planning steps sales growth rate calculation importance of sales growth sales growth advantages of tax planning types of tax planning meaning of tax planning past dividend rate policy of the company factors affecting dividend dividend total e-commerce users growth of internet users e-commerce companies types of e-commerce a word of e-commerce final audit meaning external audit internal audit features of working capital types of working capital team spirit initiave equity scalar chain centralization remuneration unity of direction unity of command discipline authority and responsibility division of work general principle of managemen principles of management factors of consumer behaviour consumer behaviour example of behavioral segment behavioral segmentation psychographic segmentation example of demographic segment demographic segmentation example of geographic segment geographic segmentation bases of segmentation why segment the market meaning of market segmentation market segmentation ap 2016 ma in economics ap 2016 management ap 2016 commerce dependent sample independent sample kset 2018 kset 2020 types of critical region/ test standard error statistical estimation meaning sampling distribution central limit theorem methods & types non probability sampling probability sampling methods sampling concept & methods classification of data types primary source of dc disad. primary source of dc advantage primary source of dc types research design meaning & type reseach characteristics research meaning & definition report writing structure report writing types report writing meaning econometrics software used python application python-basic & history r-basic feature & application spss basic and feature non parametric statistical parametric statistical types parametric statistical test critical regions hypothesis types hypothesis formulation hypothesis definition hypothesis meaning hypothesis example hypothesis concept binominal distribution bayes' theorem approaches to probability basic concepts of probability regression analysis correlation skewness measure of dispersion measure of position measure of central tendency 28 percent rate 18 percent rate 12 percent rate 5 percent rate 0 rate no tax applicable various gst tax slabs in india gst slab rate in india türkçe slovenčina portugues polski nederlands magyar italiano francais español deutsch dansk čeština bokmål english different language sandisk software appeal by aggrieved person appellate tribunal orders of first appellate order of appellate authority revision under cgst/sgst revision under gst act electronic liability ledger gst regime electronic ledger person required gst payment payment of tax naa benefit of input tax credit detailed analysis anty profiteering input service distribution special circumstance claim input tax current regime tax liability job work input tax credit in detail valuation solution of problem case study problems notes format types of customs duty basis of determining the duty constitutional provision export duty import duty sec (108) taxable supply sec 2(107) taxable person sec 2(103) suppliers sec 2(102) service sec 2(98) reverse charge sec 2(92) recipient supply sec 2(90) principle supply sec 2(84) person include sec 2(72) non taxable supply sec 2(62) input tax sec 2(52) india meaning sec 2(52) goods meaning sec 2(50) fixed establishment sec 2(43) electronic commerce sec 2(32) continues supply sec 2(31) consideration sec2(30) composite supply sec2(20) casual taxable person sec 2(17) business includes supply of services transfer business assets treatment or process land and building transfer schedules under gst commentary scope of supply levy and collection of tax levy gst return penalty or fees revision of returns completion of returns positive negative exemption individual taxable person important point gst registration register under gst time limit to claim refund calculation of gst refund refund claims situation leading to gst what is gst refund gst refund what is gst direct tax indirect tax fundamentals of gst types of gst dual gst model one nation one tax gst councils other compliance returns related compliance committee and recommendation recent tax reform indirect tax family in india different type of taxes old and new tax system constitutional power of tax negative list table conditions re export duty drawback amendment act 2016 constitution back ground normal provision important points changes in composition scheme summary of 23rd gst council position rate tax position scheme composition levy summary duty free jewelry general free allowance baggage remark problems on baggage tourist jewelry provisional return to india general free allowence types of passenger article mentioned in annex baggage rules statutory provision general prohibition definition of baggage special audit cgst act 2017 audit tax authority types of audit audit under gst power of officers section 5 of model gst law sgst act state goods and services tax cgst act central goods and service tax nominal account personal account real account importance of finance introduction of finance importance of accounting time management taeam work hr hiring hr skills hr role hr meaninng social media marketing mobile marketing email marketing television marketing radio marketing print marketing media's of marketing marketing skills pg studies in commerce commerce department naac peer team naac future belongs to smart world future of solar glass solar glass in india solor glass buildings meaning of solar glass data center in mumbai solar panel and solar glass machine features and advantages bio degradeble spoon flavours life of this spoon how to made plan for new product opinion by publics right time for sale how it work how to make' torch light wires solar pannels umbrella mirror cost of the mirror online dress shopping proposal basic features techno;ogy rack pinion mechanism roller mechanism crank shaft mechanism wastage of power basic principles rpg impact on environment procurement supply statistics nodal agency regulatory status vehicle technology biomass ethanol pv pannels connecting box battery based inverter function development agriculture images marketing plan hunger state in india highest hunger country death details in india how to publicity in food waste how to control food waste entrust specific persons easy to manage types of crime house theft bank theft uses of smart doors estimate sales new cylinder misson vision profile of the company uhr new product launch in marketin colour heating coffee beans machine blueprint magnetron radiation classic oven fabrication industrial ovens tobacco heating procedure offline beauty parlout improvements' working of solar dryer principles need for solar dryer solar charger in bus mobile phone nutrition growing history of mustard industry overview mustard estimation of cost help centre extra services retail meaning piezoelectric material include footstep arrangement working piezoelectric material contact quality profitability emergence of new product usage of renewable resources renewable resources earning ideas different levels production introduction about ayurveda how it is work purchase materials krl file meaning of file logo company information why use arecont uses plates and bowls harmful effect of plastic plastic impact on human health public response price estimation ingredients features of china soap how is made soap meaning smartellabag demo comparison company required components market analysis swat analysis seasons effects intoduction why minerva advertisement expenses budget financial results tv ad digital ad swoc analysis target customer world most expensive slippers world oldest slippr scruff outdoor slipper's novelty slippers moccasins slip on slippers knitted booties types of slipper history of the slipper token system payment system automatic door system roof to keep out the sun glass system making chair facility standing escalator moving escalator cleaning street or footpath purity of blood stop nose bleeding cures eyes infections cures bleeding of gums doob grass control sugar boost immunity throat acidity grass juice as a medicine grass juice how to prepare video disaster revenue from this project assumption investment app demo image payment of the application demerits merits why this is essential practical problems welcome utgst igst customs duty indirect tax direct tax types of tax introduction to tax internal trade international trade meaning of import and export types of trade meaning of trade objects directing commercialization test marketing product development business analysis concept development idea screening new product strategy innovation invention terms relationship marketing social responsibility marketin integrated marketing internal marketing pay payroll information system compliance operational financial irs tax external internal compensation and benifits succession planning learning and development performance and selections recruitment and selection process of hrm objectives of hrm importance of hrm resource human import and export prohibition scope marketing management creditors meeting class meeting special meeting committee meeting extra ordinary general meeting annual general meeting statutory meeting share holders meeting types of company meeting give a statement in prospector assist to investigators sign his audit report duty to enquiry duty to report duties rights controllable costs sunk costs opportunity costs operating costs variable costs fixed costs indirect costs direct costs cs company secretary rules duties of company secretary other qualification statutory qualification qualification physical evidence proces 7 p's marketing mix elements cultural events leisure events corporate event private event types of event characteristics of management definition of management introduction to management solution by government types of women entrepreneur market information risk and bearing standardizing and grading financing stages and where housing transportation selling facilitating functions functions of physical supply functions of exchange marketing process marketing meaning digital advertising product or brand integration public service advertising outdoor advertising print advertising advertising importance's advertising types meaning of advertising rudset kvic awake sisi nsic cedok institutions engaged in india edp important objective of edp meaning of entrepreneur questions job cost sheet what kind of business use job costing disadvantages advantages of job costing definition of job costing meaning of job costing exchange traded fund money market fund bond precious object stock investment types investment meaning objective evidence concept accrual concept marketing concept realization concept dual aspect concept accounting cost concept accounting period concept money measurement concept business entity concept accounting concepts meaning requirements for itc under gst in eligibility of itc conditions to claim itc how to claim input tax credit meaning of input tax credit open a business bank account get federal and state tax id's apply license and permits register your business choose your business name choose a business structure pick your business location fund your business write your business plan conduct market research how to start business in home steps to start small business small business meaning home insurance travel insurance vehicle insurance insurance types insurance principles meaning of insurance introduction to insurance hra calculation house rent allowances fully exemted allowances partially exemted allowances taxable allowance's provident fund perquisites types of allowances exemption of salary salary includes salary meaning recovery through depression recession perk expansión gdp real growth of india business cycle functions or stages prevention of malpractices fair and proper functioning protection of investor rules of sebi objectives of sebi features of sebi meaning of sebi marketability and liquidity economic contribution price determination bibliography sensex bse functions objectives of bse vision and mission of bse introduction of bse dormant company one person company small company foreign company non government company government company subsidiary company holding company public company private company unlimited company companies limited by share registered company statutary company types of company definition of company meaning of company 14 principle of management global objective national objective human objective social objective economic objective objective of business characteristics or features mobile commerce c2b c2c b2c b2b e-commerce in business objective of e-commerce developing of new product alteration contraction product lines strategies why product line decision meaning of product line saturation stage product life cycle features stages of product meaning of product limited partner sub partner outgoing partner secret partner minor partner partner in profits only partner by estoppel nominal partner sleeping partner active / managing partner types of partners introduction of partnership key responsibilities of ca opportunity of ca how to become a ca introduction of icai npo's working in india management by elected person separate entity profit is not the critirion main aim is services quantitative business research qualitative business research business research process business research types business research meaning services market industrial market consumer market rural marketing classification rural marketing scope rural marketing meaning rural marketing introduction detection and prevention errors of principle compensating errors duplicating errors errors of commission errors of omission technical errors secondary objectives primary objectives objectives of auditing meaning of auditing accounting rules types of accounts systems of accounting functions of accounting meaning of accounting types of sales promotion objectives of sales promotion meaning of sales promotion customer v/s consumer importance or scope features consumer behaviour meaning of consumer behaviour direct response in television direct selling voicemail marketing door to door leaflet marketing e-mail marketing tele marketing direct mail types of direct marketing meaning of direct marketing disadvantages of e-banking advantages of e-banking debit card and credit card internet banking mobile banking rtc e-banking types e-banking services meaning marketing environment india qualities of a good leader definition of leadership leadership meaning rbi mcq non monetary function monetary function reserve bank of india #depreciation methods #depreciation features #depreciation definition #depreciation meaning #definition of depriciation #mobile marketing #pay per click #influencing marketing #email marketing #affilate marketing #content marketing #social media marketing #seo #search engine optimization #digital marketing strategies #meaning of digital marketing #conclusion #big retail players in the ma #reasons for growth of retail #stages of growth in retail se #features and components of re #definition #marketing #retail management in recent scenario seamless online purchases online purchases seamless fisher's rate capital budgeting fisher's rate intersection - in capital budgeting meaning of capital budgeting capital rationing disadvantages and problems capital rationing - introduction different types of taxes comparison between old and new tax stream taxes under indirect tax family in india constitutional powers of taxation modified rate of return - meaning dpbp pbp internal rate of return - meaning profitability index - meaning formula & problem net present value - meaning objectives & scope financial management – meaning time value of money – meaning & methods functional areas of financial management key decisions of financial management profit maximization vs wealth maximization sources of finance finance – meaning top 10 best companies working in india 2021 country of origin of top mnc’s in india 7 indian companies feature in fortune global 500 l mnc’s in india mnc in india are attracted to agencies which controls activities of mnc in india challenges for mnc’s in india set up by the un’s economic and social council code of conduct drawn up by the commission on tnc’ meaning of code of conduct code of conduct of mnc according to the brandit commission according to oecd code of conduct in 1976 multinational corporations #5 - code of conduct of dominations of mncs over indian economy dominance of mnc’s worldwide recent trends in mnc multinational corporations #4 - dominations of mnc sbu matrix organizational structure team organizational structure virtual organizational structure geographic organizational structure product organizational structure functional organizational structure multinational corporations #3 - organizational str benefits to host country benefits to home country disadvantages to host country disadvantages to home country criticism to mnc benefits to host country benefits to home country multinational corporations multinational corporations definitions and characteristics multinational corporations #1 - introduction business research methods - assignment - literatur schedule i levy and collection of gst ii & iii levy and collection of gst – scope of supply - sch important definitions of terms under cgst law constitution background to gst dual gst model & types of gst one nation - one tax goods and services tax meaning gst council & functions of the gst council returns related compliance and others compliances gst compliance requirements - registration complia an international trading firm encounter 3 sets international business environment international business environment - internal and european free trade association (efta) latin american free trade association (lafta) modes of entry into international business meaning of gatt general agreement on tariff and trade transfer of technology growth in emerging markets trends in international trade problems related to global sourcing production sharing global sourcing global sourcing and production sharing globalization of international business indian economy globalization of international busi theories of international trade growing economic power developing countries national bank for agriculture and rural developmen india’s foreign trade policy composition and schemes aims india’s foreign trade policy - objectives components and disequilibrium balance of payment - meaning meaning of balance of payment introduction about international business and bala objectives and functions geocentric and regio-centric polycentric stages of international orientation - ethnocentric stages of international orientation eprg meaning of international business : introduction to international business scope and features history international business – meaning competition policy goals competition act factors influence the internal environment internal business environment futures of hr planning key issues involved in ihr planning factors affecting marketing in 21st century marketing in 21st century customer’s of 21st century types and main factors external business enviornment - meaning elements of external business enviornment csr corporate social responsibility corporate social responsibility arguments for and multiple regression multiple correlation partial correlation multiple correlation and multiple regression analy applications and techniques components and application in forecasting time series analysis procedure for testing hypothesis steps to be involved in testing of hypothesis environmental factors on marketing macro environmental factors on marketing micro and macro environmental factors on marketing distribution of product- importance and channels o regulatory approaches new approaches traditional approaches types of accounting approaches accounting approaches-meaning and types role of advertisement in selling of product advertising – meaning and role of advertisemen determinants of leverage decision components of the pecking order theory pecking order theory mm approaches to capital structure traditional and mm approaches to capital structure inductive approachares to formulate accounting deductive and inductive approachares to formulate sampling error difference between probability and non probabilit sampling error difference between probability and incremental cash flow incremental cash flow concept and calculation different approaches to formulate for accounting t different approaches to formulate for accounting semantic and behavioral accounting theory behavioral accounting theory a comparative analysis of syntactic census census and sampling its meaning and advantages xbrl fundamental xbrl - features and fundamental stages of new product development icai institute of chartered accountants of india institute of chartered accountants of india (icai) types and problems of project selection under capi problems of project selection under capital ration capital rationing - meaning types of ownership theory customer retention time value of money concepts time value money non-probability sampling probability sampling measurement of asset risk analysis using - payback period -sensitive an customer value of money sampling meaning objective and qualitative characteristics financial statement financial statement-meaning binomial and poisson distribution marketing management – definition and concept international accounting standard board(iasb) - s customer satisfaction methods of measuring customer satisfactions customer satisfaction – definition cash flow dependent and independent cash in evaluation proj cash flow - meaning dependent and independent ca role of sebi and rbi in framing and enforcing acc corporate governance committee narayana murthy narayana murthy corporate governance committee rep german model german model of corporate governance importance of oecd and principles and importance of oecd corporate governance - introduction business ethics argumets business ethics business ethics argumets in favor and against indian model indian model of corporate governance surbanes-oxley surbanes-oxley act (2002) cadbury committee cadbury committee report 1992 japanese model japanese model in corporate governance anglo american model anglo american model of corporate governance stewardship theory agency theory & stewardship theory of corporate go agency theory & stewardship theory section 80d deduction under section 80c section 80c deduction under section 80c and 80d determination of exchange rate forward market determination of exchange rate in forward market form 16 e-filing discuss about e-filing of it and preparation and i development international staff multinational team development international staff and multinational expatriates training training and development expatriates training and development and objective us gaap evaluate ifrs and xbrl taxonomy (us gaap) method of computation of income from house propert staff selection of expatriate issues in staff selection of expatriate advance payment of tax minimum alternate tax mat credit process of expatriation and repatriation and tcn and explain the process of expatriation an hcn mcn expatriation taxation international taxation domestic taxation domestic taxation v/s international taxation problems on dominance principle game theory - problems on dominance principle overview of xbrl tax tax return income tax return e-filing of income tax return selection in ihrm recruitment and selection in ihrm development of indian economy role of direct tax role of direct tax towards development of indian e foreign exchange quotation foreign exchange quotation – direct & indirect transfer pricing methods transfer pricing international transfer pricing methods models of international human resource management forex marke forex forex market - function and structure evolution of international transfer pricing tds – overview and applicability to different sect planning process in human resource management tax avoidance and tax evasion -difference and eff participants in foreign exchange market single and dual transaction approach international accounting - problem on single and d problem on single and dual transaction approach country culture vs mne culture impact of country culture on international human r country culture vs mne culture - impact of country incidence of corporate tax residential status of company residential status of company and incidence of cor bop regional culture culture and employee management issues country culture country culture and regional culture role of culture in international human resource ma concept and role of culture in international huma explain the types of company as per income tax act company - definition and explain the types of comp current and non current methods current rate foreign currency translation current and non current methods). methods of foreign currency translation (current r monetary /non monetary temporal method oreign currency translation foreign currency translation - monetary /non mone approaches to international human resource managem good tax planning good tax planning of the company good tax planning of the company will maximize the mathematical formulation of lpp- properties and ex features of indian gaap indian gaap gaap indian gaap v/s us gaap role of information technology role of information technology in international hu types or methods of foreign exchange exposure managing resources in ihrm. globalization challenges of globalization canonical form and standard form of lpp tds duties and responsibilities of of tds officer.whil operations research - models foreign exchange exposure - meaning and methods foreign exchange market and exchange rate discuss the rationale for harmonization of financi rationale for harmonization of financial reporting balance of trade balance of trade - importance and types operations research - application and scope in bus set off and carry forward set off and carry forward of losses set off and carry forward losses - it provisions characteristics and importance mint parity theory advantages and disadvantages mint parity theory - history corporate tax union budget 2021-2022 - highlights of corporate t factors contributing to accounting diversity at th purchasing power parity ppp merits and demerits purchasing power parity - introduction example and application in business linear programming - meaning scope and needs international accounting - introduction conceptual framework of international accounting types of sequential models assumptions of sequential models meaning of sequential models sequential models problems on replacement model types of replacement model replacement model r maximin minimax principle minimax principle maximin without saddle point saddle point dominance strategy mue find the value of mue finding the probability find the value of x value of x area property in normal distribution area property in normal curve pvf cumulative for 100 percentages pvf cumulative for 50 years pvf for 100 percentages pvf for 50 years difference between oral & written report principles of written report types of research report writing structure of report writing importance of report writing steps in report writing meaning of report writing report writing- importance guidelines for effective documentation precautions for writing research reports two population variance z - test - for two population variance population variance z - test - for population variance difference of two population proportion z - test - difference of two population proportion z - test - for population proportion population are unknown difference of two population mean two population mean population variance is known z - test - when population variance is known testing hypothesis population variance is unknown z - test - when population variance is unknown techniques of interpretation interpretation editing coding tabulation steps in preparing data for analysis sample variance unknown chi square test when sample variance unknown sample variance known sample variance type i and type ii errors type ii errors type i deciding the type of tailed test left tailed test right tailed test hypothesis testing in paired t-test paired t-test for population mean when population standard devia t-test - for population mean when population stand t-test - testing of hypothesis for difference of two popula t-test - testing of hypothesis for difference of t assumptions of t-test t-test - testing of hypothesis for population mean testing of hypothesis for population mean optimum allocation neyman’s allocation proportional allocation equal number of units from each stratum principles of stratification non sampling errors sampling errors errors in sampling permissible statistical tools ration scale measurement scales in statistics introduction to hypothesis basics of hypothesis formulation of hypothesis composite hypothesis simple hypothesis critical region level of significance general procedure of testing hypothesis left tailed region right tailed region one tailed region two tailed region difference between non-probability sampling and pr quota sampling snowball sampling judgemental sampling convenience sampling non-probability sampling method reasons for sampling cluster sampling systematic sampling simple random sampling types of sampling probability sampling method qualitative techniques of data collection example of qualitative data case study and focus group discussion depth interview observation qualitative techniques of data collection - survey attitude measurement scales likert‘s scale semantic differential scale multi-dimensional scale thurston scale increasing the willingness of respondents questionnaire design process objectives of questionnaire layout and process of designing questionnaire guidelines for question wording questionnaire design - meaning key differences between primary and secondary data advantages of secondary data precautions to be taken before using secondary dat types of secondary source of data secondary source of data collection - published & disadvantages of primary source of data collection advantages of primary source of data collection interview focus groups survey observations primary source of data collection appointment of officers under the central goods an central goods and services tax act referencing an article reference list in text citations general guidelines for organizing apa-style refere referencing a web page for ebooks referencing a book groups as authors main parts to referencing why reference what is apa mendely chicago mla apa referencing american psychological association preparing the literature review document the process software for managing searches and writing managing literature review documents development of literature review web of science major database for literature review scopus identify and retrieve literature book report dissertation different types of academic writing conference paper characteristics of academic writing academic writing how to locate scholarly literature characteristics of scholarly literature scholarly literature tertiary sources systematic/empirical literature review narrative literature review types of literature review scope of literature review purpose of literature review why conduct a literature review integrative literature review what is literature review process of literature review argumentative literature review theoretical literature review methodological literature review historical literature review difference b/w theoretical and empirical literatur secondary sources describe introduction to literature review writing arguments and argumentation theory criteria for a sound argument adopted from hart (1 synthesis: write the review what is synthesis process of synthesis argumentation synthesis projective methods participant observation inkblot tests how to conduct observations for research word associations steps in observational research biases in observational studies merits of participant observation techniques of observation research demerits of participant observation non-participant observation structured observational studies demerits of observation research data collection through mechanical observation merits of observation research unstructured observational studies observation involves few controls than the experim characteristics of observation research characteristics of observation observation research characteristics of experimental research design meaning of experimental research design experiment experimental research classification of experimental research design experimental research design advantages of common market the caribbean common market common market for eastern and southern africa disadvantages of common market andean common market andean community central american common market free trade area common marketing for international business examples of common market the southern common market caribbean community single market political union economic union common market european economic community customs union levels of economic integration nafta limitation of lafta central american free trade agreement north american free trade agreement goals of lafta latin american free trade association efta secretariat efta council organization of efta history of efta mission of efta objectives of efta european free trade association introduction to efta expert opinion survey the survey of concerning literature analysis of insight stimulating examples examples of exploratory research experience surveys why conduct exploratory research focus group discussions comprehensive case methods meaning of exploratory research introduction to exploratory research exploratory research design secondary data analysis difference b/w exploratory and conclusive research longitudinal designs multiple cross sectional designs methods used in descriptive research cross-sectional designs single cross-sectional designs meaning of descriptive research design introduction to descriptive research descriptive research design special drawing rights governance and organization financial assistance technical assistance introduction to international monetary fund surveillance system of imf goals of imf fast facts on the imf international monetary fund functioning of the world bank. objectives of the world bank international bank for reconstruction and developm why a research design a research design addressers issues contents of research design features of research design definition of research design meaning of research design research design objectives of european union european monetary union factor mobility european union common transport policy wto world bank swayam course swayam international business - mcq ifc ida gatt business environment importance of scientific research in business deci meaning of scientific research hallmark of scientific research definition of scientific research business decision making economic policies trade barriers legal system socialist economic capitalist economy economic system mixed economy buddhism hinduism islam christianity religious factors social factors political instability political stability demographic factors master of commerce uses of theory in research role of theory in research theory and facts criteria of theory contribution of research to theory definition of theory meaning of theory social science inductive deductive epistemological ontological radical structuralist paradigms radical humanist paradigms interpretive paradigms functionalist paradigms research paradigms research gap formulation of research problem research question developing research question definition of hypothesis meaning of hypothesis anova problem two way anova model steps for calculating two way anova assumptions of two way anova technique involved in defining a problem components of research problem characteristics of good research problem problems may arise from definition of research problem what is a research problem egynkosh contents of research proposal purpose of research proposal meaning of research proposal exploratory research empirical research conceptual research qualitative research quantitative research analytical research descriptive research applied research basic research fundamental research sponsor respondents ethical issues ethics pgdast sample size different sample size onewayanova ma in economics normal distribution - finding the proportion normal distribution problem normal distribution – find the area properties normal distribution – introduction and properties normal distribution – properties normal distribution – introduction one way anova one way anova - problem calculation procedure fdistribution one way anova – steps subscribe to vision academy #ttest #means #assumptionsofanova #classificationofanova #typesofanova #introductionofanova #definitionofanova #fisher #variance #analysisofvariance #anova banking management general management materials management financial management production management meaning of business research building cash management models allocating capital among various alternatives building financial planning models investment analysis portfolio analysis finance dividend policy making monitoring and control project scheduling determination of proper work force deployment of work force allocation of resources to projects construction modes of fdi mergers and acquisitions joint ventures merger acquisition strategic alliances management contract licensor leases licensing process modes of entry different modes of entry into international busine innovative business funding innovation encourage innovation in your business planning innovation approaches to innovation successful organizations business innovation schemes purpose limitation need of the topic history evolution stages theoritical background of the study characteristics of operations research hewlett-packard applications of operations research finance department scope of operations research background of operations research analogue models iconic models iconic models static and dynamic models models by method of solution models by behaviour models by the extent of generality models by nature of an environment mathematic / symbolic models prescriptive models descriptive models predictive models purpose models degree of abstraction classification of models models in operations research secondary source of data collection primary sources of data collection sampling design review the literature objectives of the study statement of the problem title of the project difference between research methods and methodolog research methodology research methods research methods versus methodology one-sample z-test meaning of parametric f-test z-test types of parametric spearman’s rank correlation mc nemer test wilcoxon signed-ranks test sign test types of non-parametric test meaning of non-parametric test cash delivery offsetting settling a future position marking-to-market (m2m) margin requirement characteristics of futures contracts what is a futures contract why forwards contracts tailored made features of forward contracts meaning of forwards contracts tax management substantial loss permissive tax planning short term tax planning relief rebates concession deductions exemptions hedger arbitrageurs speculators participants/ traders in derivatives market derivatives advantages and disadvantages definition of underlying asset difference between shares and derivatives shares d uses of derivatives functions of derivatives market features of derivatives characteristics of derivatives history of derivatives obstacles to harmonization arguments for and against harmonization need for harmonization risks involved in introducing ifrs in india beneficiaries of convergence with ifrs structure of ifrs why ifrs meaning of convergence with ifrs objectives of ifrs objectives of business research kothari role role of business research research application in business decision research application in business decision areas information information technology fundamental of computer computer fundamentals of computer information service information source catalogue reserach definition of research characteristics of research features of research business reserach features of money markets instruments commercial papers papers commercial treasury bill an overview of money markets instruments meaning of transfer pricing definition of transfer pricing objectives of transfer pricing key isssues in transfer pricing introduction to transfer pricing models in operation research operations introduction to operations research fortune 500 companies fpi fii mnc investments this ppt describe the mnc investments in india and mnc cost of capital the cost of capital for mnc international accounting services good goods and services tax purchase by installment or by hire own or lease make or buy decision corporate tax planning practicing problems foreigh exchange rate fluctiation afa oecd university iosco ifac iasc approaches in international accounting importance of ia introduction international accounting international financial reporting standards rationale for harmonization harmonization harmonization in international accounting synopsis literature survey innovative business practices import export research and development status in companies solutions to researcher problems researcher problems problem and solution to indian researcher objectives of research ratio scale secondary data cross sectional data primary data quantitative data binomial distribution f test t test z test rank correlation test u test non-parametric test quartile deviation mean deviation variance range spice model median types of probability principales of probability rules of probability meaning of statistics difinition of statistics history of statistics history of statistics in india world history of statistics debentures stocks bonds indian capital market nse bse difference between primary and secondary market capital market secondary market primary market dharvad health selection process schedules of changes principles of organization organization concept companies act public limited company competitive exam net exam networking kset slet cash flow statement methods of avoiding plagiarism types of plagiarism why do companies declare dividend types of dividend policy procedure for declaring dividend dividend policy and procedure strategies for resolving conflict process of conflict dysfunctional conflict functional conflict conflict verbal and non verbarl communication communication meaning communication in business leadership nature leadership importance leadership definition leadership styles informal groups formal groups group dynamics group tasks group properties \tax evasion other source capital gain renovation renewal replace repair tax planning with make or buy decision bonus share tax planning with inter corporate dividend swap options characteristics of forward and futures forward contract global depository receipt american depository receipt futures forwards skills stock market private banks e-commerce production hotel business financial sector insurance sector hierarchy of needs theory-theory x and theory y-hy
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