faculty of education pakistan university of sindh prof. dr. amjad ali arain m.ed b.ed. 2.5 b.ed (elementary) hons b.ed. (hons) elementary young teachers' professional development (tpd) university of sind m.ed. b.ed. hons elementary part (iii) dr. amajd ali arain b.ed 1.5 young teachers' professional development (tpd dr. amjad ali arain simple theories of learning concept of classroom assessment a project to promote conceptual learning for all basic measurement test testing and evaluation faiza types of variables assembling the test ume farwa shazia development of educational guidance program kanwal syeda wajeeha naeema fareed rooha shaikh sara mirza siraj ul-haque waqar hassan planning for assessment abdul hafeez parkash mal checklist fatima zohra aneeqa hashmi aitzaz ahsan saiqua maitlo bloom's taxonomy saima laghari writing learning objectives table of specification latif qureshi urooj kinds of development seema motivation individual differences kanwal naz evaluation assessment and evaluation urooj fatima daignostic evaluation. munazza mohsin samo recognition type items and recall items objective type items abdul rauf ansari test testing and evaluation frequency distribution wardha samo meaning of test administration/conducting the test counselling of students after reporting the result essay type test shakti lal scope of test and evaluation principle purpose 45 sarang joyo reliability types of tests report test result to administration preparing the test items ramsha saleem validity sualiha lodhi learning objectives 24 verbal test madiha rajput reporting test results to parents order and ranking ansar hussain types of evaluation amtal basit tooba school evaluation program amna mishal qualities of a good test akhtiar ali summative evaluation formative evaluation misbah dot plot presentation muhammad zaeem inferential statistics population and sample sidera saleem sumera introduction to statistics sanam importance & scope of statistics ramza types of sample mohsin computer assisted data analysis (hands-on practice amna mean deviation) quartile deviation measures of dispersion (range zohra range quartile deviation tehmina variance sonia khan shamsa standard deviation shakeela coefficient of variance coefficient of variation sania bar chart saira correlation rabia t-test paras application of computer in inferential analysis nayab regression munira hypothesis testing javeria pie chart maie jeewan cumulative frequency kubra frequency polygon khalida histogram pictograms gull saba kurtosis farhana siddiqui skewness farhana application of statistics falak naz normal curve mode median eleson mean duwa types of data dua bushra types of statistics descriptive and inferential st aleena application of statistics in education and researc attention deficit & hyperactivity disorder (adhd) waqar ali learning theories of operant conditioning komal memon psychoanalytic school of thought aneesha kalhoro cognitive school of thought muswer ahmed biologigal school of psychology sehar the process of learning rozina shaikh nimra soomro types of motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic) muhammad rashid ali application in an educational context mariyam ahmed concept of intelligence bushra memon multiple intelligence theory zainab jawaid arain applications of educational psychology in teaching zafarullah urfa theories of learning (operant conditioning) sunena imtaiz theory of learning (classical conditioning) ruqaya gilal kanwal shaikh factors in test administeration afsheen advanced quantitative methods questionnarie asfia khan self-evaluation behavioral views of learning shahzeen difference between guidance & counseling akbar anasa fatima meaning & process of learning aqsa cognitive views of learning anila parveen learning disabilities & disorder mazhar hussain need & scope educational psychology definition zarqa comparison of all theories of learning what is guidance ? guidance program at school level sumera khan motivation & its types saleha cognitive theories of learning shahjahan attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) saima irfan approaches of motivation ruqaya rubina motivation needs & drives rabia nikhar cognitive views of development nida-e-zahra human development hira learning theories mazhar ali need & scope of educational psychology classical & opperant conditioning humera faiza turk learning style cognitive view of learning azra somro asma educational psychology & its nature asia elements & goals of counseling aisha abdul malik guidance pirah-soomro evaluation criteria for portfolio performanced based task munazza samo constructing objective and subjective test jeejal samo subjective and objective test sarang reporting to stakeholders warda rating scales formative and summative assessment ab. rauf ansari purpose of assessment amna qazi objective and essay type items ramsha -saleem scoring rubrics and rating scale pardeep kumar constructing objective and essay type test madiha shahid norm referenced and criterion referenced muznah university of sindh objective types items kaleemul types of grading and reports syed faizan ali principles of assessment anusha introduction-to-portfolio functions of reporting system amtal basit-tooba uses of portfolio amna samo measurment anecdotal_record teacher made test vs standardized test and tests. basic concepts of teaching nasreen afsheen memon factors in test administration ahmed nawaz statistics in education shoaib misbah shabbir learning objective hussain shah quantitative item analysis hina shabbir gul hassan memon qualitative analysis of test items assembling the test items zaree functions & scope of guidance kashaf ud duja qualities of counselor beenish elements & goals of counselling adhd (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) shani need and scope of educational psychology samiya process of counseling and qualities of a good coun types of counseling functions & scope of guidance & counselling numrah naveed elements and goals of counselling nadia theories of motivation summary auditory visual mansoor learning styles karim objectives of guidance & functions and scope of gu kiran individual differences in intelligence gifted and talented students iqra ibadat hina principles of human development farkhanda falak what is reliability and its types? function kasihf fuctions of evalutaion classification of research stages or periods of development and learning theories of motivation: maslow's hierarchy of need nature of personality intelligence social learning theory learning and development psychoanalytical and psychosocial development theo principles of development pre-natal development of child what is learning? language development motivation in teaching and learning difference between growth and development a simple growth and development factor affecting growth & development; dr. amajd a emotion types and importance in learning educational psychology in easy words understanding the early childhood behavioural theory of learning behavioral theory blooms taxonomy and learning domains purpose and importance of assessment and evaluatio benefits of formal performance assessment method of stating learning objectives outcomes norm-referenced & criterion-referenced tests evaluation and testing assessment testing education helping studetns av aids technology avaids visibility efficiency quality quantity
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