Champ Pitch Celtic-Plus Event 2011


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The CHAMP platform as pitched on the Celtic-Plus Event at Heidelberg, Germany

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Champ Pitch Celtic-Plus Event 2011

  1. 1. CHAMPCloud Hosted Autonomous Media Production
  2. 2. VRT-MEDIALABFILE BASED MEDIA PRODUCTION -  R&D for Flemish media industry -  Expertise centre -  Storage & network technology -  SOA workflow orchestration -  File- & compression formats/standards -  Information management -  Digital Media Factory @ VRT -  Two spinoffs -  candIT-media -  Limecraft
  3. 3. TRENDS IN MEDIA PRODUCTION Portable cloud Private cloud Public cloud-  Prosumer devices -  Location/network -  Crossplatform&Transmedia transparency -  Digital media consumer-  Professional software -  Consistent collaboration -  Integrated, interactive-  Mobile devices -  Flexibility w/o complexity advertising => Tablets => Cloud => New formats
  4. 4. CHAMP PLATFORM Professional: movies, shows, documentary, advertising, journalism Semi-professional: promofilms, private productions, citizen journalism, UGC, social collaboration, crowdsourcing Flexible, integrated and collaborative workflows in the cloud Open technology platform “App store” for Technology service providersTech (ecosystem) Facility companies no Telecom operators sect logy Media technology providers or Academic partners …
  5. 5. CHAMP PLATFORM Browser on consumer device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) Multidevice webapps Webapp 1 Webapp 2 Webapp 3 Webapp n …(HTML5/CSS/JS) e.g. research e.g. on location e.g. annotation Story interactions Flexible, integrated and collaborative workflows in the cloud Interoperable story information “App store” for technology service providers (ecosystem) User MGMT MAM 1 MAM 2 MAM 3 Storage … e.g. e.g. stock Management e.g. LDAP, broadcaster, e.g. music photography, services, e.g. … Exchange, … library news provider Flickr, YouTube Unity ISIS
  6. 6. MEDIA WORKFLOWS IN THE CLOUD High & low resolution workflows Public cloud Facilitary “Media data center” company Private dark fibreHigh speed Telco high speed backbone network hotspots Private Telco Consumer network dark fibre Personal Production company Laptops Portable Desktops, Private cloud & tablets cloud laptops & tablets (WoC) > 1Gbit/s (Fibre/LAN) 20Mbit/s (Consumer internet) < 7,2 Mbit/s (Mobile 3G) High & low latency
  7. 7. 2011 – CHAMP PLATFORM PILOT Real-life television production use case (Tournée Générale) Webapps for multi-device collaboration (information flow during production) POC datamodel implemented using RDF
  8. 8. 2012 – CELTIC PROJECT TOPICS High resolution media workflows in the cloud•  Partners •  High bandwidth fibre networks •  Public, private & portable cloud concepts Telcos •  Security (authentication, authorization, data Network technology integrity, data confidentiality, …) vendors•  Datamodel for story-centric collaboration Media experts •  Use of semantic technology such as RDF (metadata/media•  New use cases: workflows) •  e.g. fiction, sports, interactive formats, … •  Interactive, integrated advertising Production/Broadcast companies•  Professional cloud webapps: e.g. rough cut editor•  Platform business model Academic partners
  9. 9. CONTACTPeter Defreyne – – +32 494 15 95 92 Mike Matton – – +32 497 80 45 70