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Mindware is a mobile software development company in Korea. We have UMS (Unified Messaging System) and MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform). We also provide cloud service for our mobile platform.

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Mindware corporate overview 201209 in English

  1. 1. Mindware’s Solution Overview- Unified Messaging Platform (UMS), Tea Sept. of 2012- Cross-platform Application Develop Environment (MEAP)
  2. 2. UMS Solution, Tea 1 Why UMS ? 2 UMS Solution Overview 3 Technical Specifications 4 System & Network Diagram 5 Case Studies 6 New Business Offering
  3. 3. Why UMS ? :: Over 200 Billion Reasons per Day The rapid increase of network connected devices, including smart phones , have created more than 200 billion digital communications per day. Mobile enterprise solutions are in demand for creating and maintaining sync management for communication channels, in real-time or asynchronously, within this massive message-exchange era. Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Why UMS ? :: Unified Communication Matters What is commonly requested for, in almost all areas including consumer services and enterprise collaborations, is that consumers get access anytime, anywhere, and whenever they want without any limitations. Two-way communication is essential between people & their devices. For any kind of applications, inter-connections without putting a limit on messaging channels and various protocols is a must regardless of size. Mobile internet Multimedia Player Social Networking Messaging Finance Service Consumer’s Unified Communication Life Pattern Map, Navigation QR Code/ RFID Photo Office/Groupware Game/Entertainment Healthcare / Security / Public Service Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. UMS Solution Overview :: Features & Technical Specification Mindware’s UMS solution provides you with a unified communication platform without putting a limit on time, space, devices, and network protocols. This solution has already been verified by millions of subscriber’s ongoing commercial services and delivered to various enterprises. Our solution is providing in-house delivery for big enterprises and global cloud service thru Amazon EC2 for SMB stakeholders. Messaging Protocol SNS Email Facebook POP3 Instant Messenger IMAP Jabber Twitter MS Exchange Yahoo IM/MSN Friendster Lotus Notes Google Talks Facebook Messenger Seamless Blog/RSS Skype Google Blog NateON Clouds Connectivity Communications Wordpress RSS/ATOM Cellular/Wireless GSM CDMA Smartphone & Tablet 3GPP/HSPA Various OS Smartphone WIMAX/LTE WiFi Various OS Tablet Integration Protocol N-Screen Device SIP (for IMS) IP SetTopBox TCP/IP Web & SmartTV SOAP/REST Car Navigation JMS/JDBC KIOSK Device’s OS Network Interface Feature Phone Desktop Push Notification MIDP/CLDC Apple Push Noti. Svc. Brew WindowXP/Vista/7 C2DM for Android WIPI MacOSX Polling & Feedback Linux Unified Accessibility Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Technical Specification :: UMS Specification Mindware’s UMS solution provides support not only for repository, interface protocols, security, OS, and VM . Our solution also supports various kinds of embedded devices to be immediately utilized in enterprise-level companies. It also provides support for jQuery/Android/iOS sample codes to be quickly utilized. This will help to quickly adapt mobile applications to the existing enterprise infra and business legacy. Email Integration POP3, IMAP4 (request for separate system / server) Instant Messenger Jabber, Google Talks, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, NateON(in Korea) SNS Interface Facebook, Twitter, Me2Day(in Korea) Blog Interface Google Blog, Friendster blog, Wordpress Service & Client Push Notification iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Window Mobile and others Micro Community Create open or closed micro-site and register and manage members and events. Security HTTPS/SHA1/SHA2/DES/RSA/SEED and client provide non standard library Integrity Performance Each Native Application code(iOS/Android SDK base code) / Mobile Web Support OS Linux 64bit / Window Server 2003 or later 64bit / OSX Server 10.6 or later DBMS Oracle 10g and later / MSSQL 2008 Java VM & Compiler JDK 1.6 later / GCC Interface Protocol HTTP/RESTful/TCP Socket/File/XML/DB/FTP/SOAP/XML-RPC Server iOS : APNS direct Push / C2DM direct push for Android 2.2 with google account / Push Notification Active Polling for non direct push support OS & Feedback management system with UMS server Address book LDAP / Active Directory Interface / User Directory Security Secure Channel, SHA1, SHA2 encode & decode Interface Library C/C++ and Java based protocol and interface Library Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. UMS Solution Overview :: Benefit Through the use of UMS solution, enterprises and service providers can expect these quantitative and qualitative effects. 1 Business Viewpoint 2 Company Viewpoint 3 Individual User Viewpoint Strengthen Business Competitiveness Increase communication quality Increase Usability (Job Productivity) - Increase company-wide productivity and expand - Increase touch with consumer (friend/family) - Increase job productivity/concentration by using business opportunities for further growth. - Increase productivity through limitless working on effective time management through different the go by mobile devices. messaging channels. - Collaboration possible by building a seamless communication environment. - Support compulsory methods including message - Increase customer “ in touch” time - Support wide-range service channels auto re-sending / receiving check. - Speedy access to internal company data and job processing. – Increase usefulness not limited for specific Cost deduction / Investment effect applications (Twitter, Facebook) and channels (email, SNS, IM). maximized Increase Convenience - Support continuous connection/ utilization of existing messaging devices in hand - Support communication / SNS and all areas of - Very low cost compared to the existing job processing through mobile devices (including Expand end-points with customers communication methods ,including voice / SMS/ smart phones) anytime , anywhere , easily ,and MMS. with single access - Speedy actions on requests from customers and markets. Security Solution Reduce Cost – Increase Satisfaction - Increase the quality of customer services - Limitless use compared to the existing - Mobile information security from network / connection to SNS related to customers– information management viewpoint messaging channels. enterprises – brand - product - High – quality service for low cost and - Safe data sending/ receiving and remote access management for devices multimedia messages. Contribute to strengthen Service – Quality – Collaboration-Job competitiveness and Productivity Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. System & Network Diagram Mindware’s UMS solution provides 2 ways of delivery. Either by using a single system for large service providers (for more than 10 thousand employees or millions of subscribers) or by using a SaaS type service, for not only a single country, but for worldwide users through Amazon EC2 cloud system. * The above system and network configuration is to distribute and expand the system for large-scale services.(Minimum service requests for at least 2 mid-range level servers including application server and database server. )(Korea’s Telecom is a Virtual Machine base service hardware infra which provides our services and consists of over 40 server instances.) Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. New Business Offering :: Business Variation with Tea Provides a unified communication platform without putting a limit on time, place, devices, networks, a basic objective of mobile devices. Various kinds of business models are available through Mindware’s UMS solution with Industry professional partners. 7 For Party, religious church & organization 1 Unified Messaging Interactive communication/information transmission tool with elements of party and Unified Messaging including unified religious body messaging platforms of mobile carriers for Push Notification/question/vote/fund-raising of integrity messaging services various schedules/events/education- Unified messaging services such as Unified Messaging Organization announcement information SNS/IM/SMS/MMS/PIMS under 2G/3G/4G and WiFi network environments Service Manage Tool • Improvement of union/mutual understanding in organization • Unification/simplification /high integration of messaging service channels 6 Company Business Application Tea Core/ 2 E-Tax Invoice SDK/IDE Utilization of automation tools for Mobile Mobile Business interoperating with groupware, BI, ECM, Additional company service based on Tax Invoice Application EIS and ERP wired/wireless convergence Support security policy for devices/data Issue/approval/transmission (NTS) and • E-mail/approval/resource notification of mobile-based E-tax invoice Professional Vertical reservation/common folder/address• Transaction transparency/keeping tax Partners Solutions book/schedule/micro-community sources and tax revenues & supporting of task automation 5 School messaging/content Finance Transaction & Mobile Bill Education 3 Interactive communication tool linking Mobile Ticket schools to students/teachers/parents of Real-time report/guidance service for all & Reservation students finance/dealings on credit Unification of introduction and management based on provisional office of education Bill services and report of utilities such as electric/gas/communication & Infra 4 Mobile Ticket & Reservation • Auxiliary and new interactive tool for paper service New channel related to web/telephone/field sales teaching tools by way of Tablet/Pad • Improvement of service satisfaction & Enhancement of union/improvement of service satisfaction through • Improvement of educational reasonable consumption/analysis and push immediately after advance purchase effect/achievement through utilization of recommendations of consumption-use educational content and communication pattern expansion Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Cross-platform Dev. Tool M-CADE 1 Why Cross-platform Development is needed? 2 Our Approach 3 Technical Specifications 4 System & Network Diagram 5 Competiveness & Differences with other solutions
  11. 11. Why CADE? :: From Fixed/Slow and Full Control To Mobile/Dynamic and Empowered era We’ve heard about many cases of mobility projects tried by enterprises fail due to mobile OS fragmentation and rapid environment change. Despite unclear results and failures, enterprises realizes that applying the mobility trend and utilizing it is the only way and unavoidable. It is a basic agenda for all to increase business efficiency in this era. Moving from: To: Fixed, slow and limited connectivity Always connected...everywhere Devices are provided and given by the cooperation Devices chosen by the users Devices are fixed and not movable Devices are mobile Enterprise has full control Highly empowered users Security within the corporate network Securing a dynamic network Frost & Sullivan, “Demystifying Mobile Security” August, 2011 Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. Our Approach :: Comparison list of each kind of MEAP product or solution Mobile Web solution is the most popular choice for simple access to an enterprise’s legacy, business application ,and system. Otherwise, a native application development solution is needed to get more specific and accurate data from a mobile device’s hardware handled API. A hybrid type of solution is getting more keen interest since it utilizes the idea of attaching components onto mobile devices to increase compatibility. Anyways, the most important point for an enterprise is to choose the right solution. The right solution starts by analyzing their own legacy system, infra and target application in order to mobilize it. After clarifying itself, the next phase is to understand characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses and adapt it to fit their system. Mobile Web, Script Subject HTML5 Native Code Code Conversion Runtime Engine Engine Develop by specific Provide each runtime Browser base rich control Native code dev. Template JavaScript Framework for neutral language or single application running support application dev. library on each OS. Some Summary mobile browser base web Framework by W3C’s players are provided the standard language it engine and develop by application framework converts each OS native single business logic industry standard industry template code code Sencha, Rhomobile, Titanium, Volantis (Antenna SYBASE, Syclo, Key Players PhoneGap Software) SYBASE, SKY Technology SK C&C, WorkLight Antenna Software Highest compatibility, Low Compatibility of mobile web High productivity, Low High productivity. Better Best performance, Reuse Strength managing cost, Easy + utilization and possible Legacy native code manage cost, and single performance. Single management change. control of device API approach code code running all Rely on browser’s High TCO. Requested Re-touching issue makes Limitation on device full Runtime Engine’s quality compatibility. Common most large size a lot of cost. Code Weakness power and utilize. Low support function only management dept. for converter’s quality is is too high. OS porting performance. cost is quite high. available.Not handle by own. operation. crucial. Types of Similar UI/Process with Needed full power of Needed to run on many Roughly same with desktop web app. Such as Require cross compatibility device capability with kinds of OSs with device Proper Biz ‘Runtime Engine’ type linear access and simple with desktop. performance. Geo, GPS, API. And not many IT Application solution key in. Info search, lookup. Hardware acceleraton people Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. Our Approach:: MEAP Strategy - Multi Platform? Multi Approach! Mindware’s approach plan is to respect an enterprise’s current assets and legacy. To realize our plan and deliver it to enterprise customers, we’ll provide the solution for a well organized legacy business application, development framework and familiar technology background. Supports C/C++ edition environment for high performance and compatibility, Java edition of the most widely used developing environment, and Tcl edition for a simple and easy learning curve. Now businesses can focus on business values, not on technical realization. Subject Support Title CADE S3 C/C++ CADE S3 Java CADE S2 Tclet Own IDE tool or suite(support OS) ◎ (Window/Mac/Linux) Development Eclipse (Window/Mac/Linux) ◎ ◎ IDE Visual Studio (Windows) ◎ Xcode (Mac) ◎ ◎ Android emulator ◎ ◎ ◎ Dev. & Debug iOS Simulator ◎ ◎ Emulator Windows Phone Emulator ◎(2Q/2012) Android ◎ ◎ ◎ Support OS iOS – Phone/iPad ◎ ◎ ◎ Desktop-Window/Mac/Linux ◎(3Q/2012) Audio Player / Auto Complete Text View / Button / Canvas / Camera View / Check Box / Date Picker / Time Picker / Dialog / Map View / Map Support Control Overlay / Grid / Gallery / Image View / GPS Location / Menu / Menu Item / Navigation / Page View / Radio Button / Group / Seek Bar / Sliding -Layout View / Spinner / Table View / Tab View / Video View / Web View (Feb. of 2012) Camera-Take / Camera-Album / Camera-Video Record / GPS-On-Off / GPS-Position / Bluetooth-On-Off / Bluetooth-File Transfer / NFC / Device API Gyroscope (Feb. of 2012) Running Type Runtime Online / Stand alone Stand alone mode only Stand alone & Server running mode Both Online & Stand alone mode Android Market/In-house deploy ◎ ◎ ◎ Deploy iOS Enterprise(In-house) deploy ◎ ◎ ◎ iOS AppStore ◎ ◎ Within 3Q of 2012, Mindware will be release the mobile web base Edition. Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. System & Network Diagram The CADE Platform does not require a separate system / network as it is a supporting device for the development environment. It works with the Web Server or Web Application Server currently used by the existing enterprise and service platform, to distribute scripts and documents (used in Runtime engine for analyzing Tcl Script and documents for GUI) to devices.* The above system / network configuration considers about distributing andexpandability for large – scale service, and script / document are distributed throughWeb server in blue line. When integration inside and outside is required, RemoteService server in red dotted line is required. Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. Development / Test-Debug / Operation Flow After CADE setup, the procedures for development, test , management of application after developing, and deployment are summarized below. • Providing Push alarm server and Feedback • Providing remote access / debugging mode for management system user devices remotely after user agreement 2 procedure 7 • Supporting various encryption protocol • Integrating with RSA/SEED/SHA and customer standard encryption module 6 •When application is corrected / distributed additionally, minimization way without 3 application patch (enterprise / in-house deploy) • To provide expandability and 4 5 flexibility in interface with various • Support various protocols for easy interface with internal and external systems, various new internal-external business system support integration by various data • HTTP/FTP/DB/FILE formats 1 • Support easy management / speedy changes (XML/JSON) when “Write Once, Use Anywhere” information / data is changed. • Respond speedy change of smart phone / pad market • Provide with independent integration development environment from different smart phone / pads • Easy development and management, maintenance, minimize management cost Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  16. 16. Brief Case Studies 1 UMS : Message Service in Carriers 2 UMS : SNS with messaging Service from Carriers 3 E-Tax Service 4 Field Works Support System : KNPS 5 Field Works Support System : Samsung Life Insurance 6 ‘WITH’ The N-Screen Media Service Platform 7 UMS delivery to Asan Medical Center by PAAS
  17. 17. 2008~2010CASE Studies 1 :: Messaging Service in Carrier KT OPEN Mail Mindware’s UMS Platform ‘Tea’ demo apps <tea for Android> <tea for iOS> “Support MIDP devices running on various smart phone OSs and Java applications” •Developing and commercializing KT Openmail •Providing Preloaded and download types <tea for WM> <tea for Symbian> <tea for MIDP> •Mounting on total 11 million devices (WIPI On Brew/J2ME, Window Mobile 5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5) •Email Sync : POP3, IMAP4 •Service provided for 28-types of devices and •Blog/RSS : Google Blog/Friendster blog/RSS 1.0/RSS 2.0/ATOM some 11 million devices including smart phones •Instant Messenger : Jabber, MSN, Yahoo, NateOn(Korea) for the present WIPI and Window Mobile •External SNS : Twitter, Facebook, Cyworld(Korea) •Instant Micro Community/Organization internal service Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  18. 18. Feb. 2011CASE Studies 2 :: SNS with Messaging Service KT OllehTalk OllehTalk is a messaging / chatting / voice communication app that let’s users stay in touch with friends . Using Twitter, Facebook, Metoday separately? Now with OllehTalk, you can post and stay up to date on what’s going on with one single app. Share information with your friends with your “Phonepage “and communicate with new friend s in my café at the same time! “Providing with Integration G/W for interface between internal system and contact list and external SNS based on integrated mobile platform” “SKT-KT-Apple all realize free messaging service... In the later half of this year, mobile messaging service market is flourishing ◆ KT launches ‘Ollehtalk,’ a free messaging service = KT, through press release on the 9th, announced the launch of‘Ollehtalk’ ( http://talk.olleh.com ), a mobile messaging service for smart phones which makes it possible to send and receive free messages based on data like Kakao Talk. Ollehtalk lets users chat with friends saved on their mobile phone contacts list and also supports voice communications, SMS, MMS, SNS and has more features than on existing mobile messengers. Regardless of communication service provider, any smart phone user can download the application and use it. Also, this app provides users with one ‘phonepage,’ a mobile personal home page. With ‘Phonepage,’ users can manage network affiliation saved on their contact list conveniently, and upload writing and managing for various SNS including Twitter, Facebook, MeToday and others. -Source- The Electronic Times Tech Trend Team trend@etnews.co.kr <2011.06.09> Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  19. 19. Feb. 2011CASE Studies 3 :: E-Tax Service Business On SmartBill • Electronic tax bill writing / publishing / management •Smartbill is the No.1 electronic tax bill service in the industry, selected by 1 million • Transmitting to National Tax Service customers • Managing business partners •Started service in Feb. 2004, currently 1 million customers • Status alarm “Provides the same environment as the existing web service based • Authentication certificate management integrated mobile platform. “ • Advertising “Support to make job structure configured into working environment “ Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  20. 20. Dec. 2011CASE Studies 4:: KNPS(Korea National Park Service) – CADE Season 2  Job management system for staff workers working on the spot in 22 national parks in Korea (iOS and Android)  In the case of parks, more than 30% of the area is considered a black site in which data communication does not work well and even voice communication is not possible. For this, it provides Offline Repository management (SQLite, File repository) which makes it possible to run the application without a communication connection and do calculations on offline maps.  88 jobs on the spot, including various crack down / checking jobs, research on natural resources and management information, utilization of barcode/QR code for facility registration / management, record management for returning animals, runs on Android/iPhone devices. Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  21. 21. March 2012CASE Studies 5 :: Samsung Life Insurance Mobile CRM Platform  The biggest finance company in Korea, valued at 120 billion USD in asset amount  40,000 financial consultants working on the spot are provided with 8.2 million customers and market information based on the location and sales activities. A system - job integration infra of GIS + Mobile + CRM (supporting all types of Android devices in Korea)  With tea, built component technology needed for location based activities including MAP/A-GPS, S-GPS/Local Geo-Fence and unified communication service to connect to headquarter – branch – FC, replacing the existing internal SMS fast considering about extending the service into customer area Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  22. 22. April 2012CASE Studies 6 :: ‘WITH’ The N-Screen Media Service Solution Mindware’s Interactive N-Screen Media Platform ‘WITH’ (co-R&D with KBS R&D center) Contents Hub Service System User Management Content Management System Management Service Meta-Mgmt. Tablet (iOS / Android) Service Processor Legacy Device Device APIs Interface Provisioning KBS UMS OS, Device Group APIs APIs Scheduler Phone(iOS / Android) Manufacture prof. Metadata HUB Application Meta-Hub SOCKET Interface Version Control User Friend & My Seamless Device Schedule Provisioning PIMS Channel Play PC Browser (HTML5/JavaScript) Service Data & Log Media HUB(CDN) Value Added Big size EPG Media Metadata Content/Info. Activity Log TV / SetTopBox Browser (cHTML)  Preparing next generation’s media service platform for broadcasting industry, CATV, CUG(Hotel, Enterprise), pay per view and education service under any kind of network connected device such as TV, Digital STB, PC, Tablet , Car navigation and SmartPhone  Providing one-user multi-device management, multi-device seamless play, UMS full functions, personalize EPG, real-time urgent & nationwide push information & massive detail activity log of users. Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  23. 23. May 2012CASE Studies 7 :: UMS delivery to Asan Medical Center by PAAS(dev. By CADE)  Automatic inter-connecting of messages issued from 7 Thousand employees and various medical information system (the biggest medical service center in Korea, 2.5 Million outpatients per year, 10 thousand hospital room)  Supporting iOS/Android/Web. Desktop client will be launch at 3Q of 2012. Client apps are developed by CADE  Replacing 6 million SMS/MMS for internal users legacy message transaction within the first launch year  Estimated to replace 80 million SMS/MMS for visiting medical center customers and patients. Expected to save 450,000 USD per year from 2013, compare to the current telco’s SMS/MMS transaction.  UMS server are operated in Amazon EC2/S3 and interfaced with legacy Asan MC’s FMC (Samsung PBX) Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  24. 24. About Us 1 History of Industry Experience 2 Technical leadership & Intellectual Properties
  25. 25. Project Name Project Content Period CompanySamsung Electronics LED brochure Development • LED online brochure for simulation development (6 languages) 2012.08. ~ Present Samsung Electronics • Mobile Registration / Management System for KT company whole asset includingKT Mobile MAM System Development 2012.05 ~ 2012.08 Korea Telecom asset and resourceNIPA SW Export Mentoring Project • Selected to support export of CADE, MEAP from national government 2012. 3 ~ Present NIPA • UMS base medical center employee and customers interactive, confirm-able typeInteractive messaging platform for employee and message platform. 2012.3 ~ Present ASAN medical Centercustomer • Multi-Platform application deploy thru CADE S3 C/C++ Edition • Integration of UMS + CRM + GISSamsung Life Insurance SmartCRM Platform project 2011.08.29 ~ 12.02.29 Samsung Life Insurance • Apply essential business of the next sales support organization system / MEAP • N-Screen support framework to connect TV-Web-Table-Phone KBS broadcastingFramework building co-research to support KBS N- • Common support for different technology standards and verification and development 2011.08.22 ~ 12.04.30 technology researchScreen support for two-way demonstration service centerKorea National Park Service On-spot management • Building Job Support system on CADE, MEAP platform and UMS platform Korea National Park 2011.06.30 ~ 2012.01.30system development support • The previous WindowMobile/ArcGIS base conversion iOS/Andorid Service • Wired and wireless integration communication methods for university based CADE,College UMS service including Hoseo University Hoseo University and MEAP platform 2011.05.01 ~ presentdevelopment support other Colleges • Support Android, iOS and wired Web integration / SaaS service / UMS teaKT integrated messaging service – OllehTalk server • Mindware UMS Platform Tea supply 2010.09.01 ~ 2011.03.31 KTsystem supply / additional development • Integrated messaging service based messaging/ community / contact listMobile Electronic Tax Bill service development • Electronic Tax Bill for Android /iOS check / National Tax Service integrated application 2010.09.01 ~ 2011.12.31 BusinessONKorea National Park Service Integrated Mobile Platform • Mindware MEAP Platform CADE Supply Korea National Park 2010.06.01 ~ 2010.11.30MOU • UMS Platform Tea supply for integrating unified messaging for job ServiceNIPA SW Export Mentoring Project • Selected to support export of UMS platform tea 2010.06.30 ~ 2010.11.30 NIPASKT Tmap Service Development • Android, Window Mobile application. SKAF based Tmap Client 2010.5.15 ~ 2010.06.30 SKTKT Show Security System Development / Technology • Brew/WIPI/WAP/iOS/Window Mobile based service 2009.10.4 ~ 2011.04.31 KT(previous KTF)Support KT Central ResearchMobile micro-payment system development • Android based information authentication/signature based payment system 2009.09.01 ~ 2010.06.30 InstitutionSmart Grid embraced smart application research / • Electricity sending & receiving usage / distribution information transaction system Ministry of Knowledge 2009.08.01 ~ 2009.12.31development • Android based electronic power for home usage / remote control application EconomyKT Openmail service development and maintenance • WIPI/Window Mobile/WAP base server and client 2008.08.01 ~ 2011.12.31 KT(previous KTF) Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.
  26. 26. Technical leadership & Intellectual PropertiesWith continuous product development and in the midst of a patent war, some 10 patent applications per year continue to guard thecompany research / development technology Application/ classifi Title Registration cation Date A method to secure reliable accident videos from a 2010.05.07 / smart phone 2011. 11.25. Mobile Telecommunication Device equipped with ad 2010.06.23 / based digital maps and information platform 2012.3.26. Car tracking using mobile phone, data communication of car information and checking car 2010.06.08 registration to prevent car criminal and law violation and way of auto - notification A method to register and recognize the product in the platform which can manage product aftercare using 2010.06.08 mobile device Patent Applicat Mobile telecommunication device which can 2010.06.08 ion continuously monitor car /2011.09.14 Parts of Patent Certifications A method to manage product aftercare using mobile 2010.06.23 device A method to prevent missing required information when broadcasting service is subscribed and dispute 2011.06.22 through electronic signature, guarantee access of information and prevent leaking personal information Complex signature of seller and subscriber information management when broadcasting service 2011.06.22 is subscribed and job is processed Control System for user control of network access 2011.05.25 media device using runtime engine Follow-up control method of a product by using PCT 2012.03.22 portable device International Patent Reg. note Copyright 2010-2012 MindwareCorps & MindwareWorks All Rights Reserved.