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Live to e-Learning, 
a lecture capture and delivery service based on MediaMosa


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L2L (Live to e-Learning)
a lecture capture and delivery service based on MediaMosa. Presentation by Matteo Bertazzo from CINECA InterUniversity Consortium at the MediaMosa Community day, November 25, 2010

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Live to e-Learning, 
a lecture capture and delivery service based on MediaMosa

  1. 1. L2L (Live to e-Learning)a lecture capture and delivery service based on MediamosaBridging physical and virtual classrooms using an integrated lecture capture and delivery service Matteo Bertazzo - CINECA InterUniversity Consortium Mediamosa Community Day, Utrecht, November 2010
  2. 2. L2L the L2L service performs a semi-automatic transformation of livelectures into e-learning activities ready for the publication and delivery through an e- Learning platform Main objectives Productivity “e-learning lessons-hours” / “man-hours to produce them” Lesson’s “Time-To-Market” low latency for publication Modularity of the service and investments let’s start now with a flexible service and a plug-in model Content reuse by multiple servicesa L2L lesson (or part of it) delivered or used by WebTV or DTT, web portals, other services
  3. 3. The context Cineca is a non profit Consortium, made up of 43 Italian universities, the The National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics - OGS, the CNR (National Research Council), and the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) founded in 1967 350+ employees acts like a trait-dunion between the academic world, the sphere of pure research and the world of industry and Public Administration supercomputing center, currently #70 in list (currently SP6 and BG/P, BG/Q in 2012)
  4. 4. Main Activities & ResourcesActivities Resources Design & management of computing HPC Systems: High Performance Computing infrastructure platforms for technical and scientific High Performance Computing & computing Scientific Visualization IT Systems: "Mission Critical" platforms Data Center outsourcing e-Learning and multimedia services used to host the IT services offered by  LMS (Moodle, BB): integration, CINECA management, customization of Data Storage environment: a high-end large-scale platforms (ASP Storage Area Network connected via fiber model) channel and serving all the computing  3D Virtual environment based on systems SL/Opensimulator Graphics and Virtual Reality: a collection of  EU Projects instruments and expertise for scientific  e-Learning consulting visualization  Streaming services Multi videoconference and Access Grid  and now… Lecture recording (AGnode): point of access to advanced and delivery services systems of multivideoconference Information System design, development & analysis Network management Multimedia Communications DataWareHouse Services Portals design and development Digital Libraries
  5. 5. Lecture Capture “Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that allows instructors to record what happens in theirclassrooms and make it available digitally” (EDUCAUSE: “7 things you should know about… Lecture Capture”) Different solutions commercial, open source, in-house devs Different usage scenarios fully-automated, DIY, recording studio, … Different adoption paths top-down, bottom-up Different access control to recordings auth/authz, OER, e-learning platforms
  6. 6. TF-Media –Media Management and Distribution
  8. 8. Specific inputs/reqs vs. consortium approach 5 universities (2 distance learning) L2L service designed to match specific requirements and the consortium nature:  rationalizing resources  putting in place “economies of scale”  supporting different service models  sharing new functionalities Modular and extensible service The DAM (Mediamosa) plays a key role implementing the service model
  9. 9. DAM integration scenarios Management L2L Recorder WebTV Back-office Transcoding Metadata Students Digital Mediae-Learning Asset Delivery Storage Services - Management WebTVL2L module OAI-PMH Portal Teacher - Lesson Mngmt Publishing
  10. 10. L2L service components MEDIAMOSA – MOODLE L2L RECORDER L2L PLAYER INTEGRATION RECORDING DELIVERY STORE - MNGMT Multiple Univs Adobe Flash Media Unique centralized On-line|Off-line Multiple Moodles Player DAMDifferent usage scenarios (CINECA ASP or Multiformat delivery and (CINECA ASP) Univs in-house) podcastingIN PodcastingTE RecorderGRAT MosaicED Modules UPLOAD Player D I Y UNIV-A -- (CINECA)REMOTE DEPOSIT Modules UNIV-B (In-house) Recorder HTML5O PLY F (not yet) F -LINE Recorder BB
  11. 11. L2L – Architecture Designed following the SOA model used by Mediamosa REST interactions WebDav FTP
DAM Moodle
LMS Upload L2L L2L
 Moodle module MD HTTP Block Recorder Rest HTTP
Rest Moodle
Module HTTP Transcoding
Server L2L
Player Rest SHll
Server Streaming protocols Other
Services Download
Server Streaming
Servers Speech‐to‐text NFS QT RN Concept
 FS Mapper WM FM Ingester module in order to  support L2L lessons’ structure  unpack and ingest L2L packages coming form stations  plug-in additional services (internal | external services using)
  12. 12. L2L – recording station L2L station: we provide our univs. with HW and SW  L2L Full: designed to be integrated in a lecture hall – classroom with A/V facilities (PC, video capture card, PTZ Camera, VGA2USB adapter, Mic, secondary 7” display) + L2L Recorder SW  L2L Light: laptop (i5+ class CPU) + Mic + WebCam + L2L Recorder SW Functionalities  Performs the Recording (up to 2 video sources)  Supports the recording description  automatically: retrieves user profile, Moodle platforms, Moodle courses using an optional SAML auth (Shib) and WSs;  manually: title, description, tags  Performs Sync and MD/Content extraction from MS PPT presentations (titles, text, JPEGs for thumbs, slide change events)  Scheduled/On-demand upload to the DAM using FTP/WebDAV Features  5 recording modes (A, A+Scr, AV, AV+Scr, AV+Ext)  Supports off-line recording  HQ (1Mbps each video) recording in MS WM format  XML descriptors (technical MD, descriptive MD, structural MD, sync MD)  Content packaging (custom)
  13. 13. L2L Recorder - workflowOPTIONAL
  14. 14. L2L and Mediamosa production environment based on a cluster installation of the 1.7 version No source code mods External development (ingester module) and REST interface integration MM Functionalities in L2L:  Mngmt: assets creation, MD mngmt, collections (faculties),…  Analysis/Transcodig: mediafiles analysis, transcoding profiles for FLV-x264-mp3/Ogg-theora-vorbis/MP4-x264-aac conversions  Multi-format delivery services: web publication (emb., pod.) and streaming (existing streaming farm for QT, WM, Flash and RM) Storing all lessons’ files (videos, XML, JPEGs, Attachemnts, PPTs, …) in MM
  15. 15. L2L Lesson representation L2L lessons are composed by L2L
Recorder multiple heterogeneous and related component Compound vs. Aggregated L2L
 Initial L2L version was based on a Package “compound” approach:  1 L2L Lesson = 1 asset  Multiple mediafiles (Videos, Inges-on XMLs, JPGs, …) Module Current L2L lessons’ representation (parent->children aggregation): L2L Lesson  extended DC MD schema in order to define relationships Main Asset between MM assets (parenting) Asset Asset Asset Asset Asset  New ingestin module  New Moodle integration API WM Original Concepts Looking for MM2 for better ways to: Mediafile XML  Define relationships (RDF?)  Describe and share content FLV transc. Mediafile XML Desc Mediafile JPEG Slide representation with other apps
  16. 16. L2L and DAM – functional schema Producers Editors AudienceL2L Portals Uploads WebApps Modules WebTV Portals e-Learning Manage Publish Ingest Streaming Analyze View Access Streaming Transcode Workflow Metadata Download Metatag WebPub External services Still Store Assets Assets Assets Assets Mediafiles Mediafiles Mediafiles Mediafiles
  17. 17. L2L – Moodle module A standard Moodle module (v1.9+)  L2L activity usable among other activities inside a course  Following the Moodle model, the same module for mngmt and viewing  Fully compliant (backup, restore) Functionalities: Teacher view  browsing/searching/selecting lessons using structural and descriptive metadata  Managing visibility of content (presentation, attachments) in the course context DEMO  L2L Player visualization  Currently flash based  Getting all the content from Mediamosa (Mediafiles, JPEGs, Attachments, Presentations, XML descriptors)  A/V visualization and sync  Lesson “navigation” by: Student view  Direct access to the timeline  Slides thumbs  Table of contents (slides’ titles)  Full-text search results  Concepts DEMO
  18. 18. Concetta – Concept browsing Providing students with the ability to browse the lesson using a list of concepts pointing them to the specific slide where the concept is being discussed L2L integrates ConceptMapper an open source tool developed by Cineca in the context of the European project Papyrus (news items’ annotation) ConceptMapper (built on top of WikipediaMiner) exploits Wikipedia information to automatically identify and disambiguate relevant concepts in texts (it, en, de, fr).  outputs consists in a list (XML file stored in Mediamosa) of concepts identified by the titles of the Wikipedia pages that describe them  For each concept a relatedness measure to the document or to a domain is provided  L2L applies two filters:  a threshold on the relatedness measure  selecting concepts of a slide only if they are also identified on the entire presentation
  19. 19. Concetta – workflow L2L
Recorder L2L
 Package Concepts Publish Inges-on Module DAMSlide Slide ConceptText SlideTextSlide Text Text Mapper Sync
(SLide) Concepts
  20. 20. Current works/developments• preparing for migration to MM2• SCORM-compliant player (mandatory for distance learning universities)• L2L Mosaic  Automated post-processing based on the GStreamer Framework  Getting an unique A/V file from a L2L lesson according to the lesson type and a skin  DEMO• New HTML5 – open video L2L player• Web-editing of L2L lessons
  21. 21. Future works/developments Mediamosa 2 and Moodle 2: Moodle Repository API plug-in for MM2 L2L: integration of new lecture recording software (i.e. Matterhorn Recording agents, …) Mediamosa and Fedora Commons ( integration Integration of Speech-to-text services (transcripts)  Currently the Ingestion module extracts the HQ audio from videos  Testing IBM VoiceTaylor (was IBM Attila research prj) and PerVoice  2 levels: MD, concepts identification and subtitling for accessibility (manual correction)  Use an external service and develop language models for specific domains (i.e. medicine, law, history) New transcoding/transformation tools (i.e. L2L Mosaic as a MM transcoding tool) L2L: new techniques for A/V segmentation (currently L2L relies on PPT) Automatic generation of contextual and usage MD (i.e. from Moodle courses) L2L: ePub delivery
  22. 22. Thanks! The L2L service will be presented The Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Technologies for e-Learning (MTEL)in conjunction with the IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia 2010 (ISM2010) December 13-15, 2010, Taichung, Taiwan Matteo Bertazzo - IKMS Department CINECA – InterUniversity Consortium Via Magnanelli 6/3 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), Italy