Organizational Learning     Analytics Masterclass    Optimize Training Return on Investment (ROI) Through Strategic Evalua...
Agenda WORKSHOP OVERVIEW                                                             DAY 1 | 12th December 2011Increasingl...
Agenda        DAY 2 | 13th December 2011                              IDENTIFY COSTS OF THE TRAINING SOLUTION             ...
ABOUT YOUR COURSE FACILITATOR  Ron Drew Stone is an author, international consultant & presenter, coach and one of the wor...
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Organizational learning analytics masterclass (dubai) vincent


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Organizational learning analytics masterclass (dubai) vincent

  1. 1. Organizational Learning Analytics Masterclass Optimize Training Return on Investment (ROI) Through Strategic Evaluations of Training Effectiveness for Improved Business Results! Dubai • 12 & 13 December 2011 Using Ron’s Measurement and ROI Process, Workshop Graduates Returned to Their Organization and Evaluated the Business Outcomes and Return on Investment (ROI) of Specific Training Solutions. Sample Results: Type of Intervention Business Outcome ROI Leadership development Reduced employee turnover by 25% 67% program for high potential Reduced replacement costs by 15% Course Facilitator: leaders Mr. Ron Drew Stone Sales training solution for Increased new sales by 6%. Revenue 55% President sales force increase of 8% in service department Centre for Performance and ROI Customer care training Reduced complaints 30%. Improved 39% Certified Change Consultant solution customer satisfaction scores by 4 basis Certified ROI Professional (CRP) points Interpersonal skills for call 12% increase in customer retention 87% HR Trade Mark Developments: center 35% reduction in customer complaints • Measurement and ROI Process™ • Performance Alignment and Linkage Process™ • Situational Needs Assessment Capitalize on expert knowledge to gain maximum value Process™ on these vital issues DETERMINE the timing of data collection and select proper data collection instrumentsAuthor of LEARN the key decision points in making a go / no go decision to assign monetary• The Real Value of Training: Measuring and values to business outcome improvements Analyzing Business Outcomes and the Quality CALCULATE the fully-loaded cost of training to prevent the ROI from being inflated of ROI (5-star rating on EXECUTE calculation of the value of improvements influenced by training• How to Measure Training Results: A Practical ANALYZE data and calculate the actual ROI Guide to Tracking the Six Key Indicators GAIN techniques on how to communicate results and educate clients about• The ROI Field Book: Strategies for performance Implementing ROI in HR and Training DESIGN training programs to achieve results and return on investment• Aligning Training for Results: A Process and FORECAST the improvement required to achieve a credible ROI Tools that Link Training to Business SELECT appropriate measurement strategies to align with organization objectives• The Human Resources Scorecard: Measuring APPLY the ROI Quality Analysis tool to determine the quality of ROI the Return on Investment (Improving Human ACQUIRE skills that will help you work with others to design programs and Performance) solutions that focus on business results ENHANCE skills that will make you more credible and valuable to your organization UNI training courses are thoroughly researched and carefully structured to provide practical and exclusive training applicable to your organization. Benefits include: • Thorough and customized programmes to address current market concerns • Illustrations of real life case studiesFREE TAKEAWAYS!! • Comprehensive course documentationEach participant receives: • Strictly limited numbers• A detailed workbook, complete with exercises; tools and exhibits Proudly Organised by• Color foldout ROI job aid• Graphic visual alignment learning map• Miscellaneous handouts and templates
  2. 2. Agenda WORKSHOP OVERVIEW DAY 1 | 12th December 2011Increasingly, stakeholders and leaders who fund training are INTRODUCTION AND ROI OVERVIEWinterested in demonstrated results. The increasing demand foraccountability and prudent expenditures are necessary so as to Practical Activity: Build the ROI model from 30,000 feetsucceed in today’s global competitive environment. Only by being Brief discussion: Pre-workable to realize the benefit of the training expense onto the bottom-line of the organization, can the senior managers justify their THE BEGINNING: HOW TO ENHANCE RESULTS AND IMPROVE THE ROI OF TRAININGtraining investments and improve their training approach to bringabout the greatest profit from the expense. This workshop outlines Top 10 reasons why people do not perform – even when theya step-by-step process you can use to conduct performance know howdata analysis, evaluate training effectiveness and real impact of Using the performance centered framework to talk performancetraining programs (tangible ROI and intangible) through applying with clientsappropriate level of training evaluation based on organizational Finding the secret sauce Influencing active management reinforcement (AMR)objectives and priorities. APPLY THE APPROPRIATE LEVEL OF TRAININGParticipants will be led by an expert as you learn and apply ROI EVALUATION BASED ON YOUR ORGANIZATION’Sconcepts to learning and development. During the workshop, OBJECTIVES AND PRIORITIESparticipants will develop plans and strategies to evaluate one oftheir own programs so they can later execute the Measurement Four components of evaluation framework to assess training effectiveness:and ROI Process in their organization. The learning process will Initial reactionalso include many useful case studies and scenarios to facilitate Readinessthe involvement, collaborative problem solving and deeper thinking Executionto resolve issues and build confidence to execute. Last but not Business outcomeleast, workshop participants will be asked to work in teams to The criteria for selecting programs for evaluationapply the ROI Quality Analysis Tool to determine the credibility and Practical Activity: Applying the evaluation strategy to yourquality of the ROI in case scenarios. training projects APPLY EACH COMPONENT OF THE ROI METHODOLOGYWHO SHOULD ATTEND Case Study Practical Activity: Teams identify and discuss the issuesGMs, Heads, VPs, Directors, Managers of: and evaluation methods of measurement case study AIM FOR RESULTS: ROI ENABLING TECHNIQUES Training and Development Learning and Development Linking hard and soft data to the business Eliminating performers’ ineffective habits Organizational Development Practical Activity: Identify how your training links to the Human Resource / Human Capital business. Teams brief to class Practical Exercise: Developing objectives and measures. Performance Management Teams brief results to class Measurement and Evaluation BEST PRACTICES IN GATHERING AND DOCUMENTING Talent Development RELEVANT PERFORMANCE DATA The five Cs of data collection: How to optimize a successfulWHY YOU CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT: data collection effort The twelve guiding principles of data collection, analysis andParticipants can take advantage of this timely training to discover reportingthe latest tools and techniques in designing and executing Eight best practice methods to collect credible data Practical Activity: Teams identify and discuss the prosappropriate training assessment level as well as evaluating the real and cons of four data collection methods:value of their training programs to enhance learning results and Focus groupssustain the impact while being able to explain these benefits to top Interviewsmanagement in terms of actual dollars. Observation QuestionnairesThis 2-day comprehensive workshop provides real-world proven Ten typical data collection sources and the credibility of eachtools; worksheets and processes that will help you link your training Practical Activity: Teams identify approaches (why, howto the business and measure results effectively. You will take a and when) to collect baseline and follow-up datadramatic leap forward in demonstrating the contribution of your Five steps to develop a successful data collection strategy Twelve key focus areas to collect performance datatraining programs, and achieve a new level of accountability. You Review sample follow-up performance questionnairewill walk away from this workshop with tools that generate actual Practical Activity: Developing key follow-up questionsresults resulting in increased management co-operation, support Case Scenario: Analyzing data and calculating ROI usingand respect. an Action Planning process DECIDE ON A DATA COLLECTION STRATEGY Case scenario: Performance management data collection strategy Practical Activity: Begin development of Evaluation Strategy and Plan
  3. 3. Agenda DAY 2 | 13th December 2011 IDENTIFY COSTS OF THE TRAINING SOLUTION Differentiating direct costs and pro-rated costsBEST PRACTICES IN ANALYZING AND REPORTING Practical Activities:RESULTS Identifying fully loaded costs Direct costs and pro-rated costs What clients and other stakeholders want to know Successes and disappointments THE DECEIVING NATURE OF ROI AND HOW TO PERFORM ROI – it may not be what it is and what to do about it THE ACID TEST Case Scenario: E-learning solution – good, bad or ugly? Analyzing the seven key variables that influence the qualityANALYZE AND ADJUST RESULTS FOR CAUSAL and magnitude of ROI calculationsINFLUENCES Predicting the outcome of training Practical Activity: ROI Quality Analysis Tool – Teams apply Three credible methods to determine causal influences the tool to determine credibility and quality of the ROI in Practical Activity: Identifying methods to determine causal two case scenarios influence and discussing reasoning of each approach Case Scenarios: PITFALLS IN ANALYZING AND REPORTING ROI RESULTS Comparison groups TO STAKEHOLDERS Conditional trend analysis Credible source estimates The dos and don’ts of calculating and reporting ROI Practical Activity: Utilize job aid to make causal influence How to report the fully-loaded cost of training, and the decision consequences when you do not Confessing the good, bad and ugly about ROIANALYZE AND ADJUST RESULTS FOR SUSTAINED Communicating the complete story about resultsIMPACT Practical Activity: Quality of ROI – conclusions and credibility How and why three sustaining adjustments influence the credibility of a ROI evaluation CELEBRATE WITH TEAM PRESENTATIONS: VISUAL Practical Activity: Identifying/discussing how to determine ALIGNMENT LEARNING MAP sustained impact Case Scenarios: Practical Activities: One-time impact Teams finalize their learning map presentation Recurring impact Teams present stand-up presentation to class Turnover loss adjustment Adjourn Revisiting and reinforcing key analysis issuesTHE ROI CALCULATION DECISION: TO BE OR NOT TO BE In-House Training Five reasons not to calculate the ROI of training Four reasons to calculate the ROI of training Cost effective In-house courses, tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, can be arranged at your preferred location andALTERNATIVE NON-ROI METHODS FOR MEASURING THE time. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our In-house division at OF TRAINING The significance of intangible results How to express intangibles Conducting Quality Analysis of intangible data PRE-COURSE QUESTIONNAIRE To ensure that you gain maximum value from this course, a detailedASSIGN MONETARY VALUES TO DATA questionnaire will be forwarded to you upon registration to establish your exact training needs and issues of concern. Your completed Three credible approaches to assign monetary value to questionnaire will be analysed by the course trainer prior to the event business outcome data and addressed during the event. You will receive a comprehensive set Known values of course documentation to enable you to digest the subject matter in Value by association your own time. Credible source estimates Case Scenario: Assigning monetary values Determining unit valueADDRESS BARRIERS AND INEFFECTIVE HABITS Program Schedule Practical Activities: Teams discuss and identify organization barriers to (Day 1 - Day 2) executing measurement projects 08:30 Registration Individuals identify their personal ineffective habits that are barriers to executing measurement projects 09:00 Morning Session Begins 10:40 - 11:00 Refreshments & Networking BreakANALYZE TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE (NON-ROI) 12:45 LuncheonRESULTS 14:00 Afternoon Session begins Practical Activities: 15:30 - 15:50 Refreshments & Networking Break Calculating the required improvement factor 17:00 Course Ends Assigning monetary values to performance data
  4. 4. ABOUT YOUR COURSE FACILITATOR Ron Drew Stone is an author, international consultant & presenter, coach and one of the world’s most recognized and accomplished authorities on improving performance and measuring results. He is President of Center for Performance and ROI, his own consulting company where he provides consulting services in linking training to organization business measures, designing training for results and ROI, conducting needs assessments and measuring program results. Ron has over 25 years of diverse experience in economic development, training and the human resource function. Since 1994, Ron has been involved in perfecting the ROI Process. He has conducted over 100 ROI studies and directed hundreds more while certifying and coaching clients how to apply his measurement and ROI methodology. Ron authored and co-authored 5 popular books on: Aligning training with the business; Conducting training needs analysis; and Measuring business outcomes and ROI of Training interventions. As a recognized international consultant, Ron has trained and coached clients on 5 continents to implement measurement and ROI and needs analysis. He received the Pioneer Award from the Alabama Healthcare Council for his leadership of a three year major change initiative. Ron was Chair of the Edison Electric Institute’s Executive Leadership Program for senior officers in the electric utility industry. He has served on the steering committee and faculty for the University of Alabama Human Resource Development program and also designed executive programs for the University of Georgia and Auburn University. He has contributed several case studies to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) In-Action Case Book Series: Measuring Return on Investment (2005 and 1997), Measuring ROI in the Public Sector (2002), and Measuring Learning and Performance (1999) and is a contributing author to other publications. Ron’s case studies and articles have been published in numerous professional publications by the ASTD; The International Society for Performance Improvement, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and Chief Learning Officer magazine. He served as a Charter member of Panel of Human Resource Executives for the local ASTD chapter and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, and the International Society for Performance Improvement. Ron is a certified change consultant and a certified ROI professional (CRP). He certifies practitioners in his measurement and ROI process and conducts in-house performance improvement, assessment, and measurement workshops. Partial list of companies that have benefitted from Ron’s expertise: American Express Coca-Cola Federal Express Aviva NDB Insurance Nestle Products Liberty Insurance Ltd GSK Boeing Bank Islam Brunei Vietnam Brewery Bloomberg Maybank Shell Oil Baxter Healthcare CPOC Sdn Bhd Cirrus Oil Services Ltd. Safeway Apple Computer Ghana National Petroleum Delta Airlines Bank of America Corporation Kenya Airways British Telecom Siemens NASA AT&T Toyota Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Sri Lanka Telecom Honda The Ministry of Saudi ArabiaTestimonials From Ron’s Past Successful Workshops:“Topics are good – has the focused objectives to cater to the business “Valuable training. Looking forward to applying this into my role”world. This is the significance of a training” ~ Project Manager - ROI COE Learning Department, Edcon Proprietary~ Sales Training & Development Manager, Aviva NDB Insurance “I’ve attended many courses before, but you are the one who makes me“So many tools I can use with my clients. I am excited to go back and think more”use” ~ HR Manager, Learning & Development, Evonik Degussa (China) Co., Ltd~ HR Manager, Maersk Co (China). Ltd. “The programme indeed was an excellent one. Ron Drew Stone is“Trainer’s knowledge & experience is very good. Topics were very knowledgeable and excellently blessed with everything ROI. I recommendrelevant” it for every training official”~ Training Manager, Vietnam Brewery ~ Principal HR & Administrative Officer, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation“This was my first exposure to ROI, and it seems I had some seriousmisconceptions about the concept. I am confident and clear now as to the “The course provides even a newcomer to ROI to understand upfront androle that I will play in measuring ROI in my organisation” follow the principles easily”~ Senior Learning Consultant, Edcon Proprietary ~ Specialist Learning Consultant, Edcon Stores Pty Ltd
  5. 5. Organizational Learning Analytics Masterclass Sales Contract Venue and Date Please complete this form immediately and fax back to Dubai Vincent (TCS): (603) 2026 6133 Workshop 12th & 13th December 2011 DELEGATES’ DETAILS Early Bird (Book & Pay Before 21/11/2011) USD 2,395 per delegateName:______________________________________________ USD 2,195 per delegate if 2 or more delegates sign upPosition: ____________________________________________ Normal Rate (Book & Pay After 21/11/2011)Email: ______________________________________________ USD 2,795 per delegate USD 2,595 per delegate if 2 or more delegates sign upName: _____________________________________________ Fee inclusive of course documentation, luncheons, refreshments andPosition: ____________________________________________ 15% services charge. The above amount payable is net with holding taxes or any other taxes,Email: ______________________________________________ if any.Name: _____________________________________________ Registration and EnquiriesPosition: ____________________________________________ UNI Strategic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 23rd Floor, UBN Tower,Email: ______________________________________________ No.10, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *Company DetailsOrganisation: ________________________________________ Contact Vincent (TCS) General Line: (603) 2773 5555Address: ____________________________________________ Ext: 133 General Fax: (603) 2026 6133___________________________________________________ Email: vincent.t@kl.unistrategic.com___________________________________________________ Payment MethodTown:____________State:___________Postcode:___________ Credit Card: Please debit my VISA MASTERCARDTel: ( )__________________ Fax: ( ) __________________ Card Holder’s Name:_________________________________Nature of Business: ___________________________________ Card Number:Company Size: ______________________________________ - - - *Finance Department Contact Details Security Code:Name: _____________________________________________Position: ____________________________________________ Signature: _________________________Expiry Date: _____/_____ mth yearEmail: ______________________________________________Contact Number: _____________________________________ Hotel Accommodation Accommodation is not included in the training fee. To make a *Authorisation reservation for accommodation at the training venue at our corporate rate, please contact the respective hotel.Signatory must be authorised to sign on behalf of contractingorganisation. DubaiName: _____________________________________________Position: ____________________________________________Signature: _______________________Date:_____ /_____/____This sales contract is invalid without signature & company stamp*Mandatory field Event Code: SGT 1038Cancellations/SubstitutionsIf you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate is always welcome at no additional charge. All bookings carry a 50% liability immediately after a fully completed sales contract has been received by the UNI office. Pleasenote that a written notice of the cancellation must be received via mail or fax 3 weeks prior to the event date in order to obtain the balance of the event fee as a credit to be applied against another UNI conference, summit ortraining course. All fees are inclusive of an 15% service charge, which is completely non-refundable and non-creditable. Cancellation of any event with less than 3 weeks notice prior to the event date carry a 100% liability,however the delegate will still be entitled to a complete set of course documentation. Payment must be made within 5 working days upon registration and in agreement, UNI will not be able to mitigate its losses for less than50% of the contract value in case of dispute with the client or cancellation of this contract by any one party. UNI reserves the right to cancel or make any other changes to the content and timing of the events or speakers forreasons beyond its control. If for any reason UNI decide to amend these conferences, summits or training courses, UNI is not responsible for covering airfare, hotel or other costs incurred by registrants. In the event that UNIcancel the event, UNI reserves the right to transfer this booking to another event or to provide a credit of an equivalent amount to another event to be held within the following twelve months.INDEMNITY: Should for any reason outside the control of UNI, the venue or speakers change, or the event be cancelled due to an act of terrorism, extreme weather conditions or industrial action, UNI shall endeavour toreschedule but the client hereby indemnifies and holds UNI harmless from and against any and all costs, damages and expenses, including attorney fees, which are incurred by the client. The construction, validity andperformance of this Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Singapore to the exclusive jurisdiction of whose Courts the Parties hereby agree to summit.