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Cft session 3


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A group program using Compassion Focused Therapy, adapted from the book CFT Made Easy by Russel Kolts, and The Power of Self Compassion by Mary Welford and the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

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Cft session 3

  1. 1. CFT: Session 3
  2. 2. Home work check in:  Practice SRB twice per day last week….
  3. 3. This session:  3 Types of emotional systems  1. Driven, excited, vital  2. Contented, safe, connected  3. Anger, Anxiety, Disgust  All are normal, all helped us to survive, we all have them…
  4. 4. The Threat system:  Make us pay attention to threat: things that might harm us…  Emotions: Anger, fear, anxiety, disguist  Activates powerful bursts of emotion that activate our survival response:  Fight  Flight  Freeze/submit
  5. 5. Threat emotions are pushy…  We have evolved to pay more attention to threat:
  6. 6. Better safe than sorry….  Threat emotions are very efficient (fast and automatic)  Kept our ancestors alive  Threat based learning can persist very strongly from one incident (imagine what happens after repeated incidents??)
  7. 7. Keeps going and going:
  8. 8. How?  New brain (ability to think about the future, worry, create imagery) feeds the initial fear, keeping it going, sometimes for a lifetime (e.g. worry and rumination)  When it’s balanced with the other systems, it can keep us safe  But.. it often takes up more than it’s fair share of brain space.. Not in balance.
  9. 9. The Drive System:  Our ancestors needed to acquire things to survive and prosper: food, shelter, comfort, mates, social position  Feelings: Excitement, lust, ambition  Actions: wanting, pursuing, achieving, consuming  Activates Dopamine (related to addiction), continual pursuit of pleasure rushes…  When balanced, keeps us goal-oriented
  10. 10. The Soothing System  Associated with feelings of safeness, calm, peacefulness, contentment  Associated with experiences of kindness, affection, acceptance and connectedness  During this state, our attention opens, becomes reflective, relaxed.  We want to explore, be curious, giving to others, and social
  11. 11. Safeness and Social Connection: Disrupted attachment histories, interpersonal trauma causes closeness to be associated with threat instead of safety
  12. 12. Dilemma?  What do we do when experience has taught us to fear the very connections that we need to feel safe?
  13. 13. Getting the safeness system “online”  Different systems “organize the mind” in different ways:
  14. 14. In a dark alley Someone begins to follow you
  15. 15. Fear Attention Thinking and Reasoning Motivation Behavior Images Emotions: Mind and Body
  16. 16. Relaxing at the beach With a good friend…
  17. 17. Safe and Soothed Attention Thinking and Reasoning Motivation Behavior Images Emotions: Mind and Body
  18. 18. Summary:  The three circles allow us to shift from, “there’s something wrong with me” to we all have these feelings because they helped our ancestors survive  We see that self-attacking continues to activate the threat system, compassion gets the safeness system working
  19. 19. Homework:  Complete the self-critical vs self compassion thought record  Catch, Challenge then Change!