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  2. 3. KEY ELEMENTS OF A DIGIPACK TEXT Name of the band/ artist. Name of the album Track listing Price Bonus Material Website Credits Recording information, producer, where it was recorded and when. Who wrote the songs. Thanks PICTORIAL Pictures of the band/ artist. Logo Barcode DVD logo Cd logo Website banner DESIGN Colour and style to fit Artists genre. Unfolds Cardboard sleeve/ Adverts DVD or cd Booklet dvd/ cd case
  3. 4. Front cover Booklet DVD/CD case Informantion e.g credits, lyrics, names of producers photos etc. The digipak will have information about all the work that went into the songs videos that the artist has released. Which as a selling point of the product because people want to know these things. THE FRONT COVER MUST ALWAYS BE ATTENTION CRABING, MOST FRONT COVERS TEND TO BE CLOSE UPS/ EYE LEVEL PICTURES THIS SO ENAGAGES THE CUSTOMER WITH THE PRODUCT. EXAMPLES OF A DIGIPAK.
  4. 5. DIGIPACKS Digipacks are a type of CD packaging made out of card stock or other heavy paper/cardboard material. Digipacks can flip open like a book, or they can have three parts, so that one portion of the packaging opens to the right and one to the left, with the CD in the center piece. Typically, the portion of the digipack that holds the CD is made of plastic like a traditional jewel case CD - the plastic part is simply attached to the paper background. Digipacks were first created by MeadWestvaco, and their product, called Digi-Pak, is trademarked. However, as the format became more popular and began to be used by more manufacturers, the generic "digipack" came to be used to describe all soft CD packaging. Digipacks Advantages: They look good, and many bands and labels like to use them for artistic reasons. The three section digipack sleeves opens up more design options because there is more room. However, they're more expensive than traditional liner notes and jewel cases.   They are visually much more appealing, and they are a good investment, because instead of collecting numorous amount of cds of the favoured artists; the consumer can just by for example a digipack of the artists greatest and they get extra bonus of a booklet extra cd/s.   Allows the customer to know more about their favourite artist via the booklet they can see who wrote the songs and its a good way to promote singer/song writers, photographers, musican that contributed to the dvd or cd.   DISADVANTAGES   Digipacks don't crack like jewel cases do, but they will rip and eventually the paper begins to peel apart and separate. The trays in digipacks break much more often then in jewel cases. There's not as much protection since the outer portion of made of paper, so the teeth that hold the CD in place crack and fall out easily. When the side of the tray does break in a digipack, the CD falls out of the bottom of the digipack, because unlike jewel cases, there is nothing to hold it in.   cds or normal dvds are a cheaper option than digipaks, only dedicated fans are likely to purchase a digipak.  
  5. 6. T his is the front cover of Rihanna's greatests hits dvd digipak. The front cover has to be catchy in order to sell, because any front cover of a cd, dvd etc is the selling point of the product, therefore it has to be able to draw the audience in. This front cover is appealing because it shows the artist in a very innocent manner, shes has lots of pink bright make-up to attract the younger audience who might look up to her. Its a nice head shot with her name written in big bold font to gurantee the buyers attention. 
  6. 7. T he inside of the digipak is very different front the front cover. The images inside are a bit more provocative, they clearly appeal to the male audience, not only that it is to also show that she is not only this innocent bubble gum pop singer; she can also be mature. The images reflect certain songs that where released during her career. When she first started her image was very clean cut and she was always covered, but as her career built up so did her overall image. It no longer appealed to just young teenage girls, it drew the attention of people from all ages and both genders; which a common thing amongst young singers. there image starts of nice and innocent but as their fame grows their image changes also; and the booklet in the digipak shows that.
  7. 8. Altogether the digipak as construct all the images Rihanna has experimented with and they put it together for her greatest hits album. All together the digipak is $15:99 is US dollars and is availabe on http://www.automicmall.com/view.php?id=397008
  8. 9. This is the front cover of the digipak, right away the cusmers attention is grab by this close up of the artist Beyonce.   The artist is the selling point of the product and she is very famous therefore her label can afford minimize the amount that is put on the front cover.      The bold picture allows the buyer/customer to analyse the the front cover alone before they even begin to read the writing the attention of the buyer will first go to the image then they will be drawn next to the information thats written on the cover, which a key element in most cd, dvd, digipak covers.                 what is eye catching about the front cover . * The bold font of the artists name and the list of songs. *The image is a close up, therefore it demands attention. *The style of the image although its just her face, it is still eye catching because of things like her hair, make etc this would apeal to young girls who aspire to be like her.  *The buyer will know the artist before they even look at the information, hence why they probably chose to use a close up shot of the singer. *The cd cover is very simple but classy and it has a glossy professional touch to it. ANALYSIS OF THE FRONT COVER DIGIPAK, THAT WAS RELEASED FOR BEYONCE'S GREATEST HITS.
  9. 11. Most digipak will have a booklet inside them, the booklet will have a lot of information about the artist, their music, writers, images, list of tours, songs, credits etc this will allow the buyer to know more about the work that went into the dvd or cd digipak, the booklet can be a double spread page this will have different types of information. The digipak will also have the cds inside sometime it will have 1 disc that is just the songs, then disc 2 will have the dvd with videos of tour performances, videos etc.