The cd dvd manufacturing process


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The cd dvd manufacturing process

  2. 2. CD and DVD manufacturing is a process that is not well understood by the general public. Indeed, this is understanding as the procedures that go into manufacturing discs involves a complex mixture of chemistry that the average non-chemist will have trouble digesting! However, the most complex process in CD and DVD manufacturing is actually just the process of electroforming. Once the electroforming procedures are understood, the act of manufacturing CDs and DVDs is a process that can be quite easily understood.
  3. 3. Electroforming is the step in the CD/DVD manufacturing process that takes place after glass mastering has been completed. Glass mastering is the step by which information is encoded onto discs using laser beam recorders. Electroforming, then, is the process by which the sensitive disc that has been produced from glass mastering is taken and made to be tougher. While this may sound simplistic, it is exactly what the process of electroforming is all about. The glass master disc can be damaged extremely easily and it is the process of electroformation that will allow the disc to become hard and strong, able to undergo the rough handling it may receive by CD and DVD purchasers in the future.
  4. 4. Electroforming utilizes injection-molding equipment in order to strengthen the optical discs. The procedure begins with the disc being clamped into a conductive plating frame that put slowly onto a plating tank. The plating tank contains a solution composed of nickel sulfumate. The solution of nickel can be adjusted depending on the concentration of elements that made up the previous steps of the disc manufacturing process. The surface tension of the solution is particularly critical, and the pH of the solution must be adjusted until the ideal surface tension is achieved.
  5. 5. Once the perfect surface tension has been achieved with the nickel solution in the tank, the glass master CD is lowered into the tank and rotated around slowly and rhythmically in order to achieve an even coverage of solution over the disc. While the currents in the tank start out at quite a slow pace, the speed is increased as the electroforming process moves forward. A DC current is applied to the master disc while it is rotating in the tank and the current slowly increases as the speed of the discs rotations increase. Electrons move in the exact opposite direction from the way in which the DC current is flowing. This process of electroplating is completed after approximately sixty minutes.
  6. 6. I bet your list is shorter now. Maybe youre just left with 3-5 DVD manufacturing companies? It is now time to have the second elimination process. Contact each DVD manufacturing company and ask them some specific questions for your project. You may also want to ask them the materials they use for DVD manufacturing and ask them why they choose certain products. Some DVD manufacturing companies choose anything thats cheap in the market so they would earn more. Thats what we are trying to avoid. Of course we care about the cost but we care more about the quality. If the DVD manufacturing company can explain their choices well, then it may indicate that they are aiming for quality.
  7. 7. Once you are left with just 2-3 candidates, then maybe you would want to visit their plant or office so you can see if they really mean business. You may want to check their facilities, their works in progress, etc so you would have an idea of what kind of DVD manufacturing company they really are. After visiting the DVD manufacturing companies , you would know right away which one to choose.