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Cd manufacturing companies_by_ryan


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Cd manufacturing companies_by_ryan

  1. 1. The Marketing Mix & MarketResearch. Analysis of uses in the Music Industry. Cd manufacturing Ryan Monshall
  2. 2. • CD Manufacturers, replicate in mass quantities of commercial CDs, Dvds and vinyls.
  3. 3. Price factors• Each disk is priced depending on what the customer is asking, for example if the customer wants a disk without any images on it, the disk will be cheaper than a disk with a bright coloured picture on it.• Another factor of it is machinery cost, man labour and materials.• Also promotion. Whether they are going to promote the cd themselves or pay others to promote it.• One other price factor is its target audience. For example a teenager isnt going to pay for than £15 for a cd.
  4. 4. Promotion• Most cd manufacturers wont promote a cd, they will pay someone else to.• Some will however by advertise the cd in specialised magazines. Eg a metal band promote their cd in the rock magazine Kerrang!
  5. 5. Place• Cd manufacturers set up their companies online so its quick and easy to access. This is also a good cheap way to sell their products and advertise.• Also they can sell in magazines or batch orders on the phone
  6. 6. Target Market• This will be labels as this is a steady source of business. Smaller companies may market themselves to smaller labels.
  7. 7. Market research• They check how much other companies are charging per cd and how much profit they are making.• They also check with their target audience what they prefer eg cd sleeves or cases.• They also research demand, who would want their product, how many they want, and how much for.• Also they check how other bands are selling and try their techniques.