Main image: As Nicholas cage is the main character, a well known actor and an icon for the thriller genre, his face has be...
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Analysis of a film poster


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Analysis of a film poster

  1. 1. Main image: As Nicholas cage is the main character, a well known actor and an icon for the thriller genre, his face has been used as the main image to attract the audience. His face automatically suggests success of the film and tells us what genre the film is. The effect of his face just appearing in the atmosphere of the world in flames suggests he has some sort of control over the dilemma in the story. The image of the city on fire already tells us that something causes the world to come to an end in the film, yet it leaves us with the enigma of “how does this happen?” and this is what makes the audience want to watch it. Strap line: This is printed small as it is less appealing to the audience. This includes names of the director, producer, film company and the main characters name. Following this is the date of the film release, written in a different font and in red, slightly larger to contrast with the rest as an audience will see this and are aware of when they an purchase the film or go to see it at the cinema . Film title: This is the largest text on the page as it is short and memorable so that the public will talk about it, share and recommend. It is written in this font as it relates to the film and genre, the letter “O” looking like the sun, showing it has a scientific aspect to the film and the rest of the letters are written like a computer suggesting technology and future, also relating to the storyline and genre. Name of actor: This may be used as the film’s U.S.P because he will attract a wide audience and he is an icon and good representation of this genre; sci-fi thriller. Analysis of a film poster. Slogan written in the form of a question creating enigma. This asks the audience what you think might happen at the end even though it is completely unpredictable. You can see there are layers in this poster to create different effects, combine different images and suggest different parts of the narrative such as the first layer, writing in the background, second layer is the city scenery on flames and the third is the main image of the main character. On top of all this is the text.