Comparable media three


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Comparable media three

  1. 1. Comparable Media Three<br />Conceptual<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. The third music video I analysed is bad romance performed by Lady gaga. This video is a conceptual music video, as the video does not make any sense to the song. For example, throughout the video she is seen to be placed in a giant bath which illustrates the idea of being a conceptual music video. The majority of Lady Gaga’svideos are in fact conceptual and very rarely perfromance or narrative videos. I will analyse mise-en-scene, sound, editing and camera in this particular music video.<br />
  4. 4. When I analysed the music video I identified different kinds of camera shots . The first one is a close up . This was used continuously throughout the video , mainly of Lady Gaga’s face to express her emotion . It also allowed the audience to see her and feel more close and personal with the artist. We can also closely see her eyes extremely clear in this shot so this suggests that the director wanted us to focus on these when watching that particular shot. <br />Camera<br />
  5. 5. The second shot I noticed was an establishing shot. This was viewed at the beginning to set the scene of the video and to allow the audience to feel as if they are not in the dark and can clearly see the location and gives the audience an insight where the video is placed and the surroundings of the location. The establishing shot showed a giant white room showing it to be quite plain and also clear as she was not hidden. It captures the audiences attention to focus on Lady Gaga. The establishing shot gives us the idea that it is a conceptual music video as it did not relate to the song in any way. <br />
  6. 6. The third camera angle I analysed was a low angle. This showed the performer, Lady Gaga, singing to the camera looking upset and having tears down her face. This showed the audience that she was upset and showed her emotions. It also shows how she feels low as the camera is looking down on her which shows she is being looked down upon by somebody else. It expresses her emotions and the feeling of being upset and emotional that she is not thought highly of. <br />
  7. 7. The costumes presented are very unusual and can be viewed as unique which the majority of her outfits are. She uses a soft look at the beginning using outfits with colours of white which shows her being innocent and not very confident in which you can tell in her body language. It then shows a ‘sparkly’ outfit with giant heels of her walking high with pride which shows her viewed as posh and confident. It also shows an outfit in the mirror of being dressed in black with dark shades on, this shows her being hidden as sunglasses are a sign of privacy and wanting to be unknown. At the end of the video it shows her with minimal clothe son in which can be seen as ‘sexy’. Also it shows her dressed in red, red symbolises rather sex or danger. Both of these can be related to the video as she is seen as dangerous as she is so unusual and many people have different opinions on her which also relates to being in a ‘BAD romance’, as bad can be a sign of danger. Furthermore, she can be seen as a sex symbol and a man is analysing her which shows a sign of sex and romance. She has many dancers copying her look and moves which shows she is the leader. There is a bath in the middle of the music video, it is unclear why this is which shows the video is a conceptual music video. Lady Gaga is shows with ‘fake’ features such as her eyes or her having an eating disorder when you see her spine clearly in her back. This is also unclear, this could relate t o the song of being in a ‘bad romance’ and the consequences that come with a bad relationship. However it is unclear why she has done this which is also evidence of a conceptual music video.<br />Mise-en-scene<br />
  8. 8. There is many instruments that play within the song for example the piano, drums and electric guitar. All these add to the element of the song and make it a successful music video. There is use of diegetic music as she sings which is he voice saying the words, ‘I’m in a bad romance’. Here she is expressing her feelings about her romance. <br />Sound<br />
  9. 9. AS in all music videos, there is continuity editing, this creates the video to be seen as ‘smooth’ and flows therefore is good to watch and attracts the audience. There is a jump cut of her in a bath then cuts to Lady Gaga dancing, this is viewed as a conceptual music video as it does not make sense why this happens as it is not in relation to the music video. <br />Editing<br />