Analyzing Music Video's


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Analyzing Music Video's

  1. 1. Music videos…
  2. 2. Kings Of Leon Kings of Leon are a American Rock Band which was formed in 1999. The bands early music was an upbeat blend of Southern rock and blues influences, but it has gradually expanded over the years to include a variety of genres and a more alternative, rock sound .
  3. 3. The clip begins with a dull, dark scene which we expect to be a well set, living room area. This darkness involved sets the scene and the atmosphere of the audience watching the video, it also gives the audience an intake about what the video is based on and what it’s about. Already by watching a tiny proportion of the music video, we can see colours contrasting already. The white is effectively used as it stands out on the black room and the darkness. This mid shot is also in darkness which may suggest or hint towards the genre and creates this further atmosphere. The audience’s knowledge starts to build about the video, the message or storyboard (if any at all).
  4. 4. The colours in this video appear to be very dull and stick to the stereotypical rock colours. This can be effective due to the fact that the rock audience will automatically notice this and will want to watch it because it attracts them. Even if you weren’t a rock fan you would still realise that this video has something to do with heavy metal or rock just because of the colours and the props used. The prop hints about the genre and it is this that makes videos different, different props may hint about different things, for example the electric guitar. Due to these quick shots being red it creates this scene of rockiness and due to the fact that the guitar is red indicates that this genre of rock has some importance in the video. The colour red is used constantly throughout this video and often when a guitar or a microphone is shown (when the band is playing)
  5. 5. Although it’s not very clear, a extreme close up is used of a man of whom we guess to be the main singer in the band. This shows this expressions as he is singing. Once again dull colours are still used which makes the extreme close up hard to see, but however we can still see it faintly. This extreme close up of the singers face is shown for a period of time as he moves. Cutting from the singers face this quick shot is shown. A cross is shown for just a few seconds. This represents the rock genre once again. A mid shot is then used to show the expressions of one of the band members. This mid shot gives us an insight about what he may be thinking. Once again there is still this dull dark atmosphere created from the beginning of the video.
  6. 6. During the duration of the video the face of the main singer is shown constantly throughout. This shows the importance that he has and due to this extreme close up, tension is created as the song builds to the chorus and leads out. Although extreme close ups are supposed to represent the facial expressions this shot only shows mainly his eyes. The producers have purposely done this as your eyes show all. Following on from this, Rapid/ quick shots are used to represent chaos and the speed involved.
  7. 7. Following on from the extreme close up of the main singer and the quick shots, various black and white images are shown while the band are playing in what looks like some sort of tour or ‘gig’. These Black and white images start as the chorus begins and as the music builds up faster more shots are included. All of these Images are mid shots of different band member playing different instruments such as the guitar, drums and so on. Various mid/long shots show their expressions and can maybe hint to us about how they feel when they play different songs. These mid shots also show us their dress wardrobe. The way in which they dress is a stereotypical ‘rock’ look. Just by the colour panel, we can tell that the video is classed as ‘rock’. The red and black look is stereotypical to this certain rock look, and is how the audience know what type of genre it is. In addition the red, black and white go well together and there is a contrast of black and white in many shots.
  8. 8. Avril Lavigne Pop punk is a fusion music genre that combines elements of punk rock with pop music, to varying degrees.
  9. 9. During the start of the video there is a establishing long shot that shows the location and the setting that the clip is going to be based on or the clip is going to include. In this case we can also tell that this ‘Golf & Stuff’ is targeted towards Teenagers and young adults. We can tell this because this shot shows us a variety of young adults outside. This mid shot shows us as a audience a lot about the characters, setting and expressions. The expressions show that the girl may not be having as much fun as the guy character is due to the fact she is ‘pulling a face’ however as the guy has got a grin/smile on his face suggests that he is having fun. Due to the fact that they are holding hands suggests that they are involved in some way or another and are really close. The Mise en scene is important in this shot even though it’s only shown for about 4 seconds or less. It’s informs us of the settings and the costumes say a lot. The costume on the girl suggests that she is a so called ‘geek’ due to the fact that she wears big glasses and the manor in which she dresses. The guy however wears dark colours which suggests that he is a ’rocker’.
  10. 10. This picture shows by the body language of this new character that she is a ‘rocker’ or a ‘punk’ due to her dress wardrobe. Dark colours normally represents danger and darkness. This mid shot shows the expressions of the characters and hints about the relationship that they might have which in this case might be enemies due to how they are looking at each other. Due to the dull background they want the audience to see what these two characters are all about and what their feeling towards each other are. When you think about it, the mise en scene is used effectively here especially the costumes. The costumes inform the audience about the character and what they might be like and in this case it hints to us about the personality. This characters body position is very important in this shot/video and shows how she feels about these other characters especially the other girl. Jealously if often the case in pop/punk videos and represent the music very well in most cases.
  11. 11. A mid shot representing the facial expressions and thoughts about how this character is feeling towards this other female character who has just popped up into the scene. We can see in more detail about her clothing. She is wearing a pink shirt which would be classed as a ‘girly girl’ and she has big glasses and ‘geeky’ hair cut so she will be classed as a ‘geek’ whereas the other female character would be known as a punk but pretty compared to this character, and would think she could get anything she wanted. A depth of field is used here; The character is sharp around the edges whereas the background is blurred out and faded so the audience can concentrate on the main object. As a audience this shot establishes that this new female character has some feelings for the male and due to them both dressed in black and white (nearly in the same clothing) this represents that they are similar and due to this they belong together.
  12. 12. On the left: This mid shot shows the body language of this new character who was introduced into the scene. She seems a very outgoing character who is determined to get what she wants. This Title ‘Girlfriend’ is linked to the video in a variety of ways and shows us two completely different girls, different clothing, different attitudes and different styles fighting for this one guy who seem to mean a lot to them both. The body language may represent that she is a strong character who is cheeky due to the fact she has her hands on her hips and is showing some attitude towards the people around her. On the right: The Mid shot shown on the left cuts straight to this on the right which shows this ‘ Geeky characters facial expressions. We cannot tell much about her at this moment in time because the character hasn’t developed but later as the audience we get to understand how this girl is often represented as angry. This hints that something may twist around during the video and builds up the tension created ion the atmosphere
  13. 13. Although all the other shot such as: Mid shots and long establishing shots show the Mise-en-scene and expressions which were important I think this shot is more important in some cases due to the facial expressions on both characters face’s and their body language. Body language and facial expressions are very important in music videos and shows the audience whether it’s serious or funny. This mid shot shows the relationship between both characters. They seem very close and even though the woman is grabbing him, he doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest, in fact he seems to be enjoying it and so does she. This once again is a mid shot. Mid shots are so important in video’s or films because it shows the main object or person in the middle of it and the audience’s eyes go straight to this. For example look in this picture on the left << It shows the main object the guitar in the middle of the shot showing it’s importance. Quick cuts are then used to represent the speed and the chaos involved in the video.
  14. 14. Throughout the duration of this video a variety of mid shots are used to add effect and to point out facial expressions through different characters. This is classed as a mid shot close up and is used throughout this video of' girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne and is used effectively. It is repeated and the producer keeps referring back to certain close ups which shows faces. The manor in which she is dressed shows us that she is what some people might stereotype as a ‘Punk’ because the colours and how she dresses and what she wears. Her Hair is perfect in this picture because it shows her hair on both sides hanging down on both sides and it also shows this ‘punk’ element again because of her pink highlights and how she has her hair done up as if she couldn’t care what people thought or think. Her make up also hints about the genre because punks are stereotyped to wear a lot of make up around their eyes. This may sometimes show darkness due to the dark colours but in this case because it’s classed as a hilarious video it doesn’t aim for people to think this and to take it seriously.
  15. 15. This shot is a quick establishing shot showing the setting and location of a new place included in the video. This certain place or setting seems to be in some sort of theme park where you can go on roller coasters and go carting which is show in this shot. This helps the audience to change mind sets and can even make the audience think about that certain place and perhaps memories they may have if they have ever been there or somewhere like there. Most of us have been to some sort of theme park and if not we can just imagine how fun it is. A lot of props and camera angles may have been involved in taking this shot because of everything being in the ‘precise’ place. The things in the setting towards the back are in the perfect places and I can only imagine that a lot of camera shots and angles would have been involved to get this shot because it’s nearly impossible to get everything right the first time around such as this setting above. This setting is important! The signs have to stand out otherwise the eyes of the audience would appeal to something else. As they say the brain likes colours and the producer has used them wisely here. Due to the sign being red and the writing white makes the sign stand out from everything else as nothing in this setting is close to this colour and no other colours will clash together in the way white and red do.
  16. 16. In some aspects this mid shot is ‘perfect’ too. It shows the main characters facial expressions and also shows you where she is still. You can tell that this character is still in this theme park doing go carting and she seems to be enjoying it. We can gather she is going to be with this guy character who we learn is her boyfriend as this title ‘girlfriend’ helps us with this. Due to the music in the background we can tell that something is going to happen and this certain tension is created in the atmosphere and makes the audience think more about the plot and what's going to happen next. From this shot above ^^ quick cuts and translations are used in the go carting scene. Her facial expressions say everything and it shows us that this character is angry and upset because some event has happened. Once again we can see the Mise-en-scene ( the locations and setting)
  17. 17. The Mise-en-scene is important in this picture. The people in the background are used as props and are placed there to add extra impact to the location and the setting. They also help to create a atmosphere and also are placed there because the producers didn’t want the two main characters to be on their own as it would be weird in a them park kind of place which is normally packed full of people screaming and running around. The woman’s body language is a key part in these shots because it informs us of what she thinks about this even happening or about to happen. Her body language often changes: as you can see above ^^ First she has her arms folded looking very annoyed with her guy or ‘fella’ and then her body language changes suddenly and she jumps. This establishes that she is happy or excited.
  18. 18. The use of camera angles and Mise-en-scene is used effectively here. The two girls in the background are used for a certain impact on the story and plot. Their whole body language is negative much like the ‘punk or gothic’ character mentioned before. They also are wearing dark style clothing which makes you come to the conclusion that they are trying to follow their girl leader and be exactly like her in as many ways possible. This so called ‘Geeky’ girl who is the one of the main characters and the centre of attention in this shot, appears to be very angry and shocked. Her expressions show this and we can only imagine how she feels in this situation. During these past few shots tracking shots and quick cuts are used to represent the chaos and the rush. Some quick cuts, cut to the characters expressions like this one does and straight away we know what’s happening without them really informing us.
  19. 19. These three shots are all mid shots but they are all different in many ways. In all of these mid shots the centre of attention is in the middle of the shot to inform the reader that they are important in some way or another. The jade colour in the background which looks like some sort of cloth, makes the characters stand out dramatically. If the whole background was black then the people wouldn’t stand out because the colours clash due to the black on black business. If you have noticed both characters are wearing the same clothing ( black and white t-shirt with black trouser to match). In addition in all the pictures they both seem to have positive facial expressions which gives out this positive atmosphere and creates a happy feeling. If you were to glance at this you would see a lot of black which is known to represent danger, darkness and evil but in this case it is hard to imagine because the mid shots allow us to see their facial expressions which help to create characters personality.
  20. 20. This shot is a mid shot but it looks as if it has had special effects edited to it to make it look this way. If you watch it on further, every time she moves so does the camera. This is tracking side ward's as it is following someone or something. The special effects and the use of mid shots add to the success of this video. The Mise-en-Scene is essential. The colours make the background stand out and you could say that there is a contrast between the lack and blue. The body position is also very important as we can sometimes tell what the character is thinking about just by the position of the body. The genre is partly shown here through the type of clothes options. The clothes are a clash of pop and rock style look, but with the few colour difference.