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Equipment list


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Published in: Education
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Equipment list

  1. 1. Equipment List<br />In order to accomplish finishing my ancillary tasks and music video I used the following:<br />A Computer-this I used to research the different types of music videos to understand the genre of them, I also presented my work electronically and used photoshop to transform my original images. <br />A Digital Camera- this I used to produce original photographs of my models I used on my C.D cover and advertisement, and also the models used in my music video. <br />Models- I used many models throughout my coursework, representing different aspects. I used a young girl for the image of my C.D cover, the girl was a model and representation of the band ‘Alive’, who the song was written by. I used 2 different main models in my music video, I used 2 people who were a few years older than the model and who had a very close relationship so the music video looked natural and not ‘fake’. <br />Props-I used props such as blank C.D’s, a guitar, a keyboard, and pictures. I used music instruments to present the musical interest such as the guitar. It presents an instrument the band, ‘Alive’ use to present their songs. I used pictures in my music video of 2 of my models to show in my video they use to be a couple but things are changing. I used everyday props such as a bed, a home, a mirror etc, this makes my music video more realistic as it shows the models in places where you would be in everyday life, such as college or the park or at home. <br />Research equipment- I used equipment such as C.D’s and other popular music video’s to research how they were presented, the shots they used, the style and the design. This helped me to conclude my own ideas for my music video and helped me understand why other artist and designers used the designs they did. <br />Other equipment I used to do my work were:<br /><ul><li>A ruler
  2. 2. A pencil
  3. 3. Colouring pens