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Visual Management: Leading With What You Can See


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Presentation by Craig Smith and Renee Troughton delivered at Agile Australia 2013 on 20 June 2013. Using task boards or story walls is a key Agile practice, but are you making the most of it? Visual Management is more than just putting cards on a wall, it is a growing style of management that focuses on managing work only by what you can see rather than reports or paper being shuffled around. Visual Management allows you to understand the constraints in the system, mitigate risks before they become issues, report on progress from the micro to the macro. Visual Management can also be used to demonstrate to customers and clients where the work they care about is at. This presentation is all about taking the management of your work to the next stage of transparency.

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Visual Management: Leading With What You Can See

  1. 1. Craig SmithRenee Troughton
  2. 2. Welcome…Image: © DIC Entertainment
  3. 3. WARNING!Much ofthis mayseemobviousImage:
  4. 4. But…We seeCrimeSceneWallseveryday!Image: © Jerry Bruckheimer Television
  5. 5. …information iscommunicated byusing visual signalsinstead of texts orother writteninstructions.The design isdeliberate in allowingquick recognition ofthe information beingcommunicated, inorder to increaseefficiency and clarity.What Is Visual Management?“Image: © Charles M. Schulz / Universal UClick
  6. 6. Why It Is ImportantEffectiveretention3 days aftera meetingSpoken word onlyVisual + OralVisualHearingSmell Taste TouchHuman Learning RetentionC
  7. 7. FinalThoughtsFlowManagementUsabilityComplexityThinkingGamificationThe ZoneOur flow todayR
  8. 8. Visual Management:Flow ManagementImage: © Thunderbox Films
  9. 9. To Do Analysis Develop Test DoneThe Basic FlowAgile101 tellsus tobuild awall likethisC
  10. 10. Clear InstructionsDevelopment Done:• Code complete & reviewed• Unit Tests pass & complete• Acceptance Tests pass &complete• Checked in & build success• Documentation updatedInstructionsfor adding acardInstructionsfor pushinga card tonext queueR
  11. 11. Multi-Sprint BacklogCan see a littlefurther down theroad…C
  12. 12. Horizon & QueuesGroomyourbacklogas you goWorkswell forKanban(butiterativeas well)Manageyour workvia WIPR
  13. 13. Story Map BacklogMap out featureson a wallMap out thefeatures anddependenciesrequiredC
  14. 14. Value Tree BacklogSingle Feature,bottom up growthR
  15. 15. Multiple P/O BacklogVisualising thepriorities formultiple productownersR
  16. 16. Timeline BoardTo DoDoingDoneR
  17. 17. Lean Startup BoardRepeatBuild / Measure / LearnCC/R
  18. 18. Done By…Done byCycleTimeDone byTimeC
  19. 19. vsDone Burn…versusAre we ontrack for endof iteration?C
  20. 20. HourglassLimited WIPof 3Tracksstories &tasksR
  21. 21. Scrum HeroLimited WIPof 8As part of alarger zoneR
  22. 22. To DoDoingDone!RepresentativesizeBalloon BoardC
  23. 23. LEGO Portfolio BoardDUPLO colour = BusinessdomainDUPLO holes = Expected size(people)LEGOcolour =SkilltypeLower level =Number ofpeopleneededUpper level =Number ofpeopleallocatedDividerheight =controllevel forgateDUPLO height = Expectedvalue/ROIR/C
  24. 24. Lego Portfolio ManagementLEGO Portfolio BoardWhyAreDoingThis?WhyAreDoingThis?IdlePeopleHighDepend,High RiskUnderResourceR
  25. 25. Back AtWork?Build boards tovisualise problemsthat you haveImage: © Thunderbox Films it simple, butvisualKeepexperimenting (orrefine yourawesomeness)C
  26. 26. Visual Management:The ZoneImage: © Paramount Pictures
  27. 27. TaskBoardStoryWallKanbanBoardWhich means workitems should not becalled tasks, userstories orkanbans…They are things ona wall.What’s In A Name?C
  28. 28. The TeamThe CustomerManagementWhat do I need towork on now?Where is my work at?Which teams need mysupport to removeblockers and waste?Who Cares AboutTransparency?R
  29. 29. VisualManagementZoneMetricsPeopleEnvironmentKnowledgeArtefactsFlow ZoneWhat’s Makes upthe Zone?RC
  30. 30. The Zone:Metrics0 11 73143.5 42 36.563 58.536.58 1144 56 48658555 55 50 50 50050100150200250300350400450500#01, 03-Dec#02, 21-Dec #03, 15-Jan #04, 25-Jan #05, 08-Feb #06, 22-Feb #07, 08-Mar#08, 22-Mar#09, 05-Apr #10, 19-Apr #11, 03-May#12, 17-MayScope (points)CumulativeFlowDiagramBurn UpChartR
  31. 31. The Zone:MetricsNowTargetingLobsterLunchRisk HeatMapR/C
  32. 32. The Zone:MetricsCodeClimateSonarC
  33. 33. The Zone:MetricsQualitative &QuantitativeMaturityAssessmentC
  34. 34. The Zone:PeopleMoodChartLeaveCalendarsCapability /Dev PlanRR
  35. 35. The Zone:EnvironmentEnvironmentStatusBuildStatusClientMoodC
  36. 36. The Zone:Knowledge ArtefactsStateDiagramsDatabaseDiagramsRR
  37. 37. The Zone:Flow ZoneBlackboardWhiteboardC
  38. 38. Back AtWork?Seek forgiveness,rather thanpermissionImage: © Paramount Pictures isn’tjust a flow boardYour key artefactsshould be visiblein the zoneR
  39. 39. Visual Management:Complexity ThinkingImage: © Warner Bros. Pictures
  40. 40. No VisualManagement?So What Flow To Use?Basic Flow?ProcessFlow?R
  41. 41. At HomeLa Marzocco• Predictable• No ExpertRequiredSimple• Predictable• ExpertRequiredComplicated• Unpredictable• ExpertRequiredComplexWorld BaristaChampionshipsComplex CoffeeRR
  42. 42. At Home• Predictable• No ExpertRequiredSimpleIs VisualManagementneeded?Coffee At HomeC
  43. 43. La Marzocco• Predictable• ExpertRequiredComplicatedIs Visual Management needed?To Do Doing DoneLarge Latte2 sugarsMacchiato1 SugarFlat WhiteLarge Latte2 sugarsCappuccino2 SugarsExpressoCoffee At A Coffee ShopVariabilityis SmallR
  44. 44. To Do Doing DoneLarge Latte2 sugarsMacchiato1 SugarFlat WhiteLarge Latte2 sugarsCappuccino2 SugarsExpressoCoffee At A Coffee ShopVariabilityis SmallR
  45. 45. Is Visual Management needed?To Do Doing DoneGettableclothOrdercupsTest newroast (day7)TestKenyanRoastTest newroast (day8)Test newroast (day9)DiffuserdeliveryWaitingWorld BaristaChampionships• Unpredictable• ExpertRequiredComplexStopChampionship CoffeeDependencyManagementEvents BlockFlowSignificantVariabilityExtendedFlowR
  46. 46. Systemic Flow MappingSystemicMapping(Organisation)Net Mapping(Stakeholders)Image:
  47. 47. Back AtWork?Choose thecomplexity of yourwork to determinethe complexity ofyour boardImage: © Warner Bros. Pictures work maycross overcomplexityboundariesR
  48. 48. Visual Management:UsabilityImage: © 20th Century Fox
  49. 49. Visual Management:UsabilityWhy do wecare aboutusability forsoftware?Why don’t wecare aboutusability invisualmanagement?Image: © 20th Century Fox
  50. 50. Index CardsHave a lowvariability in sizesand shapes ofcardsRR
  51. 51. As a creator of user storiesI want to use the right colouredpenSo that it is quicker for thebrain to readAs a creator of user storiesI want to use the right colouredpenSo that it is quicker for thebrain to readColour ContrastUse a strongcontrast of pen toindex colourUse a pen thatworks!C
  52. 52. As a creator of user storiesI want to write neatlySo that it is quicker for thebrain to read and recognise theworkAs a creatorofuser storiesI want towrite neatlySo that it is quickerfor thebraintoreadandrecognise theworkWriting StyleWrite neatly or printcards.Size does matter!Although…Research showshard to read fontspromote betterrecall.Go figure…R
  53. 53. AvatarsUse real photos notcharacters orimagesAlthough, balancethis with fun orteam theme.Renee TTokens todetermine statusR
  54. 54. As CraigI want my picture used for my personaSo that it is quicker to recognise all thework for meIn order for it to be quicker to recogniseall the work for meAs CraigI want my picture used for my personaUser Story TemplatesUse pictures / graphicsfor personasUse bold / underline toemphasise quick searchingBe consistent with layoutand templateThink differentPut the value firstDon’t write two words orthe solution!C
  55. 55. Board SizeCan you stand back andsee the whole flow?Can you zoom in on anarea of interest?Continuous Deliveryis looking left andright!Avoid Water-Scrum-FallC
  56. 56. Board ContrastEnsure that flow linesare not higher incontrast than the workitemsHave a strong contrastbetween the workitems and the surfacebehind themPainters tapeR
  57. 57. Board RelatednessCreaterelatedness ofsections throughcoloursCreaterelatedness ofqueues throughshadingPaint orCardboardR
  58. 58. Back AtWork?Think aboutdesign wheninitiating a teamFind solutions thatare quick buteffectiveImage: © 20th Century Fox design ==faster response ==faster deliveryC
  59. 59. Visual Management:GamificationC
  60. 60. Shouldworkbefun?Image:
  61. 61. Achievements Wall..I don’t mind a good gameof blackjack tooAll cards on the team’s flowboard have estimatesagainst themThe only way is up!The Cumulative FlowDiagram has beenconsistently updatedeach day for four weeksRR
  62. 62. Gaming DevelopmentIDE BrokenBuild MessagesBrokenBuildHatGet Out…Free CardsC
  63. 63. Back AtWork?Make work fun!Image: yourgaming to theenvironment andthe peopleIntrinsicmotivation trumpsextrinsic drivengoalsR
  64. 64. Final ThoughtsImage:
  65. 65. Is mywalltellingme thewholestory?Probably not!Start by mapping theflowKeep adjustingImage:
  66. 66. ReinforcethezoneAlways go back to thezone for discussionsabout workLead others byexample and take allmeetings or statusupdates to the wallImage:
  67. 67. But my team is distributed…Like distributedAgile, it takesmore work!You need anelectronic zoneThe default tooldashboards areaverageImage:
  68. 68. Spend your effort wisely…Image: © Bays & Thomas Productions
  69. 69. Ourultimategoal is todelivervalue &goodquality!Image: © Miller-Milkis Productions
  70. 70. SmithRenee Troughtonunbounddna.comtheagilerevolution.comWe are grateful toassistance from:@craigstrong